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Jianan landscape design office:Light and shadow :When we stand at the entrance of the site, it is a north-facing area, and the entrance will stand against the light in the future. In this shadow, full of expectations for the sun’s gleaming. So we plan to make small holes in the door, so that the entrance is under the sunshine and the stars flicker.


▽入口区域利用室内与道路的高差,形成一个错落有趣的入口空间 The entrance area uses the height difference between the interior and the road to form an interesting entrance space



And the material and technique of the entire entrance, including the square form, all originated from the starlight cast over there.


▽门头日景和夜景灯光的变化 The change of day and night lights at the door



And as the same, a backlit partition wall in the courtyard, in order to have the sunrise and sunset changes in the shadow of it, we added glass bricks to the material of the wall. In this way, parts of the wall could dance with the time in the corners where could not be irradiated.




Trees: Maybe every venue is unique, maybe. But no matter how unique the space can be copied, it is far from unique. And one day when we were selecting plants in the nursery, we were suddenly fascinated by a pine tree. The moment I saw it, I realized that the entire garden was built for it——The gate is to meet it, the cloister is to talk with it, and stone is just the footprint of his dancing partner. And when the crane placed it in the field, all of this suddenly became meaningful.


▽进入大门的中庭空间,景石和松树营造静谧的入口环境 Entering the atrium space of the gate, scenery stones and pine trees create a quiet entrance environment

▽中庭内的绿植墙,在门口处设置了雨伞架 The green wall in the atrium has an umbrella stand beside the door

▽中庭中间的造型松树 Shaped pine trees in the atrium



Desire: All stories are stories of wishes. We made a low wall behind the pine tree in the entrance atrium, because the home requires a wall to feel secure. In order to occlude the messy background of the neighbor’s house at the end of the atrium, we built a wall above the skylight of the swimming pool. The long skylight did not want to be cut off, so we suspended the wall. But we know that once the wall hangs in the air, the other side of the wall becomes alluring. So we made the sculpture which besides the wall into a huge drop of water that wants to float over: hard and light, always be there, but will pass at any time.


▽为保持泳池上方天窗的完整性,将景墙镂空,并做透光效果。雕塑为紫铜打孔,夜晚会有光从孔中发出,从客厅和中庭观看效果各不相同  In order to maintain the integrity of the skylight above the swimming pool, the scenery wall is hollowed out and has a light-transmitting effect. The sculpture is perforated in red copper, and light will be emitted from the holes at night. The viewing effect is different from the living room and the atrium

▽ 雕塑一比一做模型并在现场推敲比例关系 Make a model of the sculpture one-to-one and examine the proportions on site

▽ 门头打孔的大小,一比一打印出来不同的比例,现场推敲 | 玻璃与干挂石材相交接,并在现场测试不同质感的处理,所产生的透光效果  The size of the hole punched in the door, printed out in different proportions one to one, on-site deliberated. | Glass is handed over to dry-hanging stone, and the light transmission effect produced by different texture treatments is tested on the spot



The pavilion stems from the desire to be protected, the flowing water beside the pavilion is the desire of lush aquatic plants. The whole wooden cantilever seat has a copper plate embedded in the end, and the copper plate grows together with stones. The water behind the whole wood flows into the stone through the bamboo tube, on top of the stone, pine branches graze… … All this is their wish, and when you sit on the whole wood, isn’t that your wish?


▽ 亭子通过悬挑的钢梁和轻巧的柱子支撑,背面是磨砂的亚克力出水口,配合室外家具,营造一个温馨的户外休闲空间 The pavilion is supported by cantilevered steel beams and lightweight columns, and has frosted acrylic outlet on the back. It creates a warm outdoor leisure space by cooperate with the outdoor furnitures

▽ 出水口夜晚通体发光,静谧而灵动 At night, the outlet is full of light, quiet and smart

▽ 流水经过水槽,流至端头的景石中 The water flows through the trough and flows into the stones at the end

▽ 从二楼的楼梯下来,就进入到亭子当中。台阶不仅解决高差,也让下楼的过程变得生动 Go down the stairs on the second floor and enter the pavilion. The steps not only solve the height difference, but also make the process of going downstairs vivid

▽ 由于花园的横向布局,所以将花池、台阶、平台、廊架及背景均穿插在一起,节省空间的同时,又将各个功能有机的结合在一起  Because of the horizontal layout of the garden, the flower pool, steps, platform, porch and background are interspersed together, which saves space and organically combines all functions

▽ 出水口的水经过水池,流到水景当中,而整木的座椅让人可以亲近这一切 The water from the outlet flows through the pool and flows into the waterscape, and the wooden seat allows people to get close to all of this




If we are only building gardens, the garden will be ruined one day, so we are not building gardens, we are lighting up our wishes one by one.

Because every noon, the shining stars are more and more shining


▽ 景石是嵌入在铜板之中的,配合着松树,和景墙,很自然的将邻居家的干扰分隔开,同时后面还是工具房,可以保证整个花园的整洁  The scenery stone is embedded in the copper plate, matched with the pine tree, and the scenery wall, which naturally separates the interference of the neighbors, and at the same time, there is a tool room behind, which can ensure the neatness of the entire garden

▽ 平面图 The plan





Project Name:  Landscape design of a villa in Shunyi district, Beijing
Design: JIANAN Landscape Design Office, Beijing.
Website: www.jiananplan.com
Contact e-mail:jiananplan@foxmail.com
Design time &Completion time: Jan, 2019 to May, 2021
Leader designer:Yang Shu
Design team:Liu Hongtong, Liang Yan, Li qiang
Sculpture design:Yang Shu
Project location: Yosemite Villa,ShunYi, Beijing
Area:350 sqm
Photography: Wang Ning
Clients:Private entrustment
Furniture:SMS WEIMEI furniture



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