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东向景观:逃离都市,享受慵懒。在雅谷风林 做时间的盗贼。我是幸运的,在别的地方,也许你永远只是一个观光客。但在这里,你感到悠然自得、无怨无悔、喜悦满怀。

DSA Gorup:Escape from the city and enjoy laziness. A thief of time in the valley, wind and forest.I’m lucky. Somewhere else, maybe you’ll always be a tourist.But here, you feel leisurely, unrepentant, and full of joy.



启幕  Kicks off


The overall design of the hotel is based on the multi-experience of the space scene to create the natural atmosphere of the landscape with the psychological feelings in the movie plot of opening, leading, prelude and prelude. Qiandao Lake Yagu Fenglin Hotel is located in Chun’an County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. The rigid form and single function of the original site make the scenery within this site little known.


▼设计过程草稿  Design process draft


引道  Lead the way


To maximize the use of local raw materials, retain the growing better plant species within the site, and integrate fully in the design. With the materials of the site, plants, scenery, etc., as the medium, arousing the resonance between man and primitive nature. In the specific design and construction, we put artificial traces behind the natural landscape through minimal construction.



序曲  A prelude to


As to space organization, we keep the original landform of the site as far as possible to create a comfortable and sparse outdoor environment under limited conditions.




You can enjoy loose outdoor resting space, and relaxed dinner space under woods, and stand to overlook the scattered clouds and the calm lake between mountains.




The platform itself also gives multifunctional meaning. While creating functional rationality, we hope that guests will find surprises in space design. This is a small gift given by the designer to every guest.



续幕  Continue to act


The design of boundless swimming pool is more and more popular with designers. The design integrates natural environment into the building base, takes the concise form as the consideration, enhances the interaction between landscape and nature, and narrates its elegance in a calm form.



随着太阳光线的变化,景观艺术观感展现得淋漓尽致。营造一种让人探索的欲望。我们遵从自然、地域的馈赠, 减去繁杂的修饰还原材料本身的状态。我们不是做了一处”景观”只是做了一处”观景”的地方而已…..

With the changing sunlight, landscape art perception shows incisively and vividly, which creates a desire to explore.We follow the gifts of nature and geography, and subtract the complex decoration to restore the original state of the material itself.We don’t make a ‘landscape’, but only a place of ‘landscape’…




项目地点:浙江 杭州

设计公司:DSA Gorup 东向景观
合作方: (建筑单位、施工单位等)DSAGorup 东设建筑

Project name: Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Yagu Fenglin Resort hotel
Completion: 2020
Area: 25,000 square meters
Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Design company: DSA Gorup
Contact email: 88108381@qq.com
Lead designer: Lin Chengchang
Design team: An Fengbo, Mei Kai, Chen Tian, Pan Junsui, Lu Zeyu
Client: Hangzhou Ya Gu Fenglin Hotel Management Co. LTD
Partner: (construction unit, construction unit, etc.) DSAGorup
Photography: Jianzhi Photography


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