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图石设计超级中轴 The Super Central Axis


ToThree: The Foshan Super Central Axis is a landmark urban planning and development project, symbolizing an important milestone in the urban development and modern construction of Foshan City’s Nanhai District.


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回首20世纪90年代,佛山提出了千灯湖愿景。 而今,千灯湖轴线两侧聚集着现代服务业和高新产业,吸引了该地区最杰出的人才和产业形态。 多年过去,由于空间资源条件的约束,这条城市轴线亟待扩容。 因此,新的“千灯湖中轴北延”的蓝图在逐渐展现,勾勒出了这座城市“超级中轴”的未来想象。

Looking back at the 1990s, Foshan proposed the vision of Thousand Lights Lake. Today, the area around the axis of Thousand Lights Lake gathers modern service industries and high-tech industries, attracting the region’s most outstanding talents and industrial forms. Over the years, due to constraints on spatial resources, this urban axis urgently needed expansion. Thus, the blueprint for the “North Extension of the Thousand Lights Lake Central Axis” gradually emerged, sketching the future imagination of the city’s “Super Central Axis.”


▽佛山超级中轴远景鸟瞰效果图 Foshan super axis vision bird ‘s-eye view renderings

▽已经发展成熟的千灯湖轴线,画面远端为北向延伸的城市轴线 The mature Qiandeng Lake axis, the far end of the picture is the north extension of the city axis


聚豪城市片区是新的城市“超级中轴”的起点之一,其内的“灯湖中轴秀场”是该片区最早建成并对外开放的展厅建筑。 遵循“编织城市”的设计理念,新的开发建设意图重塑人、自然、城市之间的关系。 文脉、水脉、城脉三者相互交织,让自然重归都市生活,实现人与城市的理想交互。 它将要创造一个更加多元化、更具连贯性、更宜居宜业的城市环境,将城市内部的不同区域、功能和空间有机地连接在一起,以提高城市的可持续性、生活品质和发展活力。

The Juhao City Area is one of the starting points of the new urban “Super Central Axis,” and within it, the “Lamp Lake Central Axis Showroom” is the earliest completed and opened exhibition building in this area. Following the design concept of “Weaving the City,” the new development intends to reshape the relationship between people, nature, and the city. Culture, water, and urban pulses intertwine, allowing nature to return to urban life, achieving an ideal interaction between humans and the city. It aims to create a more diversified, coherent, and livable urban environment, organically connecting different areas, functions, and spaces within the city, to enhance the city’s sustainability, quality of life, and development vitality.


▽“灯湖中轴秀场”是聚豪片区最早建成并对外开放的展厅建筑。”Lantern Lake Central Axis Show” is the earliest exhibition hall building built and opened to the public in Juhao area.


启源 The Origin


As the starting point of the Juhao City Area construction, we derive from the concepts of the super central axis, the three pulses, and the city’s weaving to let three streams of information circulate in a ring, intersecting, forming a giant structure of three rings weaving – “The Origin.”




This magnificent public art installation stands 16.5 meters tall with a diameter span of 33 meters. It symbolizes the start of the new urban central axis development, bearing the emblem of the city’s progress and future potential. The huge installation stands at the starting point of the Juhao area construction, leaning towards the direction of the new city’s development. The state of the circular information flow breaking in the middle and enclosing on both sides strengthens the axis sense, resembling the gateway to the future city.


▽装置与场地空间鸟瞰图 Aerial view of installation and site space



The circular circulation of three streams of information displays Foshan city coordinates, introductions to city culture and art, and real-time city data updates, such as weather conditions, time information, water data, etc.


▽环形的循环信息流展示 Circular information flow display



Different types of city information flow and intertwine in graphic and textual forms, aiming to let people understand and perceive the city’s multiple layers more deeply – from its geographic location to cultural heritage, to the current state of the city, enriching and inspiring the public’s urban experience.




The flowing and intersecting of these three information streams gives conceptual completeness to the three-ring installation. Although there are gaps in its actual form, the continuous flow and intersection of information and energy endow the installation with an organic and coherent overall experience. The physical separation of the installation actually emphasizes the closed loop in the imaginative space.


▽装置夜景 Installation night view



The site’s guiding design adopts a set of three narrow bands, forming a morphological language association with “The Origin” installation. This association highlights a unified formal language between the guiding facilities and the installation. This visual association not only maintains the consistency of the site’s narrative but also deepens the relationship between the installation and its environment. This makes the art installation and a series of punctual guiding information distributed along the city’s axis form a coherent expression, better emphasizing the “Super Central Axis” that runs through the entire city. This integration helps create a more unified urban environment, providing a continuous and complete city experience.


▽导视系统 Guidance system


纪年兔兔 The Chronological Rabbit


Atop the building of the “Lamp Lake Central Axis Showroom” stands a rabbit installation, an idea derived from the Chinese zodiac. The year 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese lunar calendar, marking the year the first building in the new city area was completed and opened.




This “Chronological Rabbit” presented in a net-like weaving form on the rooftop serves as a unique symbol of chronology, commemorating the start and development of the new city construction. The “Chronological Rabbit” is not only a tribute to traditional culture but also carries the hopeful expectations for the new city construction.


▽屋顶上的网状编织兔 A mesh rabbit on the roof



From a site planning perspective, the “Lamp Lake Central Axis Showroom” building is about 15 meters away from the road, surrounded by mature large-canopy trees. From the road, the building is not very conspicuous. However, as an exhibition building in the new city area, it must possess sufficient visual attractiveness to fully play its architectural value. Combining the zodiac rabbit in this heterogenous way highlights the building’s uniqueness, attracting the city’s gaze, sparking curiosity, and inviting the public to explore inside.




The net-like structural method gives the installation a lightweight characteristic, effectively resolving its weight issue. As an art installation added to the building later, weight is one of the important factors to assess its feasibility. The net-like structure fully meets the building’s load requirements while also endowing this rooftop installation with a fantastical and exquisite presence.




Upon entering the site, touch-sensitive facilities are set on the ground. By simply touching the red heart on the facility, the red heart of the rabbit installation immediately starts beating. This interactive method establishes a connection between people, the installation, and the site, allowing the installation to move with the heart, adding fun and participation to the site.




The Origin and The Chronological Rabbit installations mark the new development’s starting point of the city’s “Super Central Axis,” carrying the city’s history and future in the form of public art. They sketch a vivid imagination of the future urban axis for the public. They are not only part of the urban planning but also a fusion of culture and art.




These installations integrate into the urban landscape in a unique way, becoming part of the city’s space, immersing people in the charm of art as they stroll through the city, and igniting eager anticipation for future development. Their presence not only illuminates the modern facade of the Foshan Super Central Axis but also conveys cultural heritage and innovation, adding color to the city.




In the context where contemporary art and urban planning permeate each other, this construction project not only represents the city’s future but also provides an opportunity for people to interact with art, integrating contemporary art into the daily life of the city. A rich, innovative urban environment can stimulate people’s thinking and imagination, making the city more vibrant and forming a unique cultural value, thus shaping the “Super Central Axis” of Foshan’s future metropolis.




项目:佛山超级中轴 / 灯湖中轴公园

Project: Foshan Super Central Axis / Lamp Lake Central Axis Park
Location: Foshan, Guangdong
Client: Poly South China Industrial Co., Ltd.
Design Management: Xie Heng, Ouyang Qingling, Zhao Meixiang, Zhang Xiaoyuan, Li Jinzhao
Design Team: He Yang, Zhang Rui,Zhang Peinan, Liu Lei, Li Qianglai, Huang Zixiao ,Jiang Xuhui
Construction Unit: ToArt Studio
Other majors: SWA Group, UDG, GVL Group
Construction Period: January -March 2023
Photography: He Yang, Zhang Peinan
Thanks to Poly South China Zhao Yixin for her strong support in the filming work




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