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IAPA Pty. Ltd.: Calm Hill, is located in Beijing, at the foot of the Great Wall.


▽项目视频 Video



The client hopes the building would be a carrier which could exhibit an attitude of “Giving time back to life” create a serenity life style. Due to the consideration of regional climate, compared with the lightness and extroversion of southern buildings, northern buildings should be thick and restrained, but exhibition buildings are more suitable to be presented in an open state. Therefore, how to balance and coexist between the introversion of architecture and the openness of functions is the starting point of design thinking.


▽ 半山·半水·半宅·半院 概念图 Concept

▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view of the project

▽建筑与周边环境 Architecture and Surroundings

▽ 河岸对面远观立面 Facade View Across the River

▽ 外立面 Facade

▽ 外立面局部 Facade Detail



Given the geographic location of the site, introvert architecture is the common form, however the client wishes to have some degree of extrovert architecture to demonstrate an attitude of life style, how to balance these two forms is the point of our design.


▽ 入口 The Entrance


▽ 中庭庭院鸟瞰 Aerial View of the Atrium Courtyard

▽ 中庭庭院 Courtyard



We hope to break the conventional exhibition mode of conveying the information by simply showing objects or pictures. We used locally sourced the material such as charred timber, mao-bamboo, schist stone which representing the local culture. The material complements the building, creates an environment with rich perspectives of immersive, multi-sensory experience.


▽ 侧庭院水景 Courtyard Water Feature

▽ 二层休闲区动图 Leisure Area on the Second Floor

▽ 二层休闲区 Leisure Area on the Second Floor



The window holes with different proportions form a combination, connecting people and scenes in the space. The viewers on the other side are attracted by these disordered fragments, and then they have their own wonderful story in their minds.


▽ 内庭侧大小窗洞 Window Hole

▽ 阳光透过窗洞斜照而下 The sun shines through the window


▽ 黑色金属梯与庭院的关系 Black Metal Ladder


▽ 顶层观景平台 Rooftop


▽ 一层餐厅 Restaurant



Looking back at the building from the middle of the field, the “White House” floats on the rice spike. The diagonal wall is a composite strip of openings, it has provoking people’s curiosity and attracting people back to inside to found out what is happening.


▽ 东侧稻田园景 Esat Side Rice Field


▽ 茶室 Teahouse



The concept of “half” allows architecture and landscape to be divided into two parts. Moderate concession, leaving room for each other, is restraint. They nested, infiltrated, connected, balanced, and made everything possible.


▽ 卫生间 Washroom


▽ 北侧入口 The North Entrance



This is what we hope to achieve by walking inside and outside of the building, so that people spontaneously go out of the outdoors to explore and discover, and then come back to the building to enjoy a well-planned multi-level sensory experience.


材料运用 Material usage


▽ 白色肌理漆 White Texture Paint

▽ 片岩堆砌而成的景墙 Wall made of schist

▽ 水景底部铺片岩 Water feature bottom paving schist


▽ 毛竹墙面技术示意图 Technical Diagram of Moso Bamboo

▽ 毛竹饰面 Moso Bamboo

▽ 火烧木 Fire Wood

▽ 锈化钢板 Rusting Steel Plate

▽ 铝格栅 Aluminum Grilling



▽ 总平面图 Master Plan

▽ 剖面图1 Section 1

▽ 剖面图2 Section 2

▽ 立面图1 Elevation 1

▽ 立面图2 Elevation 2

▽ 首层平面图 1F Plan

▽ 二层平面图 2F Plan

▽ 屋顶平面图 3F Plan



主创设计师:彭勃Paul Bo Peng
设计团队:彭影、柴正军 、孙东湧、林家善、陈阳、吴卓洪、吴沈梅、何家坚、张杰华、陈洪锋、张茜茜、刘东坡、刘恒一、何贻培、梁燕莹、陈家辉、周其锋、沈铭佳、李观达


Year of completion: 2021
Project area: 1400㎡
Project location: Sitting on Wangshan at the foot of the Great Wall, Chengde, China
Design company: IAPA Pty. Ltd.
Company website: https://www.iapa.net.au/
Contact Email: kenny.liang@iapa.net.au
Chief Designer: Paul Bo Peng
Director team: Yu Ding, Yang Yang, Ye Jiawei, Wei Shibing
Design Team: Peng Ying, Chai Zhengjun, Sun Dongyong, Lin Jiashan, Chen Yang, Wu Zhuohong, Wu Shenmei, He Jiajian, Zhang Jiehua, Chen Hongfeng, Zhang Qianqian, Liu Dongpo, Liu Hengyi, He Yipei, Liang Yanying, Chen Jiahui, Zhou Qifeng, Shen Mingjia, Li Guanda
Developer: Find the Earth Happiness Group
Photographer: It is Culture-Mao Disheng, IAPA Pty. Ltd.
Video shooting + editing: Xiazhi, Wu Ji (IAPA Pty. Ltd.)

Media contact person: Liang Yingxin
Company office address: 6th Floor, Block A, Poly Zhongyu Plaza, No. 626 Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou



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