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MADE arhitekti:剧院作为受人喜爱的文化景点,也是现代主义建筑的杰出典范。本案中,剧院建筑的景观设计原则和材料特征以及现代主义精神得到了保留,并衍生出一种新的运动和使用策略,旨在让开放、友好的广场平等地惠及每一个个体。

MADE arhitekti:The theater is a beloved cultural destination and an outstanding example of modernist architecture. The landscaping principles and materials characteristic of theater architecture and the spirit of modernism have been preserved, and a new strategy of movement and its use has been created, aiming to make the square accessible and friendly to everyone.


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© Ansis Starks
© Ansis Starks



The transport infrastructure in Riga places the driver and cars as the main actors. Until now, the forecourt of the Daile Theater illustrated this ideology, allowing theater visitors to park their cars right at the theater door, in a square that was originally intended as a gathering place for people and a part of the theater’s architecture.


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© Ansis Starks




Similarly, in the conflict between trees and engineering communications in Riga, the latter continue their victory march. On most of the sidewalks in the streets of Riga, there is no possibility to plant trees.

The reconstruction project of Daile Theater Square changes the usual course of development, prioritizing people’s well—being and new sustainable greenery, providing new plants throughout the area of the square and also in the immediate vicinity of the main facade of the theater.


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© Ansis Starks
© Ansis Starks


在为剧院建筑体量建模的工作过程中,我们试图追溯剧院建筑师 Marta Staņa 的思想,探寻广场元素之间的比例和关系,使其与剧院的形式语言紧密相连。我们以现代主义的设计语言,在广场上创建了多个聚会和休闲区域,并与 Šarlotes 街道建立了更好的联系。广场上新的铺面为整个区域提供了无障碍的环境,创造了一个更安全的城市空间。

During the work process, modeling the construction volumes of the theater building, we tried to trace the thought of the theater building architect Marta Staņa and find the proportions and relationships of the elements of the square, which would be in close connection with the language of the theater’s forms. In a language of modernism, several gathering and recreation areas have been created in the square, and a greater connection with Šarlotes Street has been realized. The new surface of the square ensures environmental accessibility throughout the territory, creating a safer city.


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该广场采取可持续的雨水管理解决方案,模拟自然生态系统中的雨水流动。它可以预防洪水风险,减轻雨水排放系统的负担,提高公共户外空间的质量,并能促进城市的生物多样性。广场上的一个绿色区域安装了雨水收集和下水道设施,为 Brīvības 街道建立起一道防护屏障。

The square uses sustainable rainwater management solutions that mimic the flow of rainwater in natural ecosystems. It prevents flood risks and relieves the burden on rainwater drainage systems, improves the quality of public outdoor space and promotes biological diversity in the city. A rainwater collection and sewer has been implemented in the square — a green area, which at the same time creates a barrier to Brīvības Street.


▽细节 Detail

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© MADE arhitekti
© MADE arhitekti



On the square, granite steps and street curbs were reused for the new stairs. The original glazed bricks in the pavement have been carefully dismantled and reused in a brick line through the entire area. The experience of Daile Square teaches us to change the usual construction practices and learn techniques for building in a circular manner.


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▽灯光照明设计 Lighting design

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© Ansis Starks



Planting of new trees and bushes, durable landscaping elements, two types of benches, bicycle parking spaces, trash cans, bollards, drinking water tap, public toilet and a place for sorting waste containers have been implemented in the square. Realized building signage of theater, advertisement banners and exhibition in the gallery.


▽植物设计 Planting design

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项目面积:15000 平方米
项目地点:拉脱维亚 里加
设计公司:MADE arhitekti
首席建筑师:Miķelis Putrāms、Linda Krūmiņa、Evelīna Ozola、平面设计师 Edgars Zvirgzdiņš
设计团队:MADE arhitekti(Miķelis Putrāms, Linda Krūmiņa, Māra Starka, Mārtiņš Vaskis, Krists Lūkins, Liena Šiliņa, Jēkabs Slava)、Evelīna Ozola
客户:State Real Estate of Latvia and Riga City
平面设计:Associates、Partners et Sons
照明设计:Māris Važa
图片来源:Ansis Starks

Project Name: Daile Theatre square refurbishment
Completion Year: 2023
Scale: 15000 m2
Project Location: Riga, Latvia
Landscape/Architecture Firm: MADE arhitekti
Website: www.made.lv
Contact e-mail: linda@made.lv
Lead Architects: Miķelis Putrāms, Linda Krūmiņa, Evelīna Ozola, graphic designer Edgars Zvirgzdiņš
Design Team: «MADE arhitekti» (Miķelis Putrāms, Linda Krūmiņa, Māra Starka, Mārtiņš Vaskis, Krists Lūkins, Liena Šiliņa, Jēkabs Slava) in collaboration with Evelīna Ozola
Clients: State Real Estate of Latvia and Riga City
Graphic design: Associates, Partners et Sons
Plants and trees: LABIE KOKI
Lighting solutions: Māris Važa
Photo Credits: Ansis Starks



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