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L&A GROUP: Life is eternal ceaseless creation and because in its interior contains excess of energy, it constantly flush, the more out of space and time limits, it kept pursue, by all kinds of personal expression form expression comes out.——Tagore


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The river of life continues to flow, shaping the water vein of Chengdu, where Chengdu Plain has nestled at ease for three thousand years since Li Bing and his son built the the Dujiangyan Irrigation System. The worship of water is hidden in the underlying logic of the Chengdu story. Life is peaceful here, but from the depths of mind, there is always a yearning for the torrents of water and for the vastness of the world.

One step leads to prosperity, and another to peace. If the crowded hotpot restaurants and tea houses in the park are the symbols of Chengdu people’s life, then this time, we decided to find another way to show Chengdu Culture in the unique Linpan Village in Western Sichuan.


▽局部鸟瞰动图 Partial bird ‘s-eye view GIF

▽体验岁月静好 Experience years of quiet good


成都香港置地 · 天湖翠林项目坐落于成都青羊新区,东侧紧邻清水河,景观资源丰富,水系与人和谐共生,向北与郫都区毗邻,交通便利,可谓“十公里外的第二家园”。


Located in Qingyang New District, Chengdu, Hongkong Land · Artistic Bay is close to Qingshui River on the east and adjacent to Pidu District on the north, enjoying abundant landscape resources and convenient traffic. That’s why it is called “the second home ten kilometers away from the downtown”.

Based on ecological simulation, the design team reproduces many natural scenes, trying to get people close to nature in the limited urban space. Meanwhile, they carefully explored the cultural context of Linpan, Sichuan, building a commercial and residential landscape that features local water culture.


▽总平面图 Plan


1、平湖为镜 绿林为乐 Mirror Lake, Green Woods 


Originally, the site was narrow and long without attractive landscape. To change the situation, the team added a variety of plants and combined water with the terrain, which help to refresh people’s memory about beautiful nature.



绿映红峡 Green and Red Valley 


The river winds in rhythm in the deep valley. The team drew inspiration from it, connecting diverse landform and providing immersive experience with the theme of “tour in the valley”. At the same time, it makes the interface near the street more attractive.


▽设计草图 Design sketch

▽模拟峡谷溪流的自然地形 Simulating the natural topography of a canyon stream



Simple and elegant LOGO with stainless steel texture shines in the sun, looking like a bright mirror and also like the ripples on the lake.





The river winds through the neighbourhood, connecting a series of shady spaces in the thick woods.

Natural texture serves as a source of spiritual comfort, Allowing people to return to the simple and natural life.


▽自然开放的林下空间景观动图 GIF of natural open understory space landscape



The combination of art garden and commercial street realizes the balance between beauty and function. And the design reproduces the natural form of embankment that is formed when water scours out the bed of a river.


▽林下休闲空间 Understory leisure space



On a warm and sunny afternoon, One can invite several best friends, And enjoy the happy afternoon tea together.



轻雾溪谷 Misty Valley 


As the gateway to the sales center, the front yard is charming, fashionable and impressive.


▽设计草图 Design sketch

▽前场迎宾空间 Frontcourt welcome space



Stainless steel shapes a contrast with stones, showing the creativity of the designers. Two tall nettle trees stand opposite to each other and dialogue with the building.




The red maple is eye-catching, which is complemented by light-colored flowering plants, creating a refreshing and welcoming atmosphere.




The uniquely shaped sculpture made of stainless steel is shining in the sun, highlighting the quality of the landscape space.


▽流淌的水景动图 A flowing water scene GIF


2、峡谷为引 行游入境 Welcome From the Valley

飞瀑迷境 Hidden Waterfall 


As the transitional space between the parking and the sales center, the front yard continues the style of the parking and is designed with more comfortable spatial scale and plants.


▽飞瀑迷境场地鸟瞰 Bird’s eye view of the waterfall wonderland site



The swish and gurgle of the waterfall linger around, setting off the tranquility of the misty forest. Japanese maple changes its color in four seasons and the sun shines on the ground through the branches, warm and comfortable.



峡谷清廊 Corridor Along the Valley



Visitors are easily attracted by the magnificent valley at the sight of it.

The design team drew inspiration from natural valley, creating an impressive landscape at the entrance.


▽山谷形式的停车场入口 Car park entrance in valley form



The corridor runs through the valley, with the facade, the terrain and the flowers changing alongside, welcoming visitors into a wonderful world.




The calm of the night comes as, a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of daytime, lifting the curtain and starting the story of, the Artistic Bay.


▽夜景氛围 Night scene atmosphere


3、精雕细琢 匠心呈现 Original and Exquisite



The Artistic Bay is a new attempt by L&A.

Traditional valley landscape is usually created along one curved wall, while in Artistic Bay, L&A team designed two curved walls to simulate the natural valley. In face of many challenges, the designers closely collaborated with the technology team, having tried up to nine kinds of materials, and finally decided on the washed stones to reproduce the texture of the weathered valley.


▽形态演变过程 Dynamic evolution process



Due to the difficulty of building a special-shaped masonry structure, the workers have also encountered the biggest challenge in their career in order to transform the bricks into an artistic work.


▽选材过程 Selection of materials

▽施工单位现场打样、调整 Sample making and adjustment



The installation of the sculpture is the toughest part of the construction. First, the completed sculpture was transported to the site, then the landscape team defined the height and position of the flower beds according to the base of the sculpture, and at last the signage system was confirmed and installed accordingly.


▽雕塑安装现场 Installation of the sculpture



During the construction, teams involved in the project all well collaborated with each other, jointly completing the construction and ensuring the effect of the project. Designers, engineers and craftsmen of different ages devoted themselves to the project and truly felt proud of their career.


▽设计师们现场讨论技术难题 Designers are discussing about the technological problems on the site.


‍设计师说 The Designer’s View


Hongkong Land Artistic Bay is ideally located in the core area of Qingyang New Town in the center of western Chengdu. However, the site also had the disadvantages of unattractive urban interface, narrow front yard, lack of landscape route, poor space experience, etc.


▽场地分析与未来大区关系动图 A GIF of the relationship between site analysis and future regions




Therefore, how to bring people surprises and the vision of a better future was the problem we needed the solve first.

At the beginning of the design, L&A team first explored and analyzed the site, discovering that surrounded by the park and lake, the site enjoys abundant landscape resources, which endow it with a unique natural style. Then came the inspiration of building a landscape with the theme of “tour in the valley”. Plants of different species were employed to connect the interior and exterior spaces, creating a unique commercial and residential landscape that reflects the local culture.



游走于写意与写实分界,举步自在徜徉,暂忘繁琐日常 ,片刻的闲暇、却是快乐的循环 。任时间匆匆走过 ,我们慢慢轻抚生活,闲暇处才是生活 。

Walking along the boundary between imagination and reality, You will forget all kinds of trifles in daily life, And feel happiness emerging on a loop. Time passing by without stop, Here we gently stroke life, And experience the true meaning of life at east.



景观面积:2900㎡ (实体样板区4000㎡,大区35480㎡)
项目团队及负责人:陈婷 杨镜立
景观设计:奥雅成都公司 项目二组 施工图二组

采写 / 奥雅成都公司 项目二组
编辑 / Simple
摄影 / LSSP 罗生制片  超然映画  Hengji

Project: Hongkong Land Artistic Bay, Chengdu
Location: Sales Center of Hongkong Land Artistic Bay, Chengdu
Category: Residential
Land Area: 55,066 m2
Building Area: 141, 691 m2
Landscape Area: 2,900 m2 (showflat area 4,000 m2, main area 35,480 m2)
Plot Ratio: 1.8
Greening Rate: 35%
Developer: Chengdu YZXZ Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.
Team and Leader: Chen Ting, Yang Jingli
Landscape Design: L&A Chengdu, Project Team No. 2, Construction drawing No. 2
Landscape Construction: Chongqing Jisheng Landscape Co.,Ltd.
Time of Design: March, 2022
Time of Completion: June, 2022
Interview and writing by L&A Chengdu, Project Team No. 2
Edit by Simple
Photos by LSSP, Rawson Film Production, Chaoran Film, Hengji




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