Antao Group was founded in 2001. As a large comprehensive creative design service agency in China, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to contemporary living environment and urban problems from an international perspective.

After more than 20 years of development, Andao's products have spread across 32 provinces and more than 190 cities in China. The works cover community, public domain, cultural tourism, urban renewal, theme park, new business and new entertainment, industry-city integration, rural revitalization, IP and cultural and creative business, to create the ultimate happy experience for users, promote customers to achieve business success, and exert a positive influence on the society.

Thanks to the innovation, research and unique working methods of the company's staff in the multidisciplinary design process, Andao's works have won more than 100 international awards and nominations, including WAF, IFLA, Iconic Design Award, DNA Design Award of Paris, France, A 'Design Award of Italy, OPAL London Outstanding Real Estate Award and other honors.