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ZAN Landscape: The market’s aesthetic perception of landscapes is quietly changing in different styles, and modern and simple styles gradually occupy the aesthetic high ground and become the mainstream. For small gardening fields, if you follow this trend, you always feel that something is missing. This project includes the landscape design of the patio and the terrace. Based on his own knowledge, the designer adds a regressive thinking to this work, and has a new step in the interpretation of the high sense of landscape.



天井1- 原生杂木,匠心本朴 |Patio 1- Original mixed wood, original and simple


The naturally generated miscellaneous woods are different in the four seasons, reflecting the beauty of the “forest”. When miscellaneous trees are introduced into the human-scale landscape, the appropriate tree scale is often selected to create this patio landscape through the combination of different forms of branches and leaves.




The staggered square lamp frame is located in the delicate thin-leaf plants, and the spatial hierarchy is more intense.The light falling from the lamp frame maps the branches of plants to the wall, forming a pleasant view of the shadows of the trees.




Each carefully selected miscellaneous tree has the characteristics of slender, stretched and natural bending style, strong vitality, and changes in the four seasons.




The natural landscape and the revolving ladder with full sense of lines contrast each other, alluding to each other, and harmoniously blending.




The combination of miscellaneous wood, Wild rock, moss and other elements is an ingenious refinement and artistic reproduction of the natural beauty.



天井2- 高山流水 师法自然 |Patio 2-Mountain and Flowing Water, Learning from Nature


This Patio uses elegant and refined gold-inlaid bamboo dots to plant the visual sense of wild bamboo forests, coupled with hand-made corrugated stone pillars to add to the exquisiteness, forming a refreshing and transparent narrow shaft,Sunlight falls from the top to the down on the winding dry stream path. Create a kind of Zen beauty.


▼天井2鸟瞰 Patio 2 a bird’s eye view

▼金镶玉竹与手工打造的波纹石柱营造禅意空间 Gold inlaid with yuzhu and hand-made corrugated stone pillars create a Zen space



Try an ingenious approach to integrate the various elements of the patio, hide modern art installations in the forest and repair bamboo, mirror each other, and the scene of rigidity and softness enhances the sense of conflict, so that the main body of modern architecture and the natural wild interest are ingeniously integrated.




The water slowly flows down from the mirror-surface stainless steel installation channel, the cylindrical surface alludes to the surrounding environment, and the gurgling sound makes the reality virtual. I can’t help but ponder, where does the water come from.




Passing here from the upper level, the main body of the building is like a flower vessel, and she seems to grow sturdily in it, softening the edges and corners of the building form. The bright red leaves of Red Maple contrast with the black curtain wall, forming a sharp visual impact.


▼镜面不锈钢水景装置鸟瞰 Bird’s eye view of mirror stainless steel waterscape device


天井3- 独树一帜 空间留白 |Patio 3-Unique Space Blank


The overall performance of this scene is closer to modern aesthetics. The main scene tree selects double-barred Jaboticaba with morphological power.The use of angular and hierarchical methods to increase the sense of hierarchy, the lines allow the entire space to extend visually and converge to the focal point of the main scenery tree.


▼双杆嘉宝果的庭院主景树 Double pole garbo fruit garden landscape tree



Weakening the sense of high-level, reflecting the transition from “mood” to “low luxury”.To weaken the sense of luxury.Low-key means attribution,It’s the opposite of high-profile and formal.


▼层级低进的线条增加空间感 Low – level lines increase the sense of space


露台景观 |Terrace view

整个建筑形态,以极简的建筑形体统筹复杂的建筑功能,围绕立体露台呈合院展开,空间使用不同材质表现黑白灰主调,表现纯粹的现代主义风格。依附其中的观景长廊组织动线,起承转合,站在上方,尽享广袤的视野 。

The entire architectural form uses a minimalist architectural form to coordinate the complex architectural functions. It is spread out around a three-dimensional terrace as a courtyard. The space uses different materials to express the main tone of black and white and gray, expressing a pure modernist style. Relying on the viewing corridor to organize the movement line, stand on the top and enjoy the wide view.




The landscape design is constantly subtracting, gathering the zeros into the whole, and the design focus is reflected in the appropriate proportions and the beauty of materials.The ultimate goal is to hope that the main scenery tree will naturally become the protagonist of the space, and all the elements will be properly deployed around them.The main tone of black, white and gray expresses pure modernism style.The scenery is organically organized around a central space full of tension.




The diagonally floating Podocarpus pine has a majestic aura of the sky, and walks towards the attached corridor, with the meaning of welcoming guests. The forward stretched posture guides the direction and level of the entire space.




The stone base of landscape rock veneer and the black stainless steel flower pond are attached to the rare century-old red sandalwood. The form is full of tension, and it is angled alone, creating a beautiful painting。




Under the vast sky, the tree faces the distance and stretches its elegant posture. The combination of miscellaneous wood and gravel shows a relaxed Zen mood.




Diverting water into the platform, resting next to the water, the water and the sky become one color, the mirrored water scene is scattered with natural black mountain stones, and the smart flowing water ripples, driving the vitality of the entire environment.




Ingenious combination of mirrored waterscape and black mountain stone.The collision of natural materials and modern materials.




At twilight, the sunset glow decorates the sky, and the reflection is rippling on the water waves. Visitors resting on the side, watching the strange trees, admiring the blue waves, watching the sunset, are magnificent and reach the senses.


▼总平面图 The total floor plan

▼剖面图  Profile





项目名称:框·井 Frame office
摄影师:Justin Hsu

Project name: Frame office
Location: Foshan, Guangdong
Design unit: ZAN landscape
Company website: www.zaaan.cn
Email: zaaancn@qq.com
Design team: Jianbao Yang, Shujie Xu, Jiewei Chen, Langning Yan
Content: Conceptual design, in-depth drawing design, engineering construction
Design area: 1600m²
Year completed: 2020
Photographer: Justin Hsu



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