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平介设计:业主是一家立志成为珠宝界的嬉皮士的小众先锋珠宝设计品牌,奉行对珠宝和对传统的反叛,希望打造非传统的美学展陈空间。秉承 “小众即出众“ 的设计理念,在空间和装置设计上,设计师希望将品牌本身先锋时尚的性质和空间品质相结合,将品牌强调创新、反叛传统的个性注入传统的商场中,创造出独属于品牌的自由的美学空间。

Parallect Design: The owner is a niche avant-garde jewelry design brand that aspires to become a hippie in the jewelry industry. It pursues a rebellion against jewelry and tradition, and hopes to create a non-traditional aesthetic exhibition space. Adhering to the design concept of “niche is outstanding”, in space and installation design, the designer hopes to combine the brand’s own avant-garde fashion nature and space quality, and inject the brand’s personality that emphasizes innovation and rebellion against traditions into traditional shopping malls, creating Create a free aesthetic space unique to the brand.





The brand store in this project is located in Hangzhou, a city that, while inheriting history and culture, is also constantly undergoing modernization and renewal. The shopping mall is accompanied by the West Lake, and the shop is close to the main indoor shopping street, facing the escalator at the entrance of the subway station, with convenient transportation and an intersection of people. The design aims to present visual bursts, sparking spatial resonance or controversy.

Contemporary interior space design is not limited to the deepening and perfecting of traditional furniture and wall tops. With the maturity and progress of industry and the upgrading of people’s cognition of commercial space experience, stainless steel art installations and 3D printing technology have been more widely used in interior design, in order to break the single and boring inherent mode of the traditional jewelry industry and present more Personalized space. The integration of new technologies and new formats, cross-border device design, explores the innovative beauty space in the new era.


▼平面布局 Plan

▼空间轴测图 Axonometric drawing



The meaning of jewelry lies in remembrance and memory. Time will dilute our memories and let us lose the happiness of the year. Jewelry is the container that carries time and memories. As time goes by, it remains as bright as ever. With the theme of time pause, the space design presents a series of actions taken by creatures in order to stop time in the underwater world. Why do they want time to pause? What is left in the long river of time?





In the design, the fish, funnel and capsule are 304 stainless steel sculptures, and the human head sculptures are glass fiber 3D printing processes. From the traditional stainless steel molding process to glass fiber 3D printing, to composite materials, the project explored different process attributes and their combinations.

The giant hourglass sunk on the bottom of the sea is the core of the time machine. It never stops flowing, and is carefully calculating time. People enter the hourglass with the eternal gem that is said to be able to seal the quicksand, put it at the interface of the hourglass, and quietly wait for the end of time. Sure enough, time has stopped. The inside of the hourglass becomes eternity, but the outside of the hourglass Time is still advancing; the hourglass sculpture is placed obliquely in the middle of the entire installation composition, which is the center of the entire vision. It is made of 304 stainless steel, painted with red metallic paint, and the bottom is embedded in the gravel on the ground, as if falling from the sky. The behemoth sank on the bottom of the sea.


▼互动艺术装置:时间沙漏 Interactive Art Installation: TIME Hourglass




Fish’s memory is only 7 seconds, 7 seconds of love, 7 seconds of friendship, 7 seconds of affection. The short memory makes them want to stop the passage of time crazily, but they can’t pick up gems, but their strong desire forces them to be ruthless. He swallowed the clocks, gears, and everything related to time around the machine. Due to its huge volume, the sculptured fish is very impactful in the entire space. It travels through the mysterious seabed. The eyes of the fish are the image of a telescope lens, adding a mechanical punk element. The fish belly is a hollow outline made of steel hoop. The overall use of 304 stainless steel sculpture modeling technology presents a world full of fashion and futuristic sense.


▼互动艺术装置:吞噬  Interactive Art Installation: Engulf



We work day after day and become working machines, without feelings and without life. If time can be stopped, can we take a short break? The blue LED light on the human head enhances its own mechanical sense. The mechanical arm under the body is constantly working and never stopping. Between the mechanical arm and the human head is a rotating gear composed of human legs. Deconstruct and reorganize the human body, and give them different meanings again.


▼互动艺术装置:愤怒机械 Interactive Art Installation: Angry Machine

▼愤怒机械效果展示 Angry Machine



Seagrass swayed around the machine, and some time capsules scattered on the sand and rocks were faintly visible among the seagrass. The dust sealed the moment that all beings most wanted to keep. Open the capsule and you can relive the happiness of the past. Of course, people now can not hesitate to leave the current story behind and let it become the past in the future. The capsule has become a time-suspended tunnel, and it has also formed countless selves at different times.


▼时间胶囊 Time capsule


装置与空间布局 | Installation and space layout


The interior design also hopes to build the scene with the device as the core. The overall space is bright and concise. The white texture paint wall and white terrazzo floor are used to simplify the interior space and serve as the “background board” of the central eye-catching device; large installations are combined The place facing the entrance in the middle is used to attract the flow of people. The spatial layout is spread around the installation, connecting a series of exhibits in series, like a wonderful journey of underwater exploration, coming to a different space to feel the moment of time pause; the bottom of the installation is covered with The reefs deposited on the bottom of the sea, there is only a one-person-wide path in the reef beach. You can explore the path along the path, and you can shuttle between the devices, making the flow line more flexible and interesting. The black stones are filled with suspended small light bulbs, imitating the fantasy creatures on the bottom of the ocean, and the stars are shining with the mysterious feeling of the bottom of the sea.


▼空间入口  Entrance

▼接待台与仓储空间的关系  The relationship between reception desk and storage space




The storage space and reception desk are used to eliminate irregular parts of the space, and the devices in the middle and the surrounding showcases can be displayed in a clean and pure square space. The designer reused the remaining showcases in the original shop, arranged them staggeredly, with ups and downs. Together with the LOGO and the TV screen, they carried out a graphic composition design to enrich the wall level.

The exposed structural columns in the original site were resolved by different methods: the two structural columns at the entrance and exit, one combined with the abyss mirror and the exhibition wall, the structural column was wrapped by the inclined wall, and at the same time, the line of sight was blocked. The created oblique wall leads to the indoor installation; another four-sided LED advertising screen, combined with the curved glass display window on the right, becomes the sign of the entrance, leaving a strong memory for the viewer; a structural column located in the middle of the space Appearing as an exhibit together with the installation, the mirror-surface package enables it to reflect another “space”, as if the ocean is an endless abyss.





Project name: Time Pause · ONESWEAR Jewelry store in HangZhou Kerry Center
Designer: Shanghai Parallect Architecture Design Studio
Project Design & Accomplish Date: 7/2021
Design Team: Ying Sun, Di Huang, Fengdi Liu, Mingfeng Xiao
Project Address: HangZhou Kerry Center
Partners: Suzhou Re-design Studio, Freshly Squeeeed
Building Area: 234㎡
E-mail: di.huang@parallect-design.com


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