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Wutopia Lab:Wutopia Lab把光明食品(集团)下属东滩源(前哨农场原12连)的一个废弃水塔改建成了献给所有在绝望时刻做出英雄行为的普通人们的凡人纪念馆 Memorial of Everyman。

Wutopia Lab: Wutopia Lab transformed an abandoned water tower at Dongtanyuan (the former 12th Company of Qianshao Farm), a subsidiary of Bright Food (Group), into the Memorial of Everyman, a memorial to all the ordinary people who performed heroic acts in desperate times.


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When you’re desperate. Your heart is beating so slow it’s going to stop! Going out of breath! Sweating, blurred vision, stiff limbs, your mind goes blank. Slowly sliding down, you are shrinking into a ball The air wraps tightly around you like a film. Sometimes you trumpet, sometimes you can’t scream. The last blow of fate, that’s it, come on.


▼项目鸟瞰 Project bird’s eye view

▼夜景 Night view



The doctor spoke softly about her [1] condition. I was like a nautilus thrown into the shallows of time. Brightly colored but losing its vitality, desperately.


改造前 Transformation of the former

改造后 After transformation


以身堵漏|Plugging leaks with one’s body


Lu Jingjuan [2], jumped into the gap. The cold water pierced into the bones. The cold water to drown the polder. Despreately. Everyone, jumped into the gap. “People are like waves, that’s what the sea is like.” The great wave [3] lowered its head and sighed outside the small flood dam [4]. Just like hope


▼灯塔内部结构 Lighthouse internal structure


记忆是重新创造|Memory is recreating


It’s 2021. The weaving factory is a hotel now, a conference center. The water tower on the side, lonely. Superior suite. A private space for afternoon tea. It hears whispers about the future. Desperately Instead I hear memories echoing from the earth Don’t forget Lu Jingjuan’s ,Hope


▼旋转楼梯鸟瞰 Bird’s eye view of turning stairs

▼记录历史的细节刻画 Record the details of history


凡人纪念堂|Memorial of Everyman



Lu Jingjuan’s is Shanghai. It is the less familiar Shanghai. That Shanghai of collectivism and individual courage and, the horn that makes the tide sigh ,Please don’t forget it.

The water tower should be a memorial to Those in despair The ordinary people who fought hard in despair. All deserve to be remembered.Heroic mortals.


▼灯塔上眺望 Overlooking the lighthouse


Tower into tower


84 thin golden rods that,form the golden tower. This is the golden Lu Jingjuans’,plugging the leaks with their bodies.The golden tower was inserted in the water tower.



“永远的纯真年代” |Age of eternal innocence


Glittering spiral staircase, 100 steps. From 1921 to 2021. Ordinary people,Creating a bountiful harvest on a barren beach
before there are,more ordinary people,create prosperity in Shanghai. “Shanghai is where I grew up and became an adult. with all my sentiments.” Now, Look down,It’s Shanghai.



灯塔 |Light tower


Light shines on the concrete wall,A triangle was cut,”There is a gap in everything. That’s where the light shines in” The glass roof of the golden tower,Glows,That’s the top of the spirit. The water tower is now a light tower,”All life is holy, and to live is joy”



希望 |Hope


She is fine now,Her breath sounds like sweet rain,From Despair She fights with me,To Hope



有一种英雄主义 |A kind of heroism

走100级台阶,很累,但头顶的光线越来越强。最后站在楼梯的顶端,你喘着气,继续喘着气。然后向着东方看去,wow, 远处地平线一条细长围垦的边界线,连绵不断,仿佛无数人站在水里[5],那就是“大海停止之处”。

It’s tiring to walk 100 steps. But the light overhead is getting stronger. Finally standing at the top of the stairs, you gasp for air and continue to catch your breath. And then look to the east. WOW, In the distance horizon a thin polder boundary line that stretches As if countless people were standing in the water [5] That is “where the sea stops”.




“The sea has never hit a lonely place, and no one has been crushed under a cliff.” —-Yang Lian, “Where the Sea Stops” 04


▼一层平面 First floor

▼二层平面 Second floor plane

▼总平面图 Plan

▼立剖图 Vertical section

▼轴测图 Axonometric drawing

▼轴剖图 Axial section view


[1] 闵而尼,俞挺夫人,Wutopia Lab创始人。
[2] 以身堵漏:1959年,崇明岛数万围垦大军筑坝截流。大坝行将合拢时,水流越来越急。这时,一位名叫陆静娟的女青年,带头跃入了合拢口,百余位民工也纷纷跳入水中。大坝终告合拢。
摘自:《崇明围垦往事》 来源: 解放日报 作者:柴焘熊 时间:2018-10-26
[3] 拜年潮:一年中海洋及沿海江河中受潮汐影响而涨落较大的水流。
[4] 小洪坝:拦截洪水的建筑物。
[5] 1965年12月26日,灯杆港坝口即将合拢时,“拜年潮”又来了。沈马西、李邦固、毛明德、胡永祥、朱彩国、吴贻山、黄成辉等28位青年脱下棉衣棉裤, 跳入急流之中,筑成三道人墙。大坝终于合拢。
摘自:《上海市前哨农场场志》第六节“斗蛟龙”奋不顾身,1985,P9-10 来源:上海市前哨农场

[1].Min ErNi, Yu’s Wife, founder of Wutopia Lab.
[2].Plugging leaks with one’s body: In 1959, tens of thousands of polder army in Chongming Island built a dam to cut off the flow. When the dam was about to close, the water was getting more and more rapid. At this point, a young woman named Lu Jingjuan, took the lead and jumped into the closing mouth, more than a hundred civilian workers also jumped into the water. The dam was finally closed.
From: “Chongming Polder Past” Source: 解放日报 Author:Chai To Xiong Time:2018-10-26
[3].New Year’s Tide: The current that rises and falls in the ocean and coastal rivers during the year due to tidal influence.
[4]. Flood dam: A structure to intercept flood water.
[5].On December 26, 1965, when the dam was about to close at Dengbanggang, the “New Year tide” came again. Shen Masi, Li Banggu, Mao Mingde, Hu Yongxiang, Zhu Caiguo, Wu Yishan, Huang Chenghui and 28 other young people took off their cotton clothes and pants, jumped into the rapids and built walls by their bodies. The dam was finally closed.
Excerpted from: “Shanghai Qianqian Farm”, Section 6, “Fighting the Dragon”, 1985, P9-10 Source: Shanghai Qianqian Farm




设计公司:Wutopia Lab
摄影:CreatAR Images


Project Name: Memorial of Everyman
Design Firm: Wutopia Lab Lead Architect: Yu Ting
Project Architect: Mu Zhilin
Design Team: Pan Dali, Xu Nan, Mi Kejie,Li ziheng
Construction Design Company: Shanghai Zhumeng Architectural Design Co.,Ltd
Owner: Shanghai Qian Yi Agricultural Development Co.,Ltd
Constructor: Shanghai Honglye Curtain Wall Engineering Co.,Ltd
Structural Consultant: Miao Binhai
Lighting Consultant: Zhang Chenlu
Photography: CreatAR Images
Address: Chongming, Shanghai, China
Time: 2020.4~2021.10
Area: 25 square meters
Material: Steel, Glass



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