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广亩景观:   信息爆炸的今天,效率与数据被作为职场生活的第一感知,高压包裹下的我们,逐渐变得麻木、透明。

GM landscape design:  In the current information explosion, efficiency and data are regarded as the first perception of the workplace. Wrapped in high pressure, we gradually become numb and transparent.In the narrow gap between skyscrapers, a secret garden sprout and grew quietly, and the pause button of busy life was pressed.



320米金融城新地标  A new landmark of the 320m City


随着办公空间的多元化,我们迎来了“5G办公时代”。广亩作为研创型景观设计机构,开始对这座世茂集团开发的摩天办公楼景观进行策划与设计,以全球化视野营造新时代办公生活方式。汇金中心位于广州金融城起步区的核心位置,由世茂集团、华润置地、合景泰富联合打造,坐拥双向滨江水景和优越的交通条件。由一座320米的超甲级写字楼、两栋铂金公寓、以及一座高端shopping mall组成。

From the Pearl River New Town to the “Golden Triangle” development belt, Guangzhou City, as an important engine of the financial hub in the Great Bay area, is speeding up its pace towards the development zone of the integration of artificial intelligence and digital economy industry.

As an innovative landscape design institution, Guangmu began to plan and design the landscape of this skyscraper office building developed by Shimao Group, creating a new era office life style from a global perspective.Huijin Center is located in the core of the starting area of Guangzhou City, jointly built by Shimao Group, China Resources Land and KWG, with two-way waterfront water features and superior traffic conditions.It consists of a 320m super-An office building, two platinum apartments and a high-end shopping mall.With the diversification of office space, we have ushered in the “5G office era”.



若干限制条件下,重构城市封面 Reconstruction of city cover


From space to empowerment, the relationship between things and self that the environment affects behavior is becoming more and more clear. How to create a space experience with urban cover attributes to create a high-density office building ecological social space is a problem that we need to think about.


场地周边环境  Site surrounding environment



针对地块环境,我们做了「避」和「导」的设计策略: 一方面在河涌一侧种植乔木,解决工地带来的视觉影响并顺势延展整个城市界面。另一方面,利用绿化带与城市主干道的交点,横向打造项目的视觉界面,再通过富有质感的景墙引导人流动线,形成行为界面。

The project site is located in the northwest corner of the site, and the original urban display interface is 90m long. however, because of the city bus station in front of the site, the internal high-voltage tower, as well as a large number of distribution boxes and telephone poles, our actual available entrance interface is only about 25m.In the vertical space, the high-voltage tower connected to the wire also has certain restrictions on the structure and plant height of the front field. The interior of the site is planned to have the entrance and exit of an underground commercial center, and we also need to cover and reserve the scope of the construction tower crane in the design.

Aiming at the land environment, we have made the design strategy of “avoidance” and “guidance”:On the one hand, trees are planted on one side of the river to solve the visual impact of the construction site and extend the interface of the whole city. On the other hand, make use of the intersection of the green belt and the urban trunk road to create the visual interface of the project horizontally, and then guide the flow of people through the textured landscape wall to form a behavior interface.


场地环境  Site environment


“花园办公”营造空间最大化体验  Maximize the space 


The urban skyline is a unique urban fingerprint. The design takes the “garden office” as the starting point, arranges the functional space according to local conditions, and creates the maximum experience of the site.




The design extracts simple triangles from the images of stars, rivers, boats and islands, hoping to create a shining image of the “first tallest building” of Huijin Center and create a space “city business card effect” by running through the whole space and mapping it.The characteristic of the project lies in the extension of values and way of life. We hope that the landscape is not only a space for passing and introducing, but also a natural garden that can make people stop and relieve the pressure of work.



新时代办公生活方式  Office lifestyle in the new ear

展示  ·  引导  Attraction


Due to many limitations of the site, we simplified the complexity, extended the city display interface by using the space in the direction of the river, and took a capable and textured metal wall as the first impression of Huijin Center in the city.




Plant tall and straight olive kernels on the edge of the river to avoid the visual impact of the construction site on the other side.




The dark anodized alumina metal plate is matched with the hollowed-out light to form the interaction of point, line and surface.




The design considers the rainy climate of Guangzhou under the limited conditions of the site, sets up the gray space under the corridor in the drop-off area, and introduces the crowd into the backyard garden through the opening, closing, collecting and releasing of the space.



社交  ·  花园  Garden office 


The backcourt design introduces the garden concept, planting Phoenix wood, brocade leaf olive kernel, fox tail asparagus, pennisetum and other plants to naturally dominate the comfortable microclimate space. Through social places such as leisure seats and outdoor bars, we provide people with a dynamic environment for innovation and cooperation.




Most people spend far more time in the office than in the natural environment, so we try our best to bring green into the daily lives of urban people, even if it’s just a glance on their way to and from work. or finish a cup of coffee.The crumpled heart of the urbanite is briefly soothed and stretched here.



流光 · 星廊  Star gallery 


The design caters to the functional requirements and site environment, creating a gray space with a bright star corridor. While blocking the underground commercial entrances and exits, it avoids the safety risks caused by the construction of tower cranes, and also makes the experience of employees entering and leaving the office building more quality and scene.




The awning of the building has gradual changes from different angles both horizontally and vertically. Through continuous modeling and reverse push, we finally achieve the transition between the building and the landscape gallery, giving the office building entrance a more overall space experience.Triangular elements are constantly changing in space: from the entrance to the wall, flow to the water, and spread to the ground, smallpox, and finally converge into a bright, three-dimensional sculpture.




Triangular elements have been throughout the project, in the details of the facade of the landscape wall, we combined with the lighting to do some warping, giving the space a dynamic flow of visual experience.




J B Jackson wrote in Natural Imitation that “As a man-made environment, every city has its functions to be realized.”
Huijin Center is undoubtedly an important part of Guangzhou’s “urban fingerprint”. We design on the basis of natural and cultural conditions, and use business logic to provide functions and psychological needs for users in the new era. only when people are fully integrated with the environment can this space really become a part of the city.



设计手记  Design notes


From drawing to landing, it is the result of constant collision and coordination among various teams. Considering that the entrance of the “urban display surface” faces north, we choose a more textured dark anodized alumina to create a special-shaped landscape wall, which gives the wall a flowing visual experience through a warped angle.




After many times of mud proofing, the waterscape sculpture is presented in mirror stainless steel, and the interaction between water surface and light is also achieved. There is also strict control over the lighting design of the space. We tested the color temperature in the 3k-6k range, and finally selected the light with a color temperature of 4k according to the situation of the scene.


设计师手绘图 Design drawings




项目名称: 广州 · 汇金中心
完成年份: 2020.10
项目面积: 4785㎡
项目地点: 广州

公司网址: www.gm2002.com
联系邮箱: GM2002@GM2002.COM

主创设计师: 黄伟文
设计团队: 刁果、左书奇、李楠、李志恒、辛文强、刘雪峰、包川、刘豪、陈迪、吴娟、张莉 、李晓静、黄梦舟、殷良友
合作方: (建筑单位、施工单位等)

摄影师: 山间影像
摄影师网址或联系方式: https://weibo.com/mountaintops?is_all=1#_rnd1607076291885

Project name: Guangzhou huijin Center
Year completed: 2020.10
Project area: 4785㎡
Project location: Guangzhou

Name of design company (Landscape/Architecture) : Landscape: Wide acres of landscape
Company website: www.gm2002.com
Contact email: GM2002@GM2002.COM

Chief designer: Huang Weiwen
Design team: Diao Guo, Zuo Shuqi, Li Nan, Li Zhiheng, Xin Wenqiang, Liu Xuefeng, Bao Chuan, Liu Hao, Chen Di, Wu Juan, Zhang Li, Li Xiaojing, Huang Mengzhou, Yin Liangyou
Party A’s team: Peng Xiaowei, Li Long, Qin Fangfang, Zhu Mingxin, Li Yan, Nie Han
Client/developer: Shimao Group, China Resources Land, Hejingtai Fortune
Partner: (construction unit, construction unit, etc.)
Construction: Gensler

​Photographer: Mountain photography
Photographer url or contact: https://weibo.com/mountaintops? is_all=1#_rnd1607076291885


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