Miller Company Landscape Architects在拉斐特公园(Lafayette Park)设计了一个新的游乐场,该公园位于旧金山太平洋高地(Pacific Heights)的中心地带。游乐场是一个以儿童为导向的景观,它将大自然与儿童的探索、冒险和幻想联系在一起。两座巨大的石山由一座拱形的人行桥连接在一起,形成了峡谷的焦点,由200吨黄褐色和赭色石板组成。一个被称为塔的游戏结构的特点是一个17英尺高的炮塔,这是在操场内的许多地点之一,提供了对操场和更大的公园的观察和瞭望点。中央狭窄峡谷的内部形成一个天然圆形剧场一直延伸到蛇的头,一个大型雕塑石形式高于开放的洞穴与卵石花纹皮肤并滑进一个60英尺长的蜿蜒了石头河,由孩子们在多个泵站。

Miller Company Landscape Architects has designed a new playground at Lafayette Park, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood. The playground is a child-oriented landscape that connects nature to a child’s sense of exploration, adventure, and fantasy. Two monumental rock mountains connected by an arched footbridge form the focal point of The Gorge, constructed from 200 tons of russet- and ochre-colored stone slabs. A play structure called The Tower features a 17-foot high turret, one of many locations within the playground that offers observation and lookout points to both the playground and the larger park beyond. The Central Narrows at the Gorge’s interior forms a natural amphitheater extending to The Serpent’s Head, a large sculptural stone form that rises above an Open Cave that is patterned with pebbly skin and slithers into a 60-foot long meandering raised stone Creek, powered by children at multiple hand pump stations.




Crawl tunnels, climbing walls, rope nets, curving slides and swings pose opportunities for balancing, exploring, basking, group and solo play. The golden tones throughout the playground heighten the exhilaration and sensitivity of a child’s contact with the raw beauty of the natural elements.

The playground renovation is part of a makeover for the park funded in part by the city’s 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond. Additional support came from the Friends of Lafayette Park group. The playground includes a Donor Plaza paved with bronze medallions and granite pavers inscribed with the names of those who contributed to the playground renovation. Lafayette Park is a popular destination for neighborhood residents and visitors to the city. The park offers sweeping views, winding paths among mature trees, and a popular dog park.







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