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Outlooker Design: We found an abandoned Hui-style building in the forest of Longwu Mountain in Hangzhou. The unique “moon beams” and “corbel brackets” of the building are fascinating.The ancient house was built in the Qing Dynasty, and the owner of the house cannot be verified, but he must be a traveler from Huizhou who came to Hangzhou and built a building to express his homesickness.This project plans to transform the old building into a Club for afternoon tea and dining.


▽项目视频 Video

▽场地与周边环境鸟瞰 Aerial view of the site and surrounding environment

▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view of the project


如何尊重老建筑 How to respect old buildings


Contemporary China is in the stage of revitalizing its culture, which is a long way to go. We noticed that deep down people think that old Chinese architecture is “ugly”, “backward” and even “horrible”, and people like playgrounds more than contemporary gardens. The simple aesthetics of architecture was destroyed.


▽改造前场地原状 The site was original before transformation



We hope that the old Hui-style buildings can be respected,Inspired by “the art of the land”, much of the renovation “grew” out of the ground, allowing the wooden structure of the old building to be preserved.


▽保留后的主体建筑 The main building after preservation

▽入口空间 Entrance space

▽现代简洁的白色体块 Modern simple white volume



We put a “mountain forest sculpture” in the courtyard. The raised shape of the sculpture is inspired by the “Lion Forest Garden”.The “waist-high” shape resembles a “mountain forest”. When you walk amongst the mountains and forests, you are like a traveler far away from home. The difference is that the size of you and the mountain forest changes and you become a giant.


▽设计轴测图 Design axonometric drawings

▽雕塑上种植植物、摆放小山石,共同营造了一个微观生态 The sculpture is planted with plants and placed with small rocks to create a microscopic ecology


以“忘年交”的方式对待老建筑 Treating Old Buildings in a Way of “Friendship Between the Generations”


Loop Chair环形椅摆放在入口的最前端,表明“忘年交”的态度。天井内,独立设计的吊灯悬挂在屋檐下,它具有未来复古主义气质。懒人沙发完全与传统剥离开。年轻人坐在懒人沙发,喝着咖啡,听闻鸟叫。建筑苍老的木头质感,毫不掩饰的展示在年轻人的面前。我们意在唤醒当代人,对于老建筑陈旧肌理的知觉,让越来越多的年轻人喜欢传统物品。

The old buildings are like old people. Is it to buy a bunch of nutritional supplements for the senior and say something to greet him or become friends with him and share with him the interesting things you see? We choose the latter.

The Loop Chair is placed at the front of the entrance. the independently designed chandelier hangs under the eaves, which has a retro-futuristic style.the beanbag is completely separated from the tradition. The young man sits on a beanbag, drinking coffee and listening to the birds chirping. The old wooden texture of the building is fully displayed before the young man. We intend to awaken young people’s awareness of the texture of old buildings and to make more and more young people like traditional objects.


▽入口环形椅 Entrance ring chair

▽建筑苍老的木头质感,毫不掩饰的展示在年轻人的面前 The old wood texture of the building, unabashedly displayed in front of the young people

▽白色的艺术旋转楼梯连接上下层空间 A white artistic spiral staircase connects the upper and lower Spaces

▽室内空间 Interior space

▽具有未来复古主义气质的吊灯 Chandelier with futuristic retro temperament

▽传统木雕老物件 Traditional wooden carving of old objects

▽总平面图 Plan

▽一层平面图 First floor plan

▽屋顶平面图 Roof Floor Plan

▽立面图 Elevation

▽剖面图 section

▽建筑构造西部图 West view of building structure



设计团队:王慧 彭怡 豆豆

Project Name: Hangzhou Longwu Hui-style old building reconstruction
Year completed: 2022
Project area: 800 square meters
Project Location: Longwu, Hangzhou
Design company: outer group space design
Company website: https://www.instagram.com/outlookerdesign/
The email address is outlookerdesign@foxmail.com
Office address: Hangzhou Ocean International Center
WeChat: outlookerdesign
Chief Designer: Wang Hui
Design team: Wang Huipeng Yi Dou Dou
Customer: RURO
Photographer: Bottle




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