Jamison Square is a one-acre park featuring a complex stepped stone wall. The park design includes three main elements: a fountain, a boardwalk, and an outdoor gallery. The stone fountain metaphorically expresses the idea of an “aquifer,” as water pours out of the stone steps, filling up the gently sloping ground until the water is about 12 inches deep, at which point the water drains back out and the ground is dry. When the fountain is on, it is an object of play and delight for people of all ages. Alternatively when the fountain is turned off, the space functions as a shady plaza for special events. The stepped stone walls of the fountain can be used as bleacher seating for small or large crowds or alternately, the stone steps can act as a stage, with the plaza set up for seating or standing. A continuous wood-plank boardwalk extends along the edge of the site to the riverfront and serves as a pedestrian and bicycle way that connects all three parks. The boardwalk recalls those at the historic waterfront along the water’s edge and aims to connect the park back to the riverfront where the boardwalk originates.




Photos by Chris Dimond.  Yoav Lerman.


LOCATION: Portland, Oregon