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ZAN Landscape: Despite being in the hustle and bustle of the city, people also want to live in a quiet and comfortable place, and return home as if they are back to nature.




In order to bring customers back to the original living experience, the designer takes the reshaping of the natural space as the starting point, and reconstructs the Japanese life experience with modern methods on the basis of traditional Japanese style, presenting customers that they can talk to nature and seeThe Zen state of reincarnation in the four seasons.


▼ 效果图  rendering



In terms of the spatial layout, fine-lined and stretched miscellaneous trees are planted on both sides of the Yonglu, matched with black gravel, to create a viewing experience of passing through the narrow paths in the mountains, forming a wild and interesting environment of mountain forest trails, and the colorful scenes are fascinating. Explore within.


▼ 汀步两侧搭配黑色砾石与姿态多样的植物营造野趣之境  Tingbo on both sides with black gravel and a variety of posture of plants to create a wild environment

▼ 延续的汀步通往休闲的木平台空间  Continued steps lead to the leisure wooden platform space



The two plants of purple-flowered bellwood and red maple are colorful in autumn and winter, and full of green in spring and summer. There are subtle differences between different seasons, reflecting the changing of the four seasons of the courtyard, turning back and forth, and you can experience the infinite charm brought by time.




Rebuild the natural landscape through stones, gravel, square tiles, and moss. The whole space is like a picture scroll, reflecting the beauty of nature from every detail, and the style is fresh and clear.




In order to increase the beauty of Zen and silence, the courtyard is equipped with two water bowls made of rough cut stones, which are taken from nature, highlighting the beauty of the courtyard and overflowing with wild interest.


▼ 寂静的禅意美夜景  A beautiful zen night scene in silence



The rhythm of the flowing water is soft, and the tone is pleasant, which drives the vitality of the entire space, but it is agile but highlights the tranquility, as if condensing the aura of heaven and earth, with a tolerance of change.


▼ 原石切割的水钵  A water bowl cut from raw stone

▼ 韵律柔和的流水声灵动又凸显静谧  Rhythm of soft water sound clever and highlight the quiet



A lantern made of stone is an essential element in a Japanese garden, adding to the Japanese charm. They are carefully placed in carefully selected locations in the garden to beautify the space during the day and provide lighting at night.


▼更具日式韵味的石灯  More Japanese lasting appeal of the stone lamp

▼石灯夜景照明  Stone lamp night lighting



As the space advances, the right-angled area at the corner serves as a transitional area, linking the traditional Japanese style with the modern and simple feeling.


▼庭院转角空间  Stone lamp night lighting

▼庭院转角空间夜景  Courtyard corner space night view



Roughly chiseled long strips, black gravel, and water fountains, give people an unruly and casual beauty. The springs seem to have a flowing beauty in a calm expression. With lights, it also highlights the softness of the water, low-key and unassuming, and has a special mood.




There is a pool and a plurality of evenly distributed water nozzles under the pull-line water curtain, and the water is transferred to the water pipe arranged in the stainless steel pipe through the water pump and flows from top to bottom.




The water curtain is like a spring in the mountains, and the sound of clear water isolates all the noise of the city from the courtyard. Use light and shadow to sculpt the texture of the space, and use leaping water to talk to the wall light and nature, so that the pure and distant artistic conception is like a joy, and it is a joy to others.


▼效果图  rendering

▼实景图  Live-action pictures



Based on the Japanese traditional courtyard, it integrates object, situation, and artistic conception to reshape the urban hidden environment of man and nature, space and time, so that people can return to nature when they turn around. It not only has new meaning, but also follows the history and interprets the true nature of life.


▼平面图  The floor plan


▼施工过程  The construction process




Project name: Jialang Lake
Location: Foshan, Guangdong
Design unit: ZAN landscape
Company website: www.zaaan.cn
Email: zaaancn@qq.com
Design team: Jianbao Yang, Shujie Xu, Jiewei Chen, Langning Yan
Content: Conceptual design, in-depth drawing design, engineering construction
Design area: 200m²
Year completed: 2021
Photographer: Yuying Hu


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