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Atelier Marko Brajovic:AYURU 是图皮-瓜拉尼语族中一种鸟的名字。“森林庙宇”的灵感正是源于这种鸟类的流畅动作,它们总是以轻盈、温和的方式降落在其所生活的生态领域之中。

Atelier Marko Brajovic:AYURU is a species of bird. Inspired by the fluid movement of these animals, the forest temple is based on the principle of arriving and landing in a territory of ecological relationships in a light and gentle way.


© Fabio Lumanke


▽视频 The video 


该“庙宇”结构空间高度为 8 米,外径为 16 米,可灵活用于各种活动和实践。从外部看,结构东西两侧各有一个广场,进而扩大了潜在的使用范围,除此之外,停车位、浴室、储藏室和辅助厨房也一应俱全。该空间与景观完美融合,其外表颜色也近乎与森林融为一体。

With a height of 8m and an external diameter of 16m, the Ayuru space offers a flexible area for different uses in events and practices. Externally, on the East and West sides we have two squares, thus extending the possible program of uses, as well as parking spaces, bathrooms, storage and support kitchen, accessed by stone paths that articulate access to the entire complex. The space blends into the landscape with its color similar to the Atlantic forest.


© Eduardo Ohara Junior
© Eduardo Ohara Junior


▽配套休闲设施 Supporting leisure facilities

© Eduardo Ohara Junior


这一大型中空建筑的结构系统灵感来源于本土传统建筑。AYURU 完全由瓜多竹建成,整体结构由 16 根 11 米长的支柱和密集的横梁组成。在结构的中心,一个铁环承接了分布在径向几何图形上的所有的力,并为自然采光和通风提供了一个开口。

The structural system of this large hollow is inspired by the recurring typology of ancestral indigenous architecture. Built entirely in bamboo of the Guadua Angustifolia species, AYURU has a structure made up of 16 pillars 11m long and a dense composition of transverse beams. In the center of the structure, an iron ring receives all the forces, which are distributed across the radial geometry, and offers an opening for natural light and ventilation.


© Fabio Lumanke
© Eduardo Ohara Junior


▽内部结构细节 Internal structural details

© Aldeia Rizoma



The roof of the space is made of ceramic tiles glazed in high-temperature ovens, and its specific blue-green hue, the result of numerous tests, transforms and surprises depending on the intensity and play of natural light and shadow projection. For the design of this cover, we were inspired by the bird’s wing, whose color varies from green to blue and sometimes multiple colors simultaneously.


© Fabio Lumanke
© Fabio Lumanke
© Eduardo Ohara Junior


内部空间的对称性围绕中心区域展开,地面采用当地粘土制成的土水泥地板,露台则由 Cunha 地区的桉树木搭建而成。因此,除了来自 Mambucaba 地区的竹子之外,几乎所有的结构都取材于当地。

The symmetry of the interior space is organized around a central area, finished with a soil-cement floor made from local clay, and decking areas made from eucalyptus from the Cunha region. Therefore, along with the bamboo that comes from the Mambucaba region in the bay of Ilha Grande, almost all of the structural materials in the work are local.


© Fabio Lumanke
© Eduardo Ohara Junior


▽建造材料(竹子) Material

© Atelier Marko Brajovic
© Atelier Marko Brajovic


▽建造过程 Construction process

© Atelier Marko Brajovic
© Atelier Marko Brajovic


AYURU 是为帕拉蒂的 Aldeia Rizoma 建造的一座森林寺庙,集生态住宿、健康体验计划和沉浸式大自然活动于一体。

AYURU is a Forest Temple created for Aldeia Rizoma, located in Paraty, and integrates the project of ecological accommodations and experiences of well-being programs and immersive events in Nature.


© Fabio Lumanke
© Fabio Lumanke


▽设计图纸 Design drawings

© Atelier Marko Brajovic
© Atelier Marko Brajovic
© Atelier Marko Brajovic
© Atelier Marko Brajovic
© Atelier Marko Brajovic
© Atelier Marko Brajovic
© Atelier Marko Brajovic
© Atelier Marko Brajovic




项目地点:巴西 里约热内卢 Paraty Aldia Rizoma
设计公司:Atelier Marko Brajovic
联系电子邮件:atelier@markobrajovic.com, mana@markobrajovic.com
首席设计师:arq. Marko Brajovic | @markobrajovic

运营总监:arq. Bruno Bezerra
参数化设计:arq. Priscila Sati
BIM模型架构师:arq. Luísa Marinho
合作建筑师:arq. Ana Nascimento
联系人:Mana Murphy
竹结构工程师:Alejandro S. Cieslik
承包商:Júlio Cesar da Silva
顾问:EE Escritório de Engenharia Materiais Bambu (Guadua Angustifolia), Pico do Frade Agropecuária LTDA Telha (germânica), Ita Itu Materiais de Construção Deck (Pinus autoclavado), Usina Araucária

图片来源:Fabio Lumanke – Eduardo Ohara Junior | @ohara

Project name: AYURU
Completion Year: 2024
Size: 235 square meters – 176m2 AYURU + 59m2 serviços
Project location: Aldeia Rizoma, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Landscape/Architecture Firm: social area
Website: https://markobrajovic.com/en
Contact e-mail: atelier@markobrajovic.com, mana@markobrajovic.com
Lead Architects: arq. Marko Brajovic | @markobrajovic

Operations director: arq. Bruno Bezerra
Parametric architecture: arq. Priscila Sati
BIM model architect: arq. Luísa Marinho
Collaborating architect: arq. Ana Nascimento
Communication: Mana Murphy
Bambo engineer: Alejandro S. Cieslik
Contractor: Júlio Cesar da Silva
Consultant: EE Escritório de Engenharia Materiais Bambu (Guadua Angustifolia), Pico do Frade Agropecuária LTDA Telha (germânica), Ita Itu Materiais de Construção Deck (Pinus autoclavado), Usina Araucária

Photo credits: Fabio Lumanke – Eduardo Ohara Junior | @ohara




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