The second phase of the commercial city located in the western region of Singapore island has been designated as an industrial zone with ports and warehouses. Despite being close to Kent ridge park, nature reserves, the past development in this area does not involve too many aspects of nature.





The 35,000 – square – meter site where the project is located was once occupied by a multi-storey warehouse covering the entire site. With the increasing demand for office space in Singapore, customers decided to demolish the warehouse and turn it into a modern workplace, connecting it to the existing phase I office building. Considering the overall situation of the overall planning, the northern end of the site has planned the 2nd stage ladder, making the large open space in the 1st and 2nd stage centers the main green space for outdoor activities in both stages, the hard surface and greenery in the past.










In order to connect the ecological corridor of the nearby kentledge park nature reserve, a ” forest ecosystem” has been set up at the top of the parking lot platform to serve as an exchange point between the welcome space and the first and second phases, as well as the sky roof of the superimposed tower with the average soil depth of 1.8 meters, so as to ensure the future growth of the forest. In this new development, 70 % of the land area is covered with greenery.





The choice of planting materials is the result of finding species in Kent ridge park to ensure survival rate. Randomly place trees that change from young trees to grown trees to form a real forest structure. In the lower layer of the forest, local shrubs and tall shrubs are planted, giving people a feeling of lush forests. All kinds of flowering and fruit tree trees and shrubs help to strengthen the forests created as habitats for butterflies, dragon flies, birds and other wild animals so as to maintain biodiversity.






In order to manage a large area of green space, it is necessary not only to deal with rainwater management, but also to make a seemingly flat surface into a dynamic space to accommodate various activities. The direction of the hill also corresponds to the local wind direction and pedestrian flow connected between the first and second phases.





In rainwater management, biological depressions are set up at the foot of each pier to effectively adjust the drainage mode and allow runoff to slowly filter through the sand layer. Finally, the pre-filtered rainwater is collected at the lowest point, introduced into a rainwater collection pond, and treated and reclaimed for irrigation. The size of the water tank is calculated as 7 days of irrigation water. Singapore’s rainwater monitoring system will save irrigation water during the rainy season. the saved irrigation water consumption will be sufficient to satisfy Singapore’s relatively humid islands.





In terms of space creation, mound forms circulation and pocket space defining activities. Outdoor rest spaces on the path or more hidden settings on the hilltop are created to promote interaction not only with each other but also with nature. The green amphitheater was proposed in one corner as a large gathering party during special events or performances and as a quiet rest space in normal days. The design encourages office workers to go out and carry out typical office activities in the natural environment, whether it be lunch, cooperation, organization of meetings or workshops, so as to promote creativity and a healthy lifestyle.





The green space does not stay on the edge of the building. On the contrary, green space continues under the footprint of buildings that can be reached under 45 degrees of sunshine. In order to ensure the long-term growth of the forest, the region has chosen common shade-tolerant tree species in the forest zone.




此外,还有足球场,篮球场,室外健身站和慢跑路线等全功能体育设施 – 连接到肯特里奇公园 – 以及提供各种健康生态的沙过滤器“生态池”水生植物和鱼类,将使丰树商业城II成为独特的生活,工作和娱乐环境。

In addition, there are full-featured sports facilities such as soccer fields, basketball courts, outdoor fitness stations and jogging routes – connected to Kent ridge park – as well as various healthy and ecological sand filter ” ecological pools” of aquatic plants and fish, which will make fengshu commercial city ii a unique living, working and entertainment environment.





In short, drawing inspiration from the adjacent nature reserves and creating the landscape design concept of ” urban wilderness” not only provides an ideal comfortable environment for various cooperative spaces and entertainment facilities under tropical climate, but also improves the ecological environment.

comtech-ii-landscape-design-by-Shma comtech-ii-landscape-design-by-Shma comtech-ii-landscape-design-by-Shma comtech-ii-landscape-design-by-Shma comtech-ii-landscape-design-by-Shma comtech-ii-landscape-design-by-Shmacomtech-ii-landscape-design-by-Shma

comtech-ii-landscape-design-by-Shmacomtech-ii-landscape-design-by-Shma comtech-ii-landscape-design-by-Shma


景观设计: Shma

Project name: Comtech (ii) Landscape Design
Project type: Enterprise Park
Location: Singapore
Landscape: Shma

图片来自 :Wison Tungthunya

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