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Broissin: Modern architecture has remained valid through history as human understanding of functional spaces, in the pavilion, this is represented by an orthogonal geometric enclosure composed by puzzle shaped concrete pieces, that modulates the pavilion’s dimensions and its steel structure. On the other hand, parametric architecture is represented by an organic skin formed by white concrete circles, that strives to demonstrate its aesthetic value, to break the barrier of traditional paradigm, rationality of thought and to create its own language through technological development.



▼装置内部还拥有一片绿洲 Egaligilo Pavilion also holds a living oasis inside



Egaligilo Pavilion is an installation and represents the tension between traditional and parametric architecture acting as an equalizer of forces between them, while preserving a natural environment inside. Egaligilo means Equalizer in Esperanto, a language created to facilitate international communication.



设计和建筑必须充当变革的推动者,积极应对全球挑战并制定解决方案,以提高我们的生活质量。 Egaligilo与周围环境不断互动,不仅融入了公共空间,更在内部拥有一片生机勃勃的绿洲。象征主义在这里得到了充分体现,游客与自然环境的联系也更加紧密。

Design and architecture have to act as a change agent, as a tool for facing global challenges and generating solutions to improve the quality of life of our communities. Egaligilo attains a constant interaction with its surroundings, and as it blends in with the public space, it also holds a living oasis inside, in which symbolism is exalted and gives the visitor the capacity to connect with the natural environment.




The pavilion creates its own microclimate by preserving a series of atmospheric conditions required to maintain a small cloud forest on the inside, by allowing light and rain to seep inside through both skins, keeping the plants alive.




The openings between the overlapping skins and the effects of artificial lighting, create different scenarios throughout the day, inviting the spectator to enter the pavilion redefining the narrow limit between inside and outside.



展馆的外层由Equitone制成,这是一种具有防水和耐候性的纤维混凝土材料,嵌板选择的是“Tectiva”和“Natura”。这些嵌板由数控车床切割,以适配拟定的尺寸。外层由400个拼图形状的嵌板切割而成,内层由3000多个圆形嵌板切割而成。主要结构由C型槽钢和4英寸 x 2英寸和 2英寸x 2英寸的角钢制成,支撑内层的二级结构为1英寸的SHS和1英寸CHS制成的“气泡”结构,按照预定的规格焊接到4英寸的扁钢上。为了使展馆可以重复使用,所有的混凝土嵌板元素都被拧入主体结构,只需少数几个焊接点即可保证额外的支撑和安全性。

The Pavilion’s skins were made with Equitone, a fiber-concrete material water and weather resistant; “Tectiva” and “Natura” were the selected panels we used. These panels were cut by a CNC router to fit the proposed design. 400 patterned puzzle pieces were cut for the outer skin and more than 3,000 circles for the inside volume. The main structure was made of steel C channels 4” by 2” and 2” by 2” steel angles, the secondary structure that supports the inner skin was made of SHS 1” by 1” C-18 and the structure of the “bubbles” was made of CHS of 1” rolled with the specs provided to the blacksmith welded to a 4” steel flat bar. All the concrete panel elements were screwed into the main structure in order to make the pavilion reusable, with just few welding points for extra support and security.


▼外层 The outer skin


▼内层 The inner skin



The Pavilion seeks to raise awareness about the recycling of ephemeral structures and the main purpose of architecture: benefit humanity. Egaligilo is an example of this, it was first exposed during 6 months outside the Museum, in Mexico City, and now it will be adapted for another use.





首席建筑师:Gerardo Broissin&Luis Pimienta
设计团队:Jorge Velázquez、Javier García、Oscar Aguilar、Andrés Lara、Gala Carrillo、Ana C. Mercado
客户:Design Week México by Glocal

Project name: EGALIGILO
Completion Year: 2019
Size: 50 sqm
Project location: México City, Tamayo Park
Landscape/Architecture Firm: Broissin
Website: www.broissin.com
Contact e-mail: thelma@broissin.com
Lead Architects: Gerardo Broissin & Luis Pimienta
Design Team: Jorge Velázquez, Javier García, Oscar Aguilar, Andrés Lara, Gala Carrillo, Ana C. Mercado
Clients: Design Week México by Glocal
Collaborators: Equitone (material), Tamayo Museum (site)


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