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BOX盒子实践景观事务所: 城市空间是城市文化的重要载体,这次我们探索新时代户外空间需求,打造灵活多变的开放性社区,与周边实现多元的互补。

BOX Studio: Urban space is animportant carrier of urban culture. This time we explore the needs of outdoor space in the new era. Create a flexible and open community.  Achieving multiple complementarities with the surrounding.


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▽整体鸟瞰 Overall bird’s eye view




The blockbuster practice project in the center of Shenzhen, located close to Shenye Shangcheng, between Bijia Mountain Park and Lianhuashan Park, is a practice project of Vanke Group as a service provider of urban and rural life, practicing the public welfare concept of “growing together with the city.” Due to the future of the subway line planning, the construction and development of land is not temporarily idle down. In order to make the “temporary land” not “temporary,” Vanke decided to give it a fresh concept of movement, to provide the city with more convenient, rich, healthy and natural life experience.


▽项目区位分析 Project location analysis

▽场地原始现状 Original condition of the site




The key to our thinking in the early stage is how to realize the space function complementarity between the site and Lianhua Mountain and Bijia Mountain? How to interact with Vanke’s young corporate culture? How to practice the future life experience of sports community; How to combine with the implementation of Shenzhen’s innovative, young and fashionable national fitness program? With the above thinking points, a site design gene for the younger generation, echoing the community core, is ready to emerge.


▽入口空间鸟瞰 Aerial view of entrance space

▽复合性功能空间鸟瞰 Aerial view of complex functional space


年轻为表 YOUNG


Shenzhen has a large young population, which lays the cornerstone of the project’s youthful vitality. What we are pursuing is how to transcend the conventional functions, to respond to the new generation of people’s pursuit of higher appearance, deeper exploration and stronger interaction, to create a more “light,” “green,” and “hi” park. In the park into the surrounding scarce functional venues, let skateboarding, hip-hop, BMX, basketball and other young attributes of the sports culture has an excellent experience.


▽形式多样的活力运动 Various forms of dynamic sports


▽艺术互动的街舞场地 Art interactive street dance venue



然而从实际到访人群情况来看,社区家庭仍是项目的核心,而场地的IP 形象及高饱和度色系的场地营造,除了代表年轻,同样也和家庭亲子兼容,可谓一石二鸟。”表“、”里“呼应项目的年轻形象与社区内核,达到了引流和形象打造的双重效果。

However, from the actual visitors, the community family is still the core of the project, and the IP image of the site and the high saturation of the venue, in addition to representing the young, but also compatible with family parent-child, can be described as killing two birds with one stone.” The “table” and “inside” echo the young image and community core of the project, achieving a dual effect of drainage and image building.


▽是社区邻里间互动交流的公共活动空间 It is a public activity space for interaction and communication among community neighbors



强化年轻都市的门户形象 Strengthen the image of the portal of the young city


The imagination of space is built, above nature, between the fine and the fine. The combination of the block and the surface of the entrance origami forms a neat and concise pattern, strengthening the image portal of the modern city and the young, and the combination of the dotted light sources brings a little warmth to the site.


▽入口门户设计图 Entrance portal design drawing

▽排轮滑场地动图 Motion map of roller skating venue

▽都市形象门户 City Image Portal

▽夜景 Night view



The art structure combines the portal image and interactive experience skillfully, setting the interactive installation of lighting and sculpture to form a unique IP image. During the construction process, the internal structure was built through 3D consideration, ensuring the perfect landing of the characteristic modelling.


▽构筑物设计图 Building design drawing



设计以古树为圆心形成聚场 The design takes the ancient tree as the center to form a gathering field.


Upholding the fear of the natural creatures, the owner at the beginning of the design is clear that the need to retain the original trees in the site to the greatest extent, combined with the large trees to design the space, three mahogany will form a “habitat” under the shade, Taking this as the origin, it also becomes a collision between the new appearance of the city and the old memory. The tree is called the visual focus of the urban interface, and it is also a place of rest at the gathering and scattering square.


▽聚场活动 Gathering

▽保留场地原有树木 Retain the original trees on the site

▽古树坐凳为场地核心 The ancient tree bench is the core of the site



Tone and line are the medium of emotional expression, through visual communication and breathing our mind. In order to bring out the youthful appeal and highlight the symbol of vitality, the main color of the site uses pink and white, rich and active colors, hoping to convey a strong and rich sense of hierarchy to visitors.




利用环道串联复合性功能空间 Use of Loop Series Composite Function Space


Through the unbounded way to connect the three communities of the field, the integration of basketball, skateboarding, BMX an energy sports field, young people emit vitality, to show the future trend of young people. The skateboard and basketball courts are connected by the loop.


▽复合性功能空间设计图 Composite functional space design drawing

▽复合性功能空间场地鸟瞰 Aerial view of complex functional space site

▽滑板场地 Skatepark



On top of the reconstructed container stands, it is used by the rest crowd on both sides. The undulating green terrain of the outer ring defines a “boundless” barrier. The high branching point of the trees makes the site more transparent and bright, and can focus on the site in the line of sight, becoming a stage for the athletes.


▽篮球场和滑板场之间的集装箱,为人们提供休憩空间 Containers between the basketball court and the skate park to provide people with a resting space



借用地形高差营造亲子聚场 Constructing parent-child gathering field by using topographical elevation difference


Shape the terrain upward to form the site height difference, combined with the site features to make the arc-shaped retaining wall into the area where children gather to play, the petal device under the tree provides a leisure space accompanied by parents.


▽亲子聚场设计图 Design drawing of parent-child gathering place

▽亲子聚场场地动图 Motion picture of parent-child gathering venue

▽白色弧形斜坡,是挡土墙也是孩童的天然滑梯 The white curved slope is a retaining wall and a natural slide for children

▽白色花瓣装置坐凳 White Petal Installation Stool



场域留白激发多种可能性 Field blank excites many possibilities


Appropriate vague space, can let the site have the space for spontaneous growth, planning for the green space of a variety of modes, for different people, different seasonal activities, bring unpredictable surprise.


▽谷地后花园设计图 Valley back garden design drawing

▽谷地后花园鸟瞰 Valley back garden

▽多种模式的活动场地 Multi-modal event venues



不同纬度的乐跑体验 Fun running experience in different latitudes


The track running through the functional space is like a game oriented roadmap full of clues, shuttling between terrain and field, increasing the fun running experience of different latitudes for runners. The road part from the scene reconstruction, function supplement, landscape extension, make the runway and the site environment into one.


▽环形趣味跑道局部鸟瞰 A partial bird’s-eye view of the circular interesting runway

▽跑道 Track



The track is also integrated into the 100-meter dash practice track, creating more suitable exercise space for users with diverse needs. People can step on the highly imaginative graphic interface to move forward, and different gadgets along the way also have the function of prompting.


▽跑道夜景 Runway night view



丰富地形 ——原始基地平整,为营造丰富多元的运动体验,设计通过向上塑造地形,向下拓展空间,围合出丰富的竖向自然场景。

场域留白 ——由于场地属性在未来有变化的可能,站在时间的纵深,作为景观设计师的我们,无法准确预计场地未来的变化。因此,适当模糊的留空,可以让场地有自发生长的空间,甚至带来不可预知的惊喜。

复合空间 ——复合性功能融合,利用环道串联各个空间

种植增色 ——现有大树保留利用,创造引场地,选用季相特色的乔灌木点缀游园体验,围合性植物起到场域边界划分作用。

高饱和色系 ——给人以强烈的视觉冲击力,使整个场地在高饱色彩搭配中展现年轻活力的社区氛围。

Rich terrain – – The original base is flat. In order to create a rich and diverse sports experience, the design shapes the terrain upward and expands the space downward to enclose a rich vertical natural scene.

Field Blank – – Due to the possibility of changes in site properties in the future, standing in the depth of time, as landscape designers, we can not accurately predict the future changes of the site. Therefore, the appropriate vague space, can let the site have the space for spontaneous growth, and even bring unpredictable surprises.

Compound space – – Compound function fusion, use loop to connect each space

Planting color – – existing trees are retained and used, and the site is created. Trees and shrubs with seasonal characteristics are selected to decorate the garden. Enclosed plants play a role in dividing the field boundary.

High saturation color – – gives a strong visual impact, so that the whole site in high full color collocation to show the young vitality of the community atmosphere.


▽设计策略 Design Strategy




The soft landscape construction, based on the characteristics of the ground, add a variety of ornamental plants, to create the ecological running loop landscape tonality, The design through the partial retention of the status quo of large trees, increase the ground cover and seasonal changes in the middle layer, degree of relaxation, clever use of terrain, before and after borrowing scenery, rich vertical vegetation collocation, through limited planting to create a pleasant green space feeling.


▽植物设计 Plant Design





Space design, from a fundamental point of departure to break the conventional, redefine the space on the various needs of the use of space, a variety of attributes of the appearance, so that sculpture, installation enablement site, to give people a more convenient and practical more beautiful fashion experience.


▽场地装置 Site installation




In the scheme stage, from the discussion of the functional form, to the placement of each functional module, and to the site experience line, in each sketch precipitation different thinking


▽概念草图 Concept sketch

▽设计效果图 Design renderings



Vanke Sports Community Park is a design attempt of BOX in urban public space. We imagine the integration of the park and the city, residents, with the park to blur the boundaries of work and life, design to respond to the new generation of people’s need for appearance, exploration, interaction, hope to open a new chapter in the urban young life interface.






In the process of its design, the design team and the customer had several rounds of design communication and sketch concept interpretation. From the design to the implementation of only 6 months, the process is very hard and not easy, but also from the rigorous design process and customer professional control under the close cooperation between the completion.

Thanks again to the multi-participated design team and Vanke team for the control and implementation of this project.


▽设计过程&施工过程 Design Process & Construction Process




项目名称:万创云汇One Base万科运动社区
景观设计:BOX盒子实践 (BOX博克斯林景观事务所)

Project name: Wanchuang Yunhui One Base Vanke Sports Community
Project owner: Shenzhen Vanke Development Co., Ltd.
Landscape Design: BOX Practice (BOX Boxlin Landscape Office)
Landscape deepening: Shenzhen Benmodu Landscape Design Co., Ltd.
Deepening construction of skate park: Shanghai Huachuang Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction: Guangzhou Pubang Landscape Co., Ltd.
Sculpture unit: Shenzhen Pailan Space Art Design Co., Ltd.
Logo Design: McCann Logo
Photography Team: Mingsu Studio
Project address: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Completion time: 20211231



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