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寻常设计事务所: 何为浪漫主义?浪漫主义Romanticism是文艺创作的基本方法之一。作为创作方法,在放映客观现实上侧重从主观内心世界出发,抒发对理性世界的热烈追求;而旅客们选择度假酒店何尝不是一种对诗和远方的向往。

Usual Studio:What is Romanticism? Romanticism is one of the basic methods of literary and artistic creation. As a creative method, it lays emphasis on the projection of objective reality from the subjective inner world to express the passionate pursuit of the rational world. And the travelers choose the resort hotel is not a kind of poetry and distant yearning.





▽改造前 Before modification

▽改造后 After transforming

▽酒店主立面 Landlord’s facade


01·醉美海岸| Stunning Coastline


The winding coastline of Erhai Lake is like the staves of romantic songs. Chasing the light and shadow of mountains and seas along the coastline is one of the best experiences in visiting Dali.


▽蜿蜒曲折的海岸线 The winding coastline



Taking the mountain as the house and the sea as the courtyard; the natural relationship and experience of the mountain and the sea are related to the design of the overall space of the building, and the curve shape like the coastline is used to organize the relationship between the building and the environment, and create a sense of relaxation and leisure.


▽放松休闲的度假体验 A relaxing holiday experience



02·卵石餐厅 | Pebbles Restaurant


If the architectural form is the reduction of the texture of the earth, then the restaurant and courtyard space on the first floor are the enlargement of the tiny landscape of the pebbles on the bank.After abstracting the form of natural objects and then subverting the scale, the space produces a different kind of tension and experience.




The entrance of the restaurant is like a huge pebble that has been cut, and you will feel wrapped when you pass through it.The interior of the pebble is made of dark car paint to achieve a near-mirror effect. The light, shadow and scenery of the courtyard are gathered here, making the first-time visitors feel the changes in time and space.


▽入口玄关 The entrance porch



The transparent and soft curved floor-to-ceiling glass windows are used in the space, making the restaurant space like waves caressing the pebbles.Showing an organic and elegant atmosphere, breaking the spatial boundaries between interior and exterior, blending indoor and outdoor.


▽融合室内外的卵石餐厅 A cobblestone restaurant that blends indoor and outdoor


白色构筑物如同卵石,参差错落的摆放在庭院和内部空间中;界定了流线功能,同时也包裹隐藏了建筑本身僵硬的结构立柱。超常规尺度的“卵石”成为空间中的绝对主角,空间也因此有了故事性,述说这这是一座海边的房子,“ 卵石餐厅”之名由此得来。

The white structures, like pebbles, are staggered in the courtyard and interior spaces.It defines the function of the moving line, and at the same time hides the rigid structural columns of the building itself.The special-scale “pebbles” have become the absolute protagonist in the space, which says that this is a house by the sea, and the name “pebbles restaurant” comes from this.


▽白色构筑物隐藏结构立柱,同时界定了流线 The white structure hides the structural columns and defines the streamlines



The stairwell and guest room entrance are made of snowflake white marble.It presents a warm and tranquil beige color under the light, thus reconciling the different experiences of the dining space and the living space.


▽客房入户玄关 Guest room access hallway


03·情绪客房:山海景致的不同表情  Mood Room:Different expressions of mountain and sea


The guestrooms are the most important part of showing the quality of the hotel. For example, from the size of the apartment to the hardware configuration, it shows comfort. All rooms have an excellent garden courtyard space and landscape experience, so you can enjoy a comfortable vacation even if you don’t go out.On this basis, Usual Studio strives to find out the differences in guest room experience, and believes that different apartment types should have different personalities and different spatial emotions meet the diverse needs of visitors.



砂岩红–浪漫居所| Sandstone red  ‧ Romance Room


Sandstone red is the color of brownstones and sandstone in the desert. It is simple and warm, and can convey a special romantic style. The arched floor-to-ceiling windows are open to the natural landscape and outdoor courtyard, and the windows are opened to welcome the warm vacation time.


▽拱形落地窗将自然之景尽收眼底 Arched floor-to-ceiling Windows offer panoramic views of nature


墨色淌–镜像世界| Graphite color  ‧ Reflection Space


The ancient wood grain marble has a natural texture as calm as ink, while the smooth stone surface reflects the light and shadow of the surrounding scenery, creating a deep space experience. The square opening maximizes the sea view here, and precipitates what you see and feel on the journey.


▽低调稳重的客房空间 Low-key and stable room space

▽极具品质感的度假生活 Vacation life with a great sense of quality


天青色–水下套房| Azure ‧ Underwater Suite


The top floor and the roof serve as an independent large suite, a holiday space closest to the sky.The sun is refracted into the guest room through the swimming pool, and the mottled light and shadow are like being in the sea. It is the last chapter of the whole romantic song and the beginning of our stay in Dali.


▽光影斑驳犹如置身大海 Dappled like the sea


▽水下套房 Underwater suites

▽套房的精致体现在细节上 The sophistication of the suite is in the details


技术图纸|Technical Drawings

▽首层平面图 The Ground Floor Plan

©USUAL Studio

▽二层平面图 The Second Floor Plan 

©USUAL Studio

▽三层平面图 The Third Floor Plan 

©USUAL Studio

▽四层平面图 The Forth Floor Plan 

©USUAL Studio

▽屋顶平面图 Roof Plan

©USUAL Studio



设计公司:寻常设计事务所 USUAL Studio
设计团队:林经锐,王坤辉,温馨,Laura Canto López,David Qiu,吴海伦,吴志远,申明辉(实习),胡淼淼(实习)

Project Name: Breath of the sea – Dali Qinglv-House Design
Project Location: Dali, China
Project Area: 900㎡
Design Year: 2021 / Completion Year: 2020
Design Company: USUAL Studio
Design Contents: Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design
Leader Designer: Lin Jingrui
Design Team: LIN Jingrui, WANG Kunhui, WEN Hsin, Laura Canto López, David Qiu,WU Hailun, WU Zhiyuan,SHEN Minghui, HU Miaomiao
Photo Credits: USUAL Studio
Building Materials: Paint, Glass, Wood veneer, Metal,Marble,White Exterior Wall Paint




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