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柯路建筑:七贤幼儿园大溪谷园区位于杭州良渚,狭长的地块直面东西大道,紧邻大溪谷社区商街。项目建筑面积 4900 平米,如何在有限的用地条件下保证幼儿园活动场地和采光要求是这个项目面临的设计挑战。

CLOU Architects : The West Coast Kindergarten is located in the Liangzhu area to the northwest ofHangzhou City. Its plot has a narrow rectangular shape directly facing the mainstreet and adjacent to the West Coast retail street. The project has a buildingarea of 4900 square meters. Ensuring adequate space for kindergarten activitiesand meeting lighting requirements within the constraints of limited landavailability is the design challenge faced by this project.



层叠积木 Stacked blocks

CLOU 采用了搭积木的策略,每个班级作为一个模块,通过层层堆叠,大大集约了建筑的占地面积,从而将有限的场地释放出来,不仅保证了幼儿园进行集体活动的操场面积,还为每个班级都提供了一个可以自己发挥创造的‘小操场’。

CLOU’s design employed a strategy akin to building blocks, where eachclassroom serves as a module. Through layering and stacking, the architecturafloor area is significantly condensed, thereby freeing up limited space. This notonly ensures ample playground area for collective activities in the kindergartenbut also provides each classroom with its own ‘mini playground’ for creativeexploration.


▽轴测图 Axonometric drawing

▽层叠的积木鸟瞰 Aerial view



This outdoor space creates a closer connection between indoor and outdoorenvironments, acting as an extension of indoor classrooms. It offers childrenmore possibilities to experience growth, learning, and play in various ways.


▽室内外的自然延伸,为学习和活动带来更多可能性 The natural extension of the indoor and outdoor space opens up more possibilities for learning and activities



Underneath the stacked blocks, an open and brightly lit double-height publicspace is formed. The variation in scale enriches children’s spatial experience andprovides more flexible possibilities for different activities to take place.




This layout also cleverly ensures that each classroom receives ample south-facing natural light, allowing children to learn and grow in an environment filledwith natural sunlight.




Unlike the majority of colourful kindergarten designs, colour application in this project is extremely restrained. The facades of the buildings are predominantlywhite, allowing children to be the true protagonists, while the architecture andspaces merely serve as a backdrop for them to express their nature.


▽简洁的色彩与克制的元素 Simple colors with restrained elements



The limited colour palette adopts a combination of the Le Corbusier ColourPalette. Delineating a sense of geometry through the lines’ of door and windowframes and the ‘planes’ of pitched roof structures, This inspires children’s senseof space and aesthetic consciousness.




Gazing into the West Coast Kindergarten from a distance, it resembles a man.made hill constructed from stacked building blocks, blending its undulatingskyline seamlessly with the surrounding environment.


▽项目整体鸟瞰 Overall aerial view


良渚七贤大溪谷幼儿园是一个为这个场地量身打造的设计,通过由室内扩展出来的户外空间,激发孩子们去体验和探索的好奇心。CLOU 希望在这样一个简单、质朴的环境中,每一个孩子们的天性与创造力都可以得到释放。

West Coast Kindergarten is a design tailored for its site, aiming to ignitechildren’s curiosity through outdoor spaces that extend from indoors, CLOUhopes that in such a simple, unadorned environment, every child’s nature andcreativity can be unleashed.


▽设计图纸 Design drawing



建筑设计:CLOU 柯路建筑

Project Name: Hangzhou Liangzhu West Coast Kindergarten
Architect: CLOU architects
Client: Vanke
Scope: Architecture
Program: Education
Location: Hangzhou, China
Design Team: Jan Clostermann, Lin Li, Zhi Zhang, Tiago Tavares, Sebastian Loaiza, Tait Kaplan,Kyra Zhao, Yaxi Wang, Alessandra Sebastiani
LDl: Zhejiang Industrial Design and Research Institute
Interior: Hangzhou Haitian Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd.
Photography: Chill Shine



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