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SED: We are all dreamers. We work, live, study or travel to an unknown destination to seek our dreams. From a Lingnan fishing village to a busy metropolis, and from fishing lights to a lighthouse, this is the city of dreams.


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In Conrad Shenzhen, we seek the entry to dreams and experience the story in which dreams come true.


▽深圳康莱德酒店实景 Conrad Shenzhen


邂逅大隐于市的梦想家“灵感之邸” Meeting in a metropolis The “Residence of Inspiration” for dreamers

定位奢华五星级酒店的深圳康莱德酒店,位于财富与山海颜值并存的南山区,占据了深圳前海CBD独有的绝佳位置——前海鸿荣源冠泽金融中心,是一个备受梦想家青睐的灵感之邸 。这里与城市生活紧密相连,这里也是探索大湾区新生活的“乌托邦”。


Conrad Shenzhen is a 5-star luxury hotel in Nanshan, the district of fortune and scenery, and takes the best place in Qianhai CBD, Shenzhen – Qianhai Horoy Center. It is the favorite residence of inspiration for dreamers. This is a place closely connected to the urban life, as well as a utopia to explore the new lifestyle of the Greater Bay Area.

“For life, travel, meeting or destination, this is the place for pure experience beyond hustle and bustle.”


▽酒店与周边环境 Hotel and surroundings



作为酒店景观的深化设计单位,SED新西林延续了世界著名设计事务所Yabu Pushelberg在室内设计上的主题,以“一个梦想家的故事”为灵感,结合圈层需求,创造多重景观序列,鼓励所有梦想家们都能到这隐奢逸境中探索和交流。

The hotel consists of high-rising exquisite guestrooms, a multifunctional podium in the design of a terrace, and a rooftop garden that commands a great view of the ocean and the CBD plantings.

SED as the detail designer of the hotel landscape has carried on the theme of interior design by the world-famous design firm of Yabu Pushelberg. Inspired by the “story of a dreamer” and catering to the needs of the target consumers, SED has created a variety of landscapes, and encourages dreamers to explore and communicate in this luxury retreat.



入口落客区完美融合-传统东方美学与现代艺术氛围A perfect fusion in the entrance drop-off area-the traditional oriental aesthetics and modern artistic ambiance



A guest arriving at the entrance drop-off area, a dreamer to start a story.

The tranquility and purity of a pond, an upright guest-greeting pine, and a group of sculptures, through these artworks the designer presents the memory of Shenzhen as a small fishing village to the guests, and brings dreamers onto the road to seek inspirations.


▽酒店入口实景 Hotel entrance



The round pond at the entrance corresponds to the golden dome above, and the Taihu rock sculpture in it is named Liang Yi (Yin & Yang), derived from I Ching, “Tai Chi generates Liang Yi, Liang Yi generates Si Xiang, Si Xiang generates Ba Gua”, to construe the ancient philosophy of Yin and Yang in the culture of rock appreciation.


▽酒店落客区雕塑群像 Sculptures in drop-off area



The guest-greeting pine extends its branches outward, making the space interactive and interesting. Without a thread of breeze, the water is as quiet as a mirror and reflects the clouds, the pine, and the bamboos, melting the sky in the pond. When dreamers pass by, they travel in a fairyland.


▽酒店中餐厅入口 Entrance to Chinese restaurant



In the space design of the drop-off area, the landscape merges into the building and the indoor space. The modern artistic language as employed in interior design and the oriental aesthetics are blended in a unified, artistic integrity. And a 5-star hotel feel of ritual and perfection is created.


▽酒店落客区细节呈现 Drop-off area details


在艺术生活中体会自然丰盈的美好 Experiencing in artistic life the natural beauty of affluence


An outdoor leisure resort is created in the F5 terrace garden, and the access to natural spaces renders the populated urban life extremely unique and exquisite, meeting the expectations of most dreamers for leisure.


▽酒店F5露台花园景观鸟瞰 F5 terrace garden (aerial view)



Beyond the arbor is a panorama of the hotel terrace with luxuriant plantings, commanding a great view of the ocean and the CBD greenery.


▽酒店F5露台花园休闲廊架景观 F5 terrace garden arbor



Strolling about, you can feel the efforts of the designer and the hotel to create an extremely artistic, comfortable, dreamy, and livable residence.


▽酒店F5露台花园景观 F5 terrace garden



At dusk when the setting sun turns the sky red, and tree leaves flutter in the breeze, you may enjoy by the rail the ocean view, or sit down with a couple of friends to chat over a cup of wine, relaxed and free of the fatigue that dreamers are usually obsessed with.


▽从酒店F5露台花园远眺前海景观 Qianhai scenery viewed from F5 terrace garden



This is the desired urban life to many people: a quiet break between mountains and waters, and a luxury retreat to connect dreamers. Immersed in the tranquility, they unroll new stories.


▽细节处处透着舒适惬意的生活气息 A cozy life in the details



酒店室内设计:Yabu Pushelberg

Project name: Conrad Shenzhen
Year of completion: 2023
Area: 8,000 m2
Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Detail landscape design: SED Landscape Architects Ltd.
Website: http://www.sedgroup.com/
Landscape design: SWA
Hotel interior design: Yabu Pushelberg
Architecture design: CCDI
Photograph: Beyond Vision
Developer: Chaoyue Vision




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