Landscape Collaboration :NYE是一个高端豪华公寓项目,位于湄南河沿着主要的BTS轻轨线路迅速增长的Thonburi一侧。由着名的泰国开发商Sansiri设计的高层建筑双塔是该地区首屈一指的住宅项目之一。为了满足客户的需求,Landscape Collaboration开发了经典现代风格的景观建筑设计,以满足高端市场不断增长的需求。

Landscape Collaboration :NYE is a high-end luxury condominium project located in the rapidly growing Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River along the main BTS Skytrain lines. The twin towers of the high rise project by the well-known Thailand developer, Sansiri, stands out as one of the premier residential projects in the area. To meet the requirements of the client, Landscape Collaboration developed a landscape architectural design of classical modern style to address the growing demands of the high-end market.



There are strongly contrasting lines on the horizontal plane of the entrance square, moving upwards along the vertical elements of the characteristic doors, walls and decorated lattices, which define a plurality of outdoor courtyards and spaces.



In the double-deck hall on the ground, there is a quiet courtyard space, and the shallow water surface is very clever to solve the problem of emergency vehicle access. The sunken seats set on the shallow water surface border provide private and comfortable space for individual customers. the pavement and landscape structure on the ground that are seamlessly connected with the entrance area still continue the way of lines and stripes to emphasize the extension and integrity of the space and create an extremely grand open space.



The surrounding landscape on the ground continues the combination of lines and lines, providing a comfortable space, providing the ultimate privacy space, and at the same time seamlessly connecting together, promoting the grandeur of the overall open space of the project. The grand declaration of this project can be clearly seen from the reflection of a huge green wall, which surrounds the platform of the parking lot and the cantilever of the swimming pools of the two towers.



The landscape of the rooftop swimming pool on the platform is also impressive. the horizontal pattern of the pool tiles is combined with the infinite edge opposite the swimming pool, giving people an illusion of ” floating on water”. Landscape designers make full use of the rich space of the project and use strong forms and patterns to define the space. The pattern and space of different scales have created luxurious and exquisite details and met the expectations and demands of high-end customers.


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