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Studio Jean Verville architectes:2021年2月15日,在加拿大蒙特利尔,建筑师Jean Verville打造了一个全新的建筑,在这个建筑里,结构、戏剧性和娱乐性融为一体,人体感知突破三维空间的局限,居住空间摆脱现实应运而生 。

Studio Jean Verville architectes:Montréal, Canada, 2021-02-15 –  Architect Jean Verville explores a world where architecture, theatricality, and playfulness come together to imagine a hybrid proposal where sensory perceptions are called upon to transgress the limits of three-dimensional form, and where living spaces seem freed from their reality.



在整个过程中,客户兼创作者和演员Sophie Cadieux、Mani Soleymanlou把他们的创造力、对戏剧张力的掌握以及即兴创作的才华,以热情、严谨和敏锐的态度与建筑师的提案相结合,与建筑师Verville、Tania Paula Garza Rico一起,创造了这个异想天开的舞台。在摄影师的镜头前,他们充满热情、幽默和不可预测性。Verville对原始图像进行了数字处理,以激发人们对虚幻的居住空间的质疑。

Throughout the process, the clients – creators and actors Sophie Cadieux and Mani Soleymanlou – through their creativity, their mastery of the collaborative dimension inseparable from theatrical work, and their talent for improvisation, adopt the architect’s playful approach with passion, rigour, and sensitivity. Assisted by his accomplice, architect Tania Paula Garza Rico, director of his eponymous studio, Verville creates whimsical staging, incorporating the presence of creature-allegories. In front of the photographer’s lens, the architects and their clients engage in this exercise with enthusiasm, humour, and unpredictability. With this raw material, Verville performs digital manipulation to produce images that raise questions about the illusory banality of habitability.





Adopting the creative universes of its occupants, their personalities, and their particular needs as the narrative scheme, the MSO project consists of a complete volumetric reconfiguration, making it possible to generate an artistic creation as well as a living space adapted to the daily reality of the two artists and their son. Inside a narrow house, located in a Montreal residential neighbourhood, a scenographic promenade unfolds to the full height of the building.




Having to meet the needs of family life, but also subtracting them at times in order to create a work environment that strengthens concentration and creativity, the spatial reorganization conceals the functions in a succession of ordered volumes completed by ten scenic pauses. The central space, pierced by an openwork steel structure extending over twelve meters in height, abolishes the original hierarchy in a dynamic segmentation, while the monochrome of greige tones unites the whole into a monolithic entity.




Aiming at an effective cohabitation of domestic and professional activities, permeability to family life, and a spatial distribution providing a level of individual privacy, the proposal takes advantage of decompartmentalization to consolidate the feeling of unification in its vertical deployment and to metamorphose the legibility of the whole.




To minimize alterations to the existing building, selective subtraction of floor areas frees the core of the space to accommodate the new vertical progression, gradually unfolding over the three floors of the house in a succession of ten versatile and multifunctional platforms.




These ten scenic pauses establish a new spatial organization. The metallic structure, with perforated steel surfaces and walls, is juxtaposed with a series of stages and raised platforms.




Sometimes it offers a small scene, and sometimes a seat – to draw fluid limits that privatize spaces while creating visual porosity.



新的空间组织系统在满足功能适应性要求的同时将对家具的需求降到了最低,它进行了不寻常的交互作用,以便于对其形成的子空间进行个性化和创造性的分配。停顿点被金属屏风和矮墙打碎,蜿蜒曲折,提供了空间上的新景色以及他人在场的新视角。气势宏伟的金属组件还巩固了项目的结构完整性,并盖有天窗,天窗的尺寸为2.5米x 2.5米,最大化利用自然光。

Meeting the requirement of functional adaptability while minimizing the need for furniture, the new system of spatial organization engages unusual interactions in order to facilitate the personal and creative appropriation of the sub-spaces it shapes. Fragmented by metal screens and low walls, and punctuated meandering, the scenic pauses offer new points of view in space and new perspectives on the presence of others. The imposing metal assemblage, which also consolidates the project’s structural integrity, is capped with a skylight, that measures 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters, which maximizes the natural light by diffusing it to the ground floor.




The light, filtered by the metal surfaces and walls, multiplies the projections of shadows cast to mark space with graphic lines, opposing their presence with the spatial boundaries, and offering a continual dance of geometric shadows that play on the monochrome canvas. Both refined and expressive, the proposal constitutes an assemblage that partitions volume and light in order to envelop the place in a mysterious aura contributing to the theatricality of the proposed experiment.



▼平面图 Masterplan


▼立面图 Elevation


▼剖面图 Section


▼轴测图 Axonometric





建筑面积:147平方米 (3层)
设计团队:Studio Jean Verville architectes
建造方:Pierre Aubin
服装设计:Elen Ewing
摄影制作:Studio Jean Verville Architectes + Félix Michaud

Project name: MSO
Location:Montréal, Canada
Year of construction: 2020
Area: 147m2 (3 floors)
The house area: 115m2
The studio Area: 32m2
Team: Studio Jean Verville architectes
Contractor: Pierre Aubin
Costumes: Elen Ewing
Images: Studio Jean Verville Architectes + Félix Michaud


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