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JMA:Jesolo Lido泳池别墅是一幢定制设计的预制木结构别墅,其建造和装修仅用了6个月的时间。而且,它几乎零成本的高标准节能建筑立面,可以在整个四季最大程度的保证内部舒适性,该建筑的特色木结构,不仅可以作为一个灵活的抗震系统,还能很好的避免了热桥效应。另外,其它31厘米的外围隔热层、氩气隔热玻璃外墙、安装在屋顶上的10千瓦光伏板以及内部/外部的led灯具共同构成了这座现代化的科技建筑。

JMA:The Jesolo Lido Pool Villa is a custom designed prefabricated wood structure, and it was built and furnished in only 6 months. Energy-saving high standards have been applied to the shell to guarantee maximum comfort and almost zero costs throughout the four seasons. The building features wood structures as a flexible and anti-seismic system which also avoids thermal bridges. The 31 cm of perimeter insulation, argon-gas insulated glass facades, 10 kw of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof and the interior / exterior led light fixtures co-operate in making a technologically contemporary building.


©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni



Because of the small dimensions of the plot, the design goal has been directed in leaving as much open space as possible. The indoor living area has transparent sides which opens towards two different-sized patios. The largest one, to the west, features a long swimming pool, which takes the entire length of the space, and two planted square inserts. An olive tree is the main three-dimensional element in the patio and it’s placed next to the staircase which leads to the underground level, where the storage and technical rooms are located. The smaller patio, to the east, also features two planted inserts with another olive tree to counter balance the other side.


©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni



The outdoor areas, as a client’s main request, needed to be low maintenance, so most of the surface was paved and the plants in the inserts where selected in order to live with the least care possible. The 4-meter roof overhang to the west allows to have enough shading during the hot summer months and allows to place a covered outdoor seating and dining areas. Interiors are custom designed with typical JMA solutions, like audio/video walls, custom designed solid-surface kitchen, motorized roller shades which disappear into the dropped ceiling for maximum continuity of indoor-outdoor areas, integrated indirect lighting and home automated electrical system.


©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni



The radiant floor heating system is powered with an electric heat pump which takes the energy from the photovoltaic panels. The air-conditioning system is fully integrated in the dropped ceiling with linear diffusers and hidden intakes. As always for JMA, the pursuit of simplicity and linear solutions represented a large part of the design work.


©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni
©︎ Jacopo Mascheroni


▼建筑平面图 Floor Plan

©︎ JMA



建筑设计:JMA – Milano – Italy | www.jmait
Jacopo Mascheroni(负责人),Diego Magrì(项目经理)
结构工程:Studio Antonello & Associati, 耶索洛 (威尼斯) -意大利

总承包商:Eurocostruzioni, 耶索洛 (威尼斯) -意大利
预制结构:Rihter, Ljubno ob Savinji -斯洛文尼亚
幕墙/窗户: Casma Involucri Edilizi,皮内罗(都灵) -意大利
管道/暖通:Capiotto Impianti, 耶索洛 (威尼斯) -意大利
电气:Comin Impianti, 耶索洛 (威尼斯) -意大利
干墙:CaGi, 耶索洛 (威尼斯) -意大利
防水:Acqua Risolta, Quinto Vicentino(维琴察)——意大利
木工:Safgj , Jesolo (威尼斯) -意大利
泳池:Minetto Piscine, Jesolo (威尼斯) -意大利
管道设备:Acqua Design, San Donà di Piave (威尼斯) – 耶索洛

照片:Jacopo Mascheroni
地点:意大利 威尼斯 耶索洛

ARCHITECT: JMA – Milano – Italy | www.jma.it
Jacopo Mascheroni (Principal), Diego Magrì (Project Manager)
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Studio Antonello & Associati, Jesolo (Venezia) – Italy

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Eurocostruzioni, Jesolo Lido (Venezia) – Italy
PREFABRICATED STRUCTURE: Rihter, Ljubno ob Savinji – Slovenia
CURTAIN WALL / WINDOWS: Casma Involucri Edilizi, Pinerolo (Torino) – Italy
PLUMBING / HVAC: Capiotto Impianti, Jesolo (Venezia) – Italy
ELECTRICAL: Comin Impianti, Jesolo (Venezia) – Italy
DRYWALLS: CaGi, Jesolo (Venezia) – Italy
WATERPROOFING: Acqua Risolta, Quinto Vicentino (Vicenza) – Italy
MILLWORK: Safgj , Jesolo (Venezia) – Italy
POOL: Minetto Piscine, Jesolo (Venezia) – Italy
PLUMBING FIXTURES: Acqua Design, San Donà di Piave (Venezia) – Jesolo

PHOTOGRAPHS: Jacopo Mascheroni
LOCATION: Jesolo Lido (Venezia) – Italy
BUILT AREA: 320 square meters
COMPLETION: September 2013


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