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Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd:  With enthusiasm for the hometown and borrowing from nature, create a place full of emotions for humanities.


▽项目视频 Video



Deconstruct the natural landscape with modern techniques, reconstruct the spatial order, reproduce the artistic conception of a maple forest, and create a modern landscape painting by the river.




“The sun never knows how great it is until it shines on the building.” The main entrance reinterprets the concept of the portal with modern techniques. It uses gables to record paintings that collide with sunlight and tree shadows at different times, making the space full of art. Ornamental.


▽入口空间 Entrance space



Deconstructing the natural landscape, integrating spatial geometric interest and material language with the environment. Reconstructing the architecture, presenting a luxury hotel’s quality and beauty, makes the entrance more appealing.




Bringing the sky into the site and editing the light for a second time creates a conversation between landscape and nature. Enriching the atmosphere of the space, and at the same time, the participation of natural rainwater in the site also carries the historical connotation of Surabaya.




Being born in the dark, light has improved its value and appeal. The edited shape of light passing through external objects such as buildings gives the corner space a different charm and becomes more attractive than the landscape. The changes produced by the collision of materials and colors enrich the playfulness and authenticity of the space.


▽光的变化 Changes in light



The calm water surface is like a big mirror. The woods and the light and shadows interweave a different kind of scenery under the corridor, breaking the limitation of space, blending the water and the sky in one place, walking through the water, pitching between the clouds that seem to jump.




Extending the Xiangjiang River water into the site is not only a respect for nature but also a tribute to the hometown.




In the book “Water and Dreams: On the Imagination of Matter”, Bachelard pointed out that water symbolizes abstract categories such as time, life, and death, and these viewpoints out that water are more dreamlike than earth. It is always flowing, always falling, always disappearing to the horizon.




The viewing corridor uses a champagne gold grille to create a light and shadow corridor atmosphere. It is matched with a wind chime device. The wind blows under the corridor and the shadow is moving. The ringtones are crisp. The fog is diffused on the water surface. The traces of time flowing, experience the space with multi-level landscapes, highlighting the welcoming sequence of honor and quality.


▽格栅长廊 Grille Promenade



The red of autumn maple inject soul into the site. The expression of light and shadow is about the art of space. The setting sun sprinkles red paintings on the ground through the promenade, creating a sense of change in form and space, increasing the agility and interest of the site. Wander into the venue and feel the purest reality that nature brings to life.


▽隐秘的红色,城市记忆的延续 Hidden red, the continuation of the city’s memory

▽万山红遍,层林侵染 Wanshan is red all over, layered forests are infested



The open pavilion gives a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery, and the smart and natural tallow forest is in front of you. The flower mirror group is cleverly integrated to create a natural and comfortable feeling. Under the sun, the shadows of the trees and the water are blended, and the wind blows and the shadows move.



▽精工细作的酒店化质感 Finely crafted hotel-like texture


▽以自然之姿包裹景观 Wrap the landscape with a natural look


▽高山流水的舒适惬意 The comfort of mountains and rivers



The project is a semi-renovation design. The site was formerly an open hard site. The owner hopes to build a high-quality luxury residence with unique characteristics of Changsha and make full use of the demonstration area to show the future landscape quality of the region. After several rounds of communication, the design team came up with a different idea: instead of replicating the landscape of the demonstration area, it is better to create a new model of luxurious residence with cultural heritage.


▽改造前现状 Status before renovation


设计构思 Design Ideas


The project abandons the traditional concept of a demonstration area and starts with the entrance of the permanent large area. It is constructed as a whole from the large area to the demonstration area. It takes nature as the source and extends the rivers and mountains and forests into the site. Inspired, the red of autumn maple was injected into the venue to create a landscape garden with modern hotel-like quality and oriental landscape.


▽设计分析 Design analysis

▽立面展示动图 Elevation display animation


枫林隐筑 Fenglin Hidden Building


The landscape design reasonably allocates the cost, uses the landscape structure to obscure the appearance of the original sales department, reduces the amount of building demolition and modification, optimizes the community entrance experience, and at the same time extracts the urban “maple forest artistic conception” into the site, wraps the building with natural posture, and creates twists and turns The roundabout entrance corridor feels and the natural life art museum in the back field.


▽轴测分析 Axonometric Analysis

▽空间设计动图 Space design animation



The Zhongxin project is a semi-renovation project. How to avoid unfavorable factors in combination with the current situation, realize the integration of landscape and architecture, and form a permanent community home entrance.



“ 消隐 ”是我们设计最原始的想法 ” Blanking” is the initial idea of ​​our design


Hide the original building facade, enhance the pedestrian experience through the architectural language, and form a new display interface along the river. Linked with the architectural space on the experience dynamics, the natural design language such as light, wind, and water is used in the design process to form a five-sense space experience.


城市记忆的一抹红 A touch of red in the memory of the city


The Xiangshan Mountains are full of forests, and a red corridor and a pure forest are set on the site to pay tribute to the memory of the city and give the space new spiritual care. Thank you Zhongxin Party A for your trust and support! Thanks to the construction party and the team for their hard work and the persistent pursuit of the project!


——广州设计院长沙分公司 设计总监 刘志伟

——Liu Zhiwei, Design Director of Changsha Branch of Guangzhou Design Institute



项目名称:长沙中欣 · 楚天御府
设计面积:9753 ㎡

Project name: Changsha Zhongxin • Chutian Imperial Mansion
Entrusted Owner: Hunan Hongji Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Landscape design: S.P.I Changsha Branch of Guangzhou Design Institute
Architectural design: Zhubo Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction: Hunan Tianmao Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Landscape photography: Yingchi Photography Studio
Project location: Kaifu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Design area: 9753 ㎡
Design time: January 2021
Completion time: July 2021




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