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 JTL 加特林:在“奢华”一词已陷入庸常的当下,找出把自己称为奢华的理由,是确切的挑战!

JTL Studio:At a time when the word “luxury” has fallen into banality, finding a reason to call yourself luxurious, is the exact challenge!




Unexpected encounter, what we are always considering, is a unique appreciation that reaches deep into the heart.




The core essence of luxury is to experience to the fullest. At the beginning of the landscape design, we studied the commonalities between luxury hotels, high-fashion luxury goods and top-level mansions. We found that the sense of honorable is not only embodied in the exquisiteness of appearances, but also in the exquisite craftsmanship and the interior flow of the experience scene. This project is intended to lead an elegant and luxurious lifestyle, where the flowing greenery blends seamlessly with the space, creating a rich and dynamic atmosphere that embodies the lifestyle of the city’s core vacation.




As the initiator of the 5th generation of luxury residences, Century Land hopes to bring people a real quality luxury space, to introduce ideas such as rainless drop-off, lobby socialization, cross-boundary integration, diversified penetration, and scene marketing into the design, and use the core implication of the city as the base to carve out an unexpected new scene of luxury living.




We simulate the experience of residential landscape as the process of landing on a floating island in the city, and propose the design theme of “City Island – Sea Garden”. It is a condensation of the micro-resort function in the city centre, creating a quiet habitat above the bustle.



入口即内庭 The entrance is also the inner courtyard

穿越城市的繁华抵达这里,入口的景墙营造出优雅的场域迎接感。Arriving through the bustle of the city, The feature wall at the entrance creates an elegant sense of field.


▽入口空间 Entrance space



The 5-meter feature wall encloses the private boundary of the area, the image of the tower and the foyer are integrated into the super interface of the project; the feature wall and the fence outline a comfortable welcoming courtyard for guests to drop off and owners return home so that there is a spatial transition between the site and the city centre.


▽入口落客区 Entrance drop-off area



Within site, we utilize the dynamic line to construct spatial relationships and quality attributes, create exploratory residential social needs, and guide the renewal of living scenarios; releasing rich living scenarios in limited space to provide residents with a high-quality living environment in the city centre. The luxurious super interface, harbor-like entrance courtyard, and double foyer system are stacked step by step so that every time the owner returns home can feel the ultimate sense of etiquette.



双游艇会客厅 Twin Yacht Lounge

浓缩度假的奢华感,通过简洁而时尚的方式表达出来。The luxury of a condensed vacation, that expressed through simplicity and fashion style.




To redefine the form of landscape lounge with the pursuit of a luxury scene. Human beings have had the spirit of conquering the sea since ancient times, we simulate the distribution form of natural islands with the genetic framework of project groups with irregular heights;


▽景观会客厅 Landscape living room



Seek the subtle commonality between the integration of architecture, interior, landscapes and the luxury customization, and orchestrate the wonderful experience of landing on the urban island with the water system as the link and guide. Comparing the landscape lounge to a luxury yacht, with the ultimate craftsmanship and functional scene space linking to distant places.




Every twist and turn of curvature and the portrayal of line fluency expresses the pursuit of quality, the focus of the theme and the echo of the site boundaries make the experience of the landscape corridor more elegant and immersive; the twin lounge at the two ends of the site’s axis vividly interprets a dialog and unification.




Breaking the boundary of the elevated floor, continuing the landscape into the interior; the water feature becomes the medium, and the forest belt as the scenery, the holiday-style scenes are constantly transformed and extended.


▽景观的延伸,模糊了场地空间的界限 The extension of the landscape blurs the boundaries of the site space


繁华之上的海上花园 The sea garden above the bustle

园区中心的魅力轴线,提供了一个城市与自然轻松的拥抱。An axis of attraction in the site centre, that provides an relaxed embrace of the city and nature.




The “Sea Garden” is another kind of exploration and thinking on modern living experience, the natural elements are no longer implanted in a strong figurative and hard landscape language, but more attention is paid to the commonality of souls and resonance of temperament for a certain form of existence, to create the “Sea Garden” which belongs to Guanyinqiao business circle uniquely.




This attractive axis within the site acts as a channel, providing a relaxed embrace of the city and nature. The design aims to create an “intimate and meaningful interaction” that allows visitors to feel the pleasure of exploring and experiencing.




Plants are an important carrier of the “Sea Garden”, the selection and matching of varieties have made many attempts, and finally we chose blue and purple as the main colors, trying to find the inner resonance with the Sea Garden by taking the human senses as the leading role in the shaping of the plant space. The site is dominated by jacaranda trees, which are calm, introverted and elegant. Shrubs and grasses appear to be scattered and orderly under careful organization, swaying on the floating island, which is extremely naive and romantic.


▽穿行于水中汀步 Walk through the water



In the middle of the city, the embrace and guidance of the “sea” could be found in the conflict of color champagne gold and indigo silver on the façade, to feel the vitality of architectural aesthetics. The subtle curves and water features that fit the theme of “Sea Garden” pass through every wall and corner of the site, revealing an undercurrent of power in the midst of calm.



聚拢奢华的光辉 Gathering the glory of luxury

圆满不外乎多样性中的统一,部分与整体的调和完善。Perfection is nothing less than unity in diversity, the harmony of the part and the whole.


Design requires us to know ‘sequence’, the sequence of space, the sequence of materials, the sequence of movement, the sequence of light, the sequence of wind …… Therefore, it is a game between rationality and sensibility on how to aggregate the focus and break the boundary within the limited space.


▽休闲会客空间 Casual meeting space



Through the careful control of hardscape materials, soft furnishings and plant groups, and the elaborate creation of landscape scenes, scene coherence with a sense of storytelling and spatial ideology with a sense of flowing are pursued in the continuous transformation and interlacing of space. After conquering the ocean, there is always a place that will make you meditate for a long time.




In terms of tonality, from the bustle of the external environment to the quality and tranquility of the internal space. In terms of language, from the clutter of the external environment to the order of the internal space. The transformation of the landscape scene is no longer a mere space transition but also a transformation to the quality of life. On the basis of modern style, the new metropolis fashion and modernity are integrated, reflecting a unique introverted luxury and a sense of mystery and high quality hidden in the downtown.



再一次理解居住审美 Re-interpreted residential aesthetics

愈简约,愈能看出事物本身的面相!The more minimalist, the more realistic things are.


Finding new elements and techniques between modernity and luxury, and implanting them into the real-life feeling. Exploring the development trend of contemporary high-quality living, and seeking the possible value of new luxury in materials and details.




In terms of spatial form, a marvelous balance is formed between the soaring and heavy curved wall and the floating water table and flower bed. The unique texture of PRADA green (marble), which seems to be like the surging sea waves, constitutes a great sense of visual attraction, highlighting the beauty of spatial extravagance.




The ebony marble leather surface selection is also a bold attempt, the delicate sense of classic leather texture weakened the ancient wood texture comes with the rustic elegance, elaborately crafted fashion and modern feelings are demonstrated through the special handmade method, modest and unique inlaid metal also for the whole space brings the natural sense of integration.


▽精致奢华感的艺术水景 Exquisite and luxurious artistic water feature




In terms of the tone of the luxury residence, the bustle of the external environment is transformed into internal tranquility; in terms of the language of the luxury residence, the clutter of the external space is transformed into internal order, the relationship between site and city is sorted out in a more refined way. The art of living in a customized residence by Century Land – towards a new life, to walk into a “Floating Island, Sea Garden”. It is a masterpiece of core property with unique and rare values.

Carving a resort-like sense of leisure in the busiest city centre; there is more than product innovation power, and the second phase is still continuing ……




景观设计:JTL 加特林(重庆)景观规划设计有限公司
建筑设计:GOA 大象建筑设计有限公司
摄影:E-ar X TARS & 三棱镜

Project Name: Hongkong Land · Century Land (Phase I)
Client: Chongqing Yizhi Xingmao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Project Location: Guanyinqiao Business District, Chongqing City
Landscape Design: JTL Chongqing
Design Team: Liu Zhan, Wang Xiaobo, Zhang Yue, Xiang Kehui, Liu Zhang, Zhang Yongjie, Chu Lingwei, Li Xiang, Wu Dan, Shi Yabin, Zhou Yang, Zhang Yubing, Luo Chongwei
Landscape Construction Drawing Design: BLUES
Landscape Construction: Shanghai Guohong Municipal Greening Engineering Co., Ltd
Architectural Design: GOA
Photography: E-ar X TARS & Prism Landscape Photography
Project Time: 2021.03-2023.12




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