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UMS: Settlements should avoid being too common, and should have features suchas inheriting regional culture, restoring humanistic spirit, and protectingoriginal life qualities. Only by integrating architecture and landscape designinto a symbiosis can the cultural quality and sense of belonging of asettlement be enhanced.



相地 Site investigation

基地位于大连市 CBD东港商务区,城市级配套高度集中。该地块属于重点学区东港第二小学及东港第一中学学区范围,紧邻地铁2号线东港站,交通便利,周边设施配套相对完善。可为基地提供较为便捷的医疗、就学、娱乐、购物等,同时也对基地附加值起到巨大的带动作用。

The base is located in Donggang Business District, the CBD of Dalian City,with a high concentration of city-level facilities. It is within the schooldistrict of Donggang No. 2 Primary School and Donggang No. 1 Middle School, andis adjacent to Donggang Station of Metro Line 2, which provides convenienttransportation. The surrounding facilities are relatively complete, which canprovide the base with convenient medical care, schooling, entertainment,shopping, etc., and also play a huge role in enhancing the added value of thebase.


▽基地分析 Base analysis


针对社区内部的空间营造,我们面对着三个挑战 For the creation of space within the community, weface three challenges.


1. The main entrance gate is located at the cornerof the street. How to create the entrance space of the residence and the urbaninterface display at the same time?
2. The interior of thecommunity is formed by three rows of buildings with two narrow passages, andthe overall space is almost occupied by fire fighting. How to dissipate thedisadvantages brought by the rigid landing surface to the site?
3. 5# and 3# east-westbuildings leave only a complete space of 33*39 meters between them. How tobuild a courtyard space with maximum functions in such a space with so manybuildings?


▽平面图 Plan


—打破空间边界 Breaking spatial boundaries

内外景观联动,创造空间链结 Linking the interior and exterior landscape to create spatial chains


The front field of the demonstration area is used as a sales office, andalso can be used as a small public square open to the public, as well as adisplay place for external publicity in the early stage. On the one hand, thisdesign can form a popular urban interface, and on the other hand, it canminimize the unnecessary loss caused by the demolition and renovation of theproject after the sale of houses.


▽水景细部 Waterscape


▽前场空间作为开放的公共广场 Front court space as an open public square



The building has ahotel-style entrance with a metallic feel throughout its façade that fitsclosely with the stone. The neatly arranged logos made of glass blocks shine togetherat night in combination with star lights, fully demonstrating its modernminimalist beauty. The façade full of art gallery atmosphere gives the field aholistic enhancement, creating the overall indicative nature of the model areaand realizing the value attribution of the city impression.


▽充满艺术气息的入口外立面 Entrance facade full of artistic atmosphere


—与空间对话 Conversation with space

以功能至上,置身其中的体验感 The experience of being inside, with function as the first priority


Thetransformation of space is the laying out of emotions. The design achieves theimplication of different spatial attributes through the clever combination ofvisual and firefighting functions in a well-ordered manner, using as manyconversions of paving materials, surface practices, colors, and modal sizes aspossible. The façade elements are complemented by minor positional changesbetween the extinguishing surfaces and the use of arbor canopy and piece wallsto enhance the change of visual perception.


▽转换空间局部鸟瞰 Partial bird’s eye view of conversion space


—赋予空间生命 Giving life tospace

延伸人与空间的交互,光与影的空间情绪转换 Extending the interaction between people and space,and the spatial mood transformation of light and shadow


The atrium is anindispensable space for public communication in the residential area. Theconnection between plants and craftsmanship is established in a narrow space bysoftening the hardness of the building line footings through the contours ofplants. At the same time, the migratory pathway is created in the small openspace between the hill walls of the buildings, and the center of the circularwalking system is converted into a comfortable stopping area through minortopographic adjustments, thus achieving the maximum use of space in the smallcourtyard. In the small space there is as little sightline congestion aspossible, so walls above the human viewpoint should be avoided in the atrium asmuch as possible, and greenery is used as the background of the view.


▽公共交流空间 Public communication space



The staggered water surface, the trickle of water falling step by step, aswell as the metal grille behind the greenery echoing the light and shadow, makepeople can’t help but to appreciate the flow and stillness, touch the hard andsoft, and perceive the collision combination between artificial and natural.





The delicate texture of the landscape wall iscombined with exquisite metal under the mapping of light and shadow, which isthe definition of the landscape space and the guidance of the road.

The outdoor scenesare indoorized. By converting the indoor seating form into the main outdoorresting bench, the organic integration of the site inside and outside, as wellas the delicate expression of the design, is achieved.




The eaves of theporch frame weaken the overall thickness of the porch roof in the form of abeveled treatment, thus making a smooth connection at both the visual andexperiential levels, and this clever treatment gives the porch roof a light,thin and translucent visual effect.




Thetexture of the stone and the level of detail collide in the layers of waterfall, showing the beauty of progressive layers. With the accent of colorfulfoliage plants, it becomes the main character of the whole courtyard.




In the currentenvironment where the process of the times is developing rapidly and lifepatterns tend to be complicated, closed and busy work and the boom of socialmedia have created barriers to many ways of interaction. The time and space forcommunication between people become more and more fragmented and narrow, andthe relationship becomes familiar but unfamiliar. In the design, through themorphological definition of spatial boundaries, the exquisite division ofspatial types, the episodic creation of spatial divisions, and the deepinvolvement of ecological environment, we strengthen the experience and formalbeauty of the building’s space, realize the sustainable development of spatialdiversity, and realize the beautiful vision of harmonious coexistence amongpeople, architecture, environment, and nature, perfecting and cherishing thewarmth and friendliness among people as the supreme value of warmth andfriendliness among people.




项目名称: 中海·大连·东港E09地块
完成年份: 2021.9
项目面积: 5312 ㎡
项目地点: 大连市东港区
景观设计: 里表都会(北京)规划设计咨询有限公司
联系邮箱: pm@umsstudio.com
主创设计师: 王铮健、姚迪、李振
设计团队: 秦豆惠子、薛亚娜、徐劭嘉、尹丽珠、罗苏娟
室内设计: 赛拉维设计 CLV . DESIGN;
摄影师: ZOOM琢墨摄影

Project name: Block E09, STAR OVERSEAS ONE
Year completed: 2021.9
Project area: 5312 square meters
Location: Donggang District, Dalian City
Landscape Design: Unlimited Metropolis Design Studio
Contact email: pm@umsstudio.com
Chief designer: Wang Zhengjian, Yao Di, Li Zhen
Design team: Qin Dou Huizi, Xue Yana, Xu Shaojia, Yin Lizhu, Luo Sujuan
Client/Developer: China Overseas Property
Architecture: LWK + PARTNERS;
Interior DESIGN: CLV. DESIGN by Selavi;
Construction unit: Dalian Landscape Yihe Garden Engineering Co., LTD
Photographer: ZOOM Zhuoink photography



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