CentralFestival EastVille坐落于泰国曼谷东区,有LAB景观设计事务所设计,占地8.2公顷土地,斥资60亿泰铢打造,邻近 Ekkamai-Ram Indra高速公路位置,整座购物中心的空间设计上,汇集了许多大型城市的都会风格,像是纽约、伦敦和东京等元素,并且巧妙地运用室内与户外的空间,打造如住宅社区般的大都会购物中心,让人在逛街的同时,还能欣赏绿树林荫的舒服景色,营造惬意的氛围。

CentralFestival EastVille located in Bangkok, Thailand, east side, a LAB landscape design firms design, covers an area of 8.2 hectares of land, for $6 billion baht, location, adjacent to Ekkamai – Ram Indra highway on the space design of the whole shopping center, brings together a number of large cities will style, such as New York, London and Tokyo elements, and clever use of indoor and outdoor space, build residential communities of metropolitan shopping center, let a person in shopping at the same time, also can enjoy the comfortable scenery of green trees and tree-lined, Create a pleasant atmosphere.


New nature experience has been a theme of the Central Festival Eastville. The landscape design has combined new experience of shopping within natural setting and plants and have fused such natural elements with animal artifacts to create an ‘Urban Jungle’ atmosphere. Walking in this outdoor space also pleasant with natural ventilation helped by machanical big fan to pull the hot air flow off the space. As a result, a ‘New Nature ‘experience is hybridized. Nature is not alone, but a blended experience with technolgy and design.

设计公司:Landscape Architects of Bangkok

Project name: Central Festival Eastville
Project type: Plaza
Location: Thailand
Designer:Landscape Architects of Bangkok