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Zinialand Design: The Block B of Luxe Zone is a mixed-use commercial, office, and residential neighborhood. The South Zone serves as a gathering place for boutique restaurants and creates a casual and refined garden-inspired dining and social scene through purely open outlets and design-oriented Netflix hotspots; and the North Zone is a fashionable and literary retailer’s fashion scene, mainly featuring fashionable masterminds’ neighborhoods and niche cafes or dining bars.




西大门导入段 West gate entrance section


The landing of the Block B of Luxe Zone formally opens the “West Gateway” of Lakeville, and will also serve as the west entrance of the whole LUXELANKES to the whole area. The Block B of Luxe Zone will also serve as the western entrance to the entire LUXELANKES area. As the important entrance to the west side of the LUXELANKES area, the Block B of Luxe Zone will also be the first impression of the visitors arriving at the west side of the site.


▽西大门入口雕塑 West gate entrance sculpture



The design is based on a red stone foundation, bringing up design symbols combined with natural art to create a neighborhood landscape that conveys the unique value of LUXELANKES, creating a landmark, increasing the sense of harmony, and utilizing a square block design to connect different parcels of land and enhance wholeness.


▽道路绿化设计草图 Road greening design sketch

▽道路绿化延续设计语言 Road greening continuation design language


主理人街区 Owner’s Block

SPACE LAB太空舱广场以太空舱形态的异形盒子作为整个空间的视觉中心,太空舱下以竹木搭建的阶梯看台及弧形聚场形成小型开放式社交空间,地下层引入了即将开放的开心麻花剧场。

SPACE LAB Space Capsule Plaza takes the shaped box in the form of a space capsule as the visual center of the whole space, under the space capsule, a small open social space is formed by the stepped bleachers constructed of bamboo and wood and the curved gathering place, and the Happy Mahua Theatre, which is about to be opened, is introduced on the ground floor.





The design creates this place as a shared space for curation, community activities and festival performances. In the neighborhood where community, brand and clientele are interlinked, the landscape is created with the commercial needs as the base, constructing the spatial scene output, ensuring the autonomy of the brand and leaving enough outwardly placed areas to build the brand ecology.


▽街区前期无商业氛围,尺度空旷 Pre-neighborhood with no commercial atmosphere and empty scale

▽利用外摆构建品牌生态 Utilizing Commercial Outdoor Display Areas to Build a Brand Ecology



Gathering good content and atmosphere, positively embracing the city, any age and role can find a reason to “stay a little longer” here.


▽下沉开放空间小剧场 Sunken open space mini-theater

▽自由可变的场地空间 Free and variable site space

▽公园与商业的有机链接 The organic connection between parks and commerce


艺术大道 Avenue of the Arts


Art Avenue is the central street connecting the north and south districts. It is set up under the influence of fire escapes and fire surfaces. The design uses water as a guide, and the fire protection design of different states of water is set up with movable flower boxes and landscape sculptures to break the landscape under fire conditions.





The interactive fountain at the entrance, the mirrored water feature at the center axis, the circular water mist at the end, the moving flower boxes scattered as gifts at night, the abstracted sculptures, and the post-production installations on the ground, all of which allow the visitors to interact with the water and the art in a multi-sensory way, and to relieve their stress under the pressure of busyness.


▽入口的互动喷泉 Interactive fountain at the entrance

▽中轴的镜面水景 Mirrored water feature in the center shaft



Mobile flower box selection of hundred lotus, hydrangea, rosemary, alum root and other stable and ornamental varieties for the combination of good, ivy, flowering creeping periwinkle and other hanging plants on the hard surface of the flower box to shade.



花园街巷 Garden Street Lane


Relying on the rich natural ecological pattern of the area, the artistic rust plate landscape wall that continues in the middle of the space adds a splash of color to the grey-toned garden. The outward swinging space on both sides of the garden street forms a staggered relationship with the road, interacting with the neighborhood visually and forming an interesting relationship between seeing and being seen.




景观最早是从视觉美学上的理解的,因为视觉景观是感受最直接的景观 。


Landscape was first understood in terms of visual aesthetics, as the visual landscape is the most directly felt landscape .

Grafting the leisure of the park to the business makes walking an exploration, an interaction and an immersive experience. The non-standard frontages of the merchants with their distinctive features are hidden in the free-growing branches, and the comfortable spatial scales and stylized sitting areas are organically fused with the fresh garden plants and landscapes, so that a sense of ambience, relaxation, sophistication, authenticity, and socialization are born.




The lower layer of the plant as a whole selects blue-gray perennial easy-to-maintain plant species, such as rosemary, fruit orchids, cranesbill orchids, tortoise shell holly, silverleaf chrysanthemums, silverleaf acacia, spruce and so on, to create a low-key and elegant landscape effect.



自然色彩走廊 Natural Color Corridor


The East Third Line Municipal Sidewalk Landscape is located on the west side of the Block B of Luxe Zone, and the design combines the wooden trestle to create a natural style rain garden, and the plants with different textures and colors within the flower area are integrated and mixed to continue the continuation of the commercial atmosphere.




The overall landscape interface of the original road section is hard, with exposed tree pools, lack of undergrowth, broken ground paving, serious waterlogging, affecting the applicability of blind alleys, and a low overall sense of quality.


▽原道路界面 Original road interface




Selection of rich and varied plant species with the formation of different landscapes evolve in time, creating a landscape space in the series, coherence, wholeness on the presentation of the aesthetics of the time sequence.


▽春季植物效果 Spring Plant Effect



Blue-purple-pink April Night Sage, Caradonna Sage, Marshmallow, Louisiana Iris, large-flowered Delphinium, Pelargonium, Pine Nut Daisy, etc. to set the color tone; swaying in the wind of the fine-stemmed Needle Fescue spontaneity and wild interest, bringing a dreamy and soft texture; vertical lines of the wood panels to increase the contrast of the highlights of the plant configuration of the overall natural and harmonious, full and rich.


▽夏季植物效果 Summer plant effects



Under the natural ecological environment, the Block B of Luxe Zone is designed to utilize the functional layout of the landscape to promote commercial activities, to achieve a balance between landscape and commercialization, and to drive the development of the surrounding area with the orientation of public space. Using multiple elements to dissolve monotony, using design to stimulate function, yielding enough space scale in the design, grafting the leisure of the park into the business, letting the senses be taken care of, letting people learn to stop for a while and find balance in life, and handing the space back to us who love life.



项目名称:成都万华 · 麓坊中心B馆

Project Name: Chengdu Wide Horizon – the Block B of Luxe Zone
Project Address: Luxe Street, Shuangliu District, Chengdu, China
Owner: Wide Horizon Landscape Center
The Block B of Luxe Zone Program Designer: Zhang Tang Landscape
the Block B of Luxe Zone program deepening and construction plan design unit: Zinialand
Constructor: Sichuan Luohan Landscape Engineering Co.
Flower border: Chengdu Huimei flower border team
Design area: 28,000 ㎡
Design time: February 2021
Completion: June 2023
Photography: RIYE Photography, Tong Yongxin




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