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AOBO LANDSCAPE:The sea talks to the stars, you chat with life. Ask the lattice urban ladies to stop touching the fish and Cancel the paper and leave the PPT. Go to Beihai, BBQ, drink, gossip, relax and watch the bright moon on the sea.North Sea Holiday. N kinds of cozy life. A new way of coastal vacation is open for business. Please bring your biological instincts and release your desires in all directions.



以大海之名,重计生活疆界In the name of the sea, recalculating the boundaries of life



21°N. latitude.Beihai, Guangxi, the Miami of China. There are 9999 ways to live in the sea, leading to 1 destination called happiness.How to provide the most expected vacation life for people who stay here?

Beihai-Platte Bay. Let the borderless sea talk with the universe. The designer extracts elements from the Milky Way and stars. A curve is used to link different tracks. To reconstruct the space and place, to reproduce different creative ways of life, and to discover the new taste of vacation.


▼元素提取 Element extraction

▼“银河”“星辰”元素在景观中的运用 The application of “Milky Way” and “Star” elements in landscape



北海假日生活开启Beihai Holiday Life Opens

ART  艺术·人文


Leave your work and discover the art in your life. Sitting in a corner where white space is left, senses readjust to experience the fragrance of the sea, the birds of prey carrying. The sky that is overwhelmed by the rising, the sun shines, shines in the ripples of the wind, and a new time has come.



WANTON  品酒·肆意


Leave the meal and discover the joy of wine tasting. Under the sun, in the drizzle, in the sea breeze.
With lovers, with parents, with friends, with strangers. In the enclosed veranda pavilion, drinking, regardless of the formality, fully unlocking the culture of the drinking table. We can sip wine around the table and gossip freely.


GROW  果实·生长


Leaving Meituan Hungry to find fruit-growing vigorously. Antoine Gaudi said that all the answers are in nature. Come to Plover Cove and go back to the nature that planting fruits and vegetables. Experience the year-round bounty of things that take turns blooming in the yard and coming to the table.



SHARE  分享·碰撞


Leave the familiar blandness and discover surprising surprises. A space for ideas in the sky and make a cup of coffee and enjoy a copy of “A Walk in Prague”. The aroma penetrates into the mood or have a “north-south” conversation with travelers from the north and the south. Spend a real afternoon.



EASE  归家·逸乐


Leave the established garage and discover another joy of coming home. Save the time to go to the garage. From sea level, traveling through the light and shade of the Moringa Trail. In this sunny day,
extend the existence of holiday beauty with your feet.




We want to resist the imperfection of reality with a higher aesthetic standard In each of these works.
In North Sea, We want to give everyone who wants to be paroled in the pressure, a private life to go away at any time.


▼总平面图 The floor plan





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