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GM LANDSCAPE: The innate natural genes determine the height of a luxury residence, ONE CENTER is located in the embrace of double parks with a volume of about 500,000 square meters, and the surrounding commercial, school and other supporting resources are perfect. It is a unique carrier of luxury residential property, which is truly away from the dust and not away from the city. GM LANDSCAPE is created with heart, integrating humanistic nature, quality life and vacation experience, making the way home a well-prepared trip.




The key words given by the luxury house: quality, grandeur, service …… ONE CENTER was raised 5 meters from the original base, with a height difference with the park, A barrier of banyan trees naturally separates the project from the city’s central axis and welcomes you to the Secret Hotel. The super large scale entrance space with high end materials and high quality service will make people’s bodies and mind happy and full of expectation for everything.


▼入口空间 The entrance space


▼公园的植物与入口交相辉映 The park’s plants complement the entrance




To match the large scale entrance space with the original height difference of the site ,because of this amount of scenery in the park and the entrance space of the articulation part, how to balance are problems which make the planting landscape extremely difficult.

The design team decided to plant balls and tropical plants to form a wave-shaped background to connect the large-scale entrance space, and through the control of manual pruning, to create a delicate feeling with continuous curves. The difficulty lies in the need to accurately control the smoothness and height of the lines so as to highlight the sense of interlacing between shrubs and bushes, and the site requires strict control of pruning and calculation of shrub volume to complete.


▼波浪造型的超长植物景观 Wave-shaped ultra-long plant landscape




The city’s historical and cultural background of nearly 4,000 years gives the project a calm and graceful demeanor, a trait given to us by the city, and ONE CENTER “grows naturally” from the park.

The courtyard, as a shared landscape for all the overhead clubhouses, is presented in a flat composition that fits the current ambience regardless of the space in which it is viewed.


▼中庭会所的共享景观空间 Shared view of the clubhouse


▼中庭的乌桕代表着生命与延续,扎根于此,不断生长,枝繁叶茂 The Sapium sebiferum in the atrium represents life and continuity, rooted here, growing and flourishing


▼视线透过中庭,欣赏这幅在立体框景中呈现植物巨作 View through the courtyard and enjoy the landscape works


▼雕塑的灵感来源于卷曲的落叶 The sculpture was inspired by the curling leaves


▼其它细节 The details



The city’s climate combined with the project’s height difference allowed the designers to be creative in a small space, and we wanted to make the rooftop garden a multifunctional three-dimensional landscape space that caters to different age groups.


▼错落的屋顶花园,配置复合化空间场景 Rooftop garden configuration with various landscape spaces


▼天井式的形态,能很好的将自然光引入中庭 The patio style design brings natural light into the courtyard



We hope to bring a hotel-style resort feeling. Because of the complex elevation of the clubhouse, the functional space of the roof garden will be arranged according to the actual conditions to balance the height difference, thus bringing a richer and more interesting gardening experience.


▼充满品质感的度假享受 Holiday feeling full of quality



The first is the passage space combined by canopy, model house, scenic wall and fence, which is more depressing in feeling. To weaken the unfavorable factors of the site, the end view chooses a water feature wall with a sense of lines, and turns the space into a secret adventure with the matching of plants.


▼植物、水景、夹道,热带度假风情的连廊通道 Tropical resort style created by plants, water features and corridors



The overall landscape space is comfortable, but due to the complex height difference of the building roof and the use of hardscape walls, the plants are neatly trimmed and then planted in blocks. Through the high-quality selection of materials and plant matching, the roof garden is naturally exquisite and full of power.


▼整齐的植物种植尽显精致 The orderly planting of plants shows delicacy


▼大量品质室外座椅“别有用心”的点缀在各个视野极佳的位置 Outdoor chairs are arranged in a location with a good view



It is because of the height difference that the multi-purpose pool can be embedded in the roof garden, which is the best viewing platform overlooking the park view. The garden space goes up one level to the veranda leading to the infinity pool. The space is filled with vertical lines of the view wall, which unifies with the design language of the entire space and continues to extend and amplify the feeling of space.



▼通往屋顶泳池的阶梯 Steps to the rooftop pool



The design of the pool is also arranged in a staggered manner, dividing different functional spaces. In order to ensure the permeability of the sight, the main pool is connected with a 10-meter transparent acrylic wall without stitching, penetrating the entire pool space.


▼屋顶花园里的多功能无边泳池 Rooftop garden with multi-purpose pool


▼植物造景模拟度假酒店的手法 Plant design mimics the way of a resort hotel


▼池畔散步,感受百年榕树长成的城市天际线 Enjoy the unique scenery


穿行在榕树间,不同的归家之路 Banyan tree and home……



We reorganized the path network of the park, hoping to turn it into a stage for stories.

Because the height difference of the project causes the wall of the basement to be too high,the problem is solved by a water feature, thus the sound of water brings people back to nature and forget the hustle and bustle of the city.


▼水景倚坡而建,层层递进 Water features built against the slope, layer by layer progressive


▼一条惬意的归家路 A pleasant way home



The 10,000 square foot city park was not originally part of the development site, but the developer company incorporated the park renovation into the design in the spirit of long-termism, arranging equipment and activity space around the big banyan tree in a “circle”, giving back to the city and achieving itself.


▼更新后的城市公园 Renovation of city parks


▼树荫下的同乐圈,充满活力 This place brings energy and joy to people


▼人文与自然的舒适体验 Comfortable experience of humanity and nature




Project name: ONE CENTER
Landscape design: wide acres of landscape
Owner: China Overseas Property Guangzhou Co., LTD
Landscape construction: Nanjing Ancient City Garden Engineering Co., LTD
Architectural design: Huayang International Guangzhou Company
Landscape area: 17,508㎡
Photography: IAM Photography



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