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Max Arkitekter:自著名瑞典建筑师费迪南德·博伯格(Ferdinand Boberg)设计斯德哥尔摩市的煤气厂以来,已经过去了100年。这是一个享有盛誉的项目,砖石和花岗岩建成的建筑既坚固又不乏精美的装饰。如今,煤气生产已经停止,该煤气厂成为了斯德哥尔摩皇家港口城市发展规划的文化中心。 两个大型的储气库作为煤气厂生产线结构的一部分被保留了下来,成了城市的文化景观。该项目旨在将储气库改造为 Bobergskolan学校,这是一所综合性学校,可容纳900名6至15岁的学生。该学校由三栋建筑组成,其中一栋是旧工厂建筑,校园下方还有连接整个学校的地下建筑。

Max Arkitekter:About 100 years have passed since renowned Swedish architect Ferdinand Boberg designed the Gasworks of Stockholm. A prestigious project with the powerful architecture of brick and granite, but also of delicate embellishment. Today the production of gas has vacated the premises and the Gasworks are becoming the cultural centre of one of Europe’s largest urban developments: The Stockholm Royal Seaport. The two large gasometers still dominate the cityscape and at their base, as part of the Gasworks linear and production-based structure, the new Bobergskolan has been neatly fitted, designed to be a comprehensive school for 900 students from the ages of 6 to 15. The school consists visually of three buildings, one of which an old workshop building. A fourth volume is hidden beneath the schoolyard, connecting the entire school on a souterrain level.


© Mattias Hamrén
© Mattias Hamrén



The facades are clad in an expressive grey brick and have numerous details and patterns, reflecting the expressive brick ornamentation of the Gasworks’ existing buildings. A large part of Bobergsskolan is situated below ground, in a steep slope, where the school bridges the difference in level between the Gasworks and Hjorthagen.




Care has been given organising the schools functions to create security and calm. Older and younger students have separate buildings and entrances but meet in the dining hall which is placed centrally between the buildings.


© Mattias Hamrén
© Mattias Hamrén
© Mattias Hamrén



The old workshop building is home to the school library, a room full of history and stories in more than one aspect.




The school is divided into more private settings, habitats, where groups of 90 students have their abode. These smaller entities in the larger school consist of a variety of rooms, with a larger flowing space at its core, connecting to rooms of different sizes, functions and character.



建筑核心场地 A larger flowing space at its core

© Mattias Hamrén
© Mattias Hamrén


这座建筑充满矛盾性, 高/低,实心/空心,透明/不透明,旧/新,私密/开敞,在其中穿梭一定十分有趣。不同楼层走廊之间互相连通,营造了一种可控感和安全感,透视窗和侧灯也有助于创建安全空间。学生们身处建筑之中,能知道是否有他人靠近,在进教室前就能感受到室内的氛围。建筑和室内设计都使用了当地特色的图案和材料来表现细节,旨在营造归属感。

Bobergsskolan is a complex building full of contrasts; high/low, solid/void, transparent/opaque, old/new. It is a rich experience to move through the school with its both intimate and grand spaces. The transparency and connectivity between different stories and galleries create a sense of control and security, while peek-a-boo windows and sidelights create secure spaces through a more discreet overview. The students of the school have the possibility to choose a route, see who’s approaching, and get a sense of the room they are entering. Architecture and interior architecture liaise to generate belonging and legibility by using details, patterns and materials unique to Bobergsskolan.


© Mattias Hamrén
© Mattias Hamrén
© Mattias Hamrén



Bobergsskolan is designed to be a sustainable building, with a layout, spaces, natural light and interiors with long-lasting qualities. The school is also certified by the Sweden Green Building Council as an Environmental Building with a Gold rating and assessed in three areas; energy, indoor environment and building materials. The energy standard of the building is equal to a passive house. In addition to this, the requirements of The Stockholm Royal Seaport have been met. Bobergsskolan was elected School Building of the Year 2020 and was nominated Stockholm Building of the Year. It has also been widely published both in magazine and online.


© Mattias Hamrén


▼洗手间 Toilet

© Mattias Hamrén


▼楼梯 Staircase

© Mattias Hamrén
© Mattias Hamrén
© Mattias Hamrén


▼总平面 Masterplan


▼楼层平面 Floor plan


▼立面图 Elevation


▼剖面图 Section


▼设计流程 Design process




场地面积:6600 m2
广场面积:3300 m2
建筑设计:Max Arkitekter
首席建筑师:Anna Areskough
设计团队:Anna Areskough Architect,Kim Joung-Min Jonsson Architect,Caroline Olsson Interior Architect
室内设计:Caroline Olsson Arkitektur
景观设计:Cedervall arkitekter
摄影师:Mattias Hamrén

Project Name: Bobergsskolan
Project location: Småviltsgatan 6, Stockholm, Sweden
Design Period: 2013-2017
Construction Period: 2017-2019
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 10,150 sqm
Site Area: 6,600 sqm
School Yard: 3,300 sqm
Architecture Firm: Max Arkitekter
Lead Architect: Anna Areskough
Design Team: Anna Areskough Architect, Kim Joung-Min Jonsson Architect, Caroline Olsson Interior Architect
Interior Architect: Caroline Olsson Arkitektur
Landscape: Cedervall arkitekter
Collaborators: Projit
Client: SISAB
Photo credits: Mattias Hamrén


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