Sanitas Studio :2016年7月,Sanitas Studio应邀为清莱黎敦山一年一度举行的冬季艺术节做装置设计。设计师了解到当地基金会自1988年成立以来,通过造林项目为当地人民的生活带来了巨大的改善。

Sanitas Studio :In July 2016, we were invited to work on an installation for an annual winter festival held at Doi Tung, Chiang Rai. Since then, we began learning what the foundation has been working on and the tremendous improvements it has made since its onset in 1988 to the local people’s lives through its reforestation projects.




“Helping people to help themselves is the Doi Tung development project’s aim, which allows for people and the forest to coexist in a sustainable way. The reforestation of the area, recreating green hills from bald mountains, isan “Unfinished Project” that needs to be continuously worked upon.”



“In the Mountain”(“在山上”)装置由织物制成,与土地有密切的关系,因为每一块织物都是由磨碎的咖啡和茶油水果皮制成的,茶油水果皮是黎敦山的植物物种。“不管你是谁,如果你理解项目概念的“核心”,你就可以进一步为推动可持续发展做出贡献。”

The ‘In the Mountain’ installation is made of fabric with a close connection to the land it hangs above, as each piece is made from ground coffee and the skin of tea oil fruits that are the plant species utilized in the Doi Tung development project which have allowed for the people and the forest to coexist in a sustainable way. “No matter who you are, if you understand the “core” of the project’s concept, you can contribute in a manner that also helpsto push sustainability further,”



Mae Fah Luang花园现有的绿色住宅被选为设置装置艺术的地点,意在传达“待完成项目”的含义。主要的设计理念是利用黎敦山的地形,来创造和代表这座山的消极空间。让游客通过使用织物的框架线而成为“山”的一部分。

The existing green house in Mae Fah Luang Garden was selected as the location for The installation art, whichintend to communicates the sense of Doi Tung, “the Unfinished Project”. The main design concept is to create and represent the mountain’s negative space by using Doi tung’s topography. And let visitors to become the part of the mountain by using the framed lines of fabric.




Suspended over the rise and fall of the typography of the land, “In the Mountain” moves up the hill almost as ifgrowing in lightness. Furthermore, as it climbs, the installation itself remains in constant motion, succeeding tooutline and reference the lives of Doi Tung’s inhabitants and the manner in which their well-being has responded to, followed, and built upon the opportunities this platform they live upon has provided.



“In the Mountain”(“在山中”)作为一种视觉语言,以多种方式传达着黎敦山“待完成项目”的内涵,经过它的安装引导使消极空间变为可见,并通过不断的重复提升其可识别性。

“In the Mountain”acts in many ways as a form of visual language, communicating the sense of Doi Tung: “The Unfinished Project” as it traces and makes visible the negative space of the mountain through its installation, thus allowing for the land to repeat itself through visible recognition of the manner in which the ways in which we choose to build upon that which we stand can support growth that spans in many more directions than one.


总平面图  Master Plan


泰国清莱黎敦山Mae Fah Luang花园的一个特定场地设施

15 x 15 x 3 meters
Cotton Fabric, dyeing with coffee ground and the skin of tea oil fruits
A Site-Specific Installation at Mae Fah Luang Garden, Doi Tung mountain, Chiangrai, Thailand


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