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“随遇而安因树为屋, 会心不远开门见山”。久居城市的人们内心深处,总是渴望一次山林的回归,一次远离尘嚣的探寻。是时候,寻一方自然天地,找回内心深处对自然的向往,对灵魂深处隐逸理想的遣怀。

Weimar Group: Xiyue Mountain Residence on one side of the corner, lying on the pine wind, reading the green mountains, watching the clouds and the moon, and listening to the sound of streams. High hidden outside things, adjust your mind through the environment, make an image with the square, and stay in this place.

“Let it be, because trees are houses, not far from knowing, come straight to the point”. People who have lived in cities for a long time always yearn for a return to the mountains and forests and a search away from the hustle and bustle. It’s time to find a natural world, find the yearning for nature in the depths of your heart, and recall the secluded ideal in the depths of your soul.


▽项目视频 Video



远离尘嚣的山居秘境 A secret mountain retreat away from the hustle and bustle


When we first know the site, how to make the design interact with it organically, and then become a long-term artistic and aesthetic resort has become our main consideration. At the same time, the large elevation difference within the site also increases the difficulty of the overall design, but it is relatively advantageous that the rich spatial form also makes our multi-dimensional extension of the site changeable. We hope to take this geographical feature to expand a deep mountain secret on the design texture.


▽空间手绘展示 Space freehand display



Therefore, based on the elevation difference terrain, respect for the spirit of the place and insight into the needs of the residents, and taking “looking for the museum in the deep mountain” as the design theme, the natural aesthetic tone of “cliff”, the “strength” of pine, the “secluded” of Valley, the “tranquility” of water and the “surplus” of the museum are extracted, connecting the six spatial story lines of smelling stream, looking for pine, exploring Valley, visiting pond, playing forest and returning to the museum, The pavilions, high mountains and flowing water are interpreted and displayed by modern natural techniques, and a secluded residence of Xiyue “life aesthetics Museum” far away from the hustle and bustle is painted.


▽手稿设计展示 Manuscript Design Exhibition


闻涧*悬崖飞瀑 Listening falling


The project is located at the corner of the city road. As the city exhibition hall function, in order to highlight the overall  strong explicit and good interactivity  of the urban interface. We use 2M water curtain and waterscape height difference fall to create a dynamic water music water curtain. Three-dimensional ecology, flying stream rapids, increase the viewer’s visual memory and thus generate “Smell stream lead and view” natural heart guidance.


▽项目概览 An overview of the project



Pine, waterfall, Vatican sound together to foster an open and transparent and extended to each other through the realm of Zen. Delicate carve rough, incomplete outline perfect, Thus open the wenxi valley exploration trip.


▽入口道路两侧松林彰显通透性 The pine forest on both sides of the entrance road highlights the permeability


寻松*明月松石 Chinese pine


Walk to the entrance and step into the poetic world of Qianying Xunpine. The low walls on both sides of the gatehouse are enclosed with plants. “The sky is round and the place” axis space contains unique oriental culture and spatial awareness. The middle welcome pine imitates the function of the wall, create the charm of elegance mystery, purity and tolerance. All design languages are simplified and traceable. Outline a place isolated from the periphery, Ingenuity and honesty , pure and harmonious heart dust.


▽示范区入口的明月松石意境,简约纯粹 The bright moon and turquoise at the entrance of the demonstration area are simple and pure



Turn into the vestibule porch, Interlace, penetrate, refract and flow through the light and the wall. Spy out an aesthetic image of insight into the essence and harmony of all phenomena. Little star lights, pine shadows looming between hardness and softness, sensibility and rationality. Create a hazy and illusory otherworldly mood, the sight in front of you seems to have evolved into a “part of the world” . Qisong instantly transforms into a human form, burst out a strong poetic life, follow the trail.


▽前厅logo展示 Front hall logo display

▽转入门廊是朦胧的意境美 Turning into the porch was a hazy beauty


探谷*空谷松石 Cliff terrace


Walk alone,and explore the valley. Half full of glory, step into the courtyard. It is like wandering in the painting of haiku,and red plum receives guest to scenery art schist freehand mountain spring water.


▽松石点缀的探索之路 A road of exploration dotted with pine stones



With the sudden openness of the water in front of the sales office, The canyon channel borrows the clip scene method. Form the ultimate contrast of spatial forms, looseness and Black Rock, Mountain are intertwined. The stone and the wall are perfectly occluded. The branches are different, the light and shadow are whirling .What the eyes can see, what the heart can do.


▽穿过峡谷之后呈豁然开朗之势 After crossing the canyon, it opened up



Outdoor negotiation area for meditation reception to appreciating the Song of the Pine and the Moon, Facing the Shadow of the Stars. Sit quietly here, simple and quiet, a place full of natural and subtle aesthetics to open yourself to the viewer and expose the essence of time tempering. Wash away the splendor and return to purity.


▽室外会客厅  the outdoor drawing room


▽连廊 Corridor


访潭*陌上溪行 Slience pond


Using mirror water as paper and turquoise as painting. Walking on the river, visiting the lake. Green pine wood, patchwork. Water waves, rocks and the sky are interdependent, create empty mountains, oriental beauty.


▽水色天光,还原大自然的美 Water color day light, restore the beauty of nature



Between Xiyue’s living aesthetics, a world in your eyes,a world in your heart. The imagery is replaced here. In the Landscape Story and the Outer Worlds, between the stream and the pine language, between the still stone and the mind. In the dynamic of swimming and the stretch of time, let the busy mind running around in the world enjoy the truth of nature. Regain the serenity and self after the hustle and bustle.


▽置石 Buy stone


戏林*伴林游憩 Chinese pine


Walk on the underpass between the sunken courtyard and the parking lot. Through transparent glass and treetops in his spare time, he wandered among the trees and grasses. At the end, turn around corner are pure and easy nature, talk and laugh are elegant clouds aftertaste is the forest quiet tone.


▽下沉庭院与停车场的夹道 The underpass between the sunken courtyard and the parking lot


匠心营造 森活美学 Ingenious creation, forest living aesthetics


“Xi Yue shows in close proximity, and the details show ingenuity”. It is the reflection of what we see in every professional space.


Pine is not only a good product for site construction, but also the ingenuity of the team. Party A has explored Mount Tai for many times to find the pine shape that is most suitable for the site shape. The designer cooperates with the model deliberation, and the design team of Party A accurately planted and landed on the construction site, so that every plant and tree is a poem, and every stone and pine is always related. From the deepening of typesetting, material selection and control, material sealing and sample fixing to the deliberation of aluminum plate seamless construction process, Party A’s construction team has personally done it and fully cooperated on site to realize the design effect one by one, just for one scene and one environment.


▽现场号苗&精准点位 Spot number seedling & Precise point position



The implementation of an excellent project requires not only top designers and eye-catching scheme creativity, but also multi-party cooperation support and fine construction grinding. The design team and Party A’s team have collided and deliberated on countless schemes, and Party A’s team’s persistence and intransigence in the construction process and landing effect have led to today’s “secret place of looking for museums in deep mountains”, with unchanged original intention, ingenious construction and rich and vivid aesthetics.



甲方营造团队|王玮 王正 谭晶 林源 王玉敏 隋峰

Project| Mountain pavilion zin Lianyungang
Client|Lianyungang Shangtong Real Estate Co., Ltd
Landscape design|weimar landscape,chengdu
Architectural design|PTA,hangzhou
construction|Nanjing Jinji Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd
place|lian yun gang
Time |2021.12
DS area| 8340㎡



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