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1+1>2 Architects:该项目位于越南河内市的一个村庄内,总面积 1.7 公顷,场地南面和西南临湖,风光甚美。现场还有 38 棵菠萝蜜树、13 棵柚子树,保留着越南北部农村地区的典型风貌。

1+1>2 Architects:The site is located in Trai Lang Village, Co Dong Commune, Son Tay town, with a total area of 1.7 ha, surrounded by a lake in the South and South-west. The existing site has 38 jackfruit trees, 13 pomelo trees, which are typical of rural areas in the North of Vietnam.


© Trieu Chien, Son Vu


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概念构思 The main ideas


Nuclear of the project is the Meditation house: a meditation space, community space, located in the center. Residential units are spread from the center and naturally relied on feet of jackfruit and pomelo trees, making the most of shade for common yards. According to the topography, house platforms are elevated to avoid termite, humid as well as ensure natural surface drainage. Each building is an enjoyable experience, maximize symbiosis with local vegetation and topography.


© Trieu Chien, Son Vu
© Trieu Chien, Son Vu
© Trieu Chien, Son Vu



The project identifies a unique form of hotel and hospitality business in which guests experience living with local farmers in a variety of housing genres: detached villas, semi-detached villas, etc. By applying the agriculture model with a vegetable garden, jackfruit tree (a local specialty) and fruit-tree garden, cage fish farming and cattle farm, organic food products are provided daily.


© Trieu Chien, Son Vu
© Trieu Chien, Son Vu
© Trieu Chien, Son Vu




Service area with diversified amenities: local cuisine, swimming pool, spa, traditional herbal bath, practice meditation sharing happiness viewpoint, bungalow for artists,…promote vernacular culture, allow guests to mingle with artists’ living space and contribute to improving income and living standards of local people.

The design emphasizes a sense of community inside Jackfruit village as well as easily connects with surrounding villages by experienced routes: biking, rowing.


© Trieu Chien, Son Vu
© Trieu Chien, Son Vu
© Trieu Chien, Son Vu



Buildings’ envelope in the project uses local and friendly materials: adobe bricks, broad expanse thatched roof which creates shadow itself and controls solar radiation efficiently.  Each building has its own biological 5-chamber septic tank and waste water filtration are placed at the end of wind direction.


© Trieu Chien, Son Vu
© Trieu Chien, Son Vu
© Trieu Chien, Son Vu



This project desire to create a simple, peaceful and friendly environment for guests, evoke a new image of Vietnamese rural life, stabilizing and enhancing local people’s lives based on the foundation of inheriting and promoting local cultural values in the context of urban explosion and market economy.


© Trieu Chien, Son Vu
© Trieu Chien, Son Vu
© Trieu Chien, Son Vu


菠萝蜜村—— 1+1>2 的包容性村落:(1)包容自然(植物、牛群、生态系统等);(2)包容同类(人与人之间互动交往);(3)包容自己(本地居民和游客都能找到内心真我)。

Jackfruit village – 1+1>2 Tolerant village: (1) Tolerance to nature (plants, cattle, ecosystem, etc); (2) Tolerance to fellow-creature (human interact with each other); (3) Be tolerant of yourself (local people, guests are able to find themselves).


© Trieu Chien, Son Vu
© Trieu Chien, Son Vu


▽项目概念 Concept

© 1+1>2 Architects


▽平面图 Plan

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▽剖面图 Section

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▽建筑分析图 Diagram

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项目名称:Jackfruit Village
项目地点:河内市 Trai Lang Village, Co Dong Commune, Son Tay Town
竣工年份:2019 年
总建筑面积(平方米/平方英尺):180 平方米
工作室名称:1+1>2 Architects
公司地址:越南 河内 海巴镇和马街24号
首席建筑师:Hoang Thuc Hao
图片来源:Trieu Chien, Son Vu

Project Name: Jackfruit Village
Project Location: Trai Lang Village, Co Dong Commune, Son Tay Town, Hanoi
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 180m2
Program / Use / Building Function: Resort
Office Name: 1+1>2 Architects
Office Website: 112.com.vn
Contact email: amedia@112.com.vn
Firm Location: 24 Hoa Ma street, Hai Ba Trung ward, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Lead Architects: Hoang Thuc Hao
Lead Architects e-mail: hoangthuchao@gmail.com
Photo Credits: Trieu Chien, Son Vu




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