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- 尤哈尼·帕拉斯玛

Atelier Let’s+Serendipity Studio: “The body knows and remembers. Architectural meaning derives from archaic responses and reactions remembered by the body and the senses.”- Juhani Pallasmaa




Kaohsiung is a southern city surrounded by the mountains and the ocean. After a hundred years of modernization, this tropical city has become an important industrial anchor in Taiwan for the past few decades. However, there has always been distance between Kaohsiunger and Kaohsiung’s surrounding landscape.


▼视频 Video


▼场地鸟瞰  Site Aerial



Through inserting a landscape installation alongside Kaohsiung Harbor area, we narrate an alternative an alternative narrative of our imagination towards nature softly comes into view: we pursue tangible satisfaction and a civilized society constructed by rationality. But we also crave for spirituality and the purely perceptive physical experience.



▼装置由两道18米及36米长的自由曲面混凝土墙,筑成宽窄不一的峡谷  The installation consists of an 18-meter and a 36-meter-long free-form concrete walls, which form an artificial canyon with varied-width opening.


▼偶尔水雾会从墙面逸散而出 The fog emerges occasionally


谷中偶有雾气,水雾自墙面逸散而出,路径曲折蜿蜒,人在其中看不到出口; 面对陌生与迷失,五感重新成为沟通的主要语言。

The fog emerges occasionally, diffusing from the walls into the canyon. Walking in this foggy, twisted, and twirled path, one couldn’t find the exit. Lost and overwhelmed by unfamiliarity, the body senses have once again taken charge as the sole means of communication.


▼流畅自由的混凝土墙  The dynamic concrete walls



Outside the canyon, the concrete walls are covered with meadow slope on one side, and terrazzo ramp with inlaid luminous stones on the other. As daylight slowly fades away, the installation serves as a discreet night light in the city.



Reverse osmosis filter is used to purify water quality. Stainless steel striker nozzle atomizes high-pressure water column to a very small molecules. Even slight air flow has capacity to drive water mist to move. Dense water mist can fill the space between curved concrete wall within 60 seconds.




Devoid of any certain functionality, everyone now defines what this place is on their own. Perhaps our exploration towards nature, does not necessarily rely on the actual nature. Perhaps our exploration towards nature, does not necessarily rely on the actual nature. But rather relies on the animalistic movement of reflection that takes place within the milliseconds, the pure desire to emancipate the fully charged energy, or the sense of freedom to arbitrarily get across.



Humans’ yearning for nature is never mere nostalgia, it is in fact deeply rooted in our habit through millions of years of biological evolution. In the blink of an eye, we are trapped in our own colossal artifacts.




By means of the involvement of artificial and technological intervention,  the abstract sensuous experience is made possible to reappear in the urban context. Urban/natural, artificial/organic, because of the existence of human, the two get reconciled.



▼施工现场  Construction phase


▼总平面图  Plan


▼剖面  Section1.现况混凝土地坪  2.月光海洋之丘混凝土地坪  3.混凝土挡土墙C型钢模板(C-100*50*2.3mm)  4.假支承圆钢管(O-500mm)  5.混凝土挡土墙钢筋  6.挡土墙基础  7.原有清碎石地坪



作品名称:高雄水水 Kaohsiung Shui Shui
业  主:高雄市都市发展局
建筑设计:一起设计Atelier Let’s + 偶然设计Serendipity Studio
造  价:3700,000NTD
图片提供:一起设计 Atelier Let’s、偶然设计Serendipity Studio
摄  影:李易暹摄影工作室Yi-Hsien Lee Photography+余梓勤、一起设计 Atelier Let’s、李宜轩
影 片:植著设计 Urban Moss Design

Project Name: Kaohsiung Shui Shui
Project Location: No. 5, Fuxing 3rd Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan
Client: Urban Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
Category: Land Art Installation
Architectural Design: Atelier Let’s + Serendipity Studio
Site Area: 1070㎡
Architecture Area: 376㎡
Floor Area: 376㎡
Price: 3700,000NTD
Design Date: February 2018 to May 2018
Construction Date: May 2018 to October 2018
Images courtesy: Atelier Let’s, Serendipity Studio
Photography: Yi-Hsien Lee Photography + Yu zu-Chin, Atelier Let’s
Video: Urban Moss Design



项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project



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