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DONGDA (SHENZHEN) DESIGN CO., LTD.:The vast expanse of fields, the sleeping ancient buildings, the simple and friendly villagers, the ancient trees at the entrance of the village that quietly guard the traces of time, the blocky marks on the walls, and the deep and serene lanes…All these are quiet and beautiful. The sought-after slow, tranquil, and quaint life accompanied by carved beams, ancient trees, and ponds are all treasured in ancient villages and never dissipated.


▽项目视频 Project Video ©东坑发布

▽“月”雕塑倒映在湖面上 The “Moon” sculpture is reflected on the lake


▽项目局部鸟瞰 Partial aerial view of the project 



记忆中,乡村是什么样的呢?What are villages like in your memory?


Famous for its manufacturing industry, Dongguan is still a city with ancient charm. Countless ancient villages are scattered around in the forest of reinforced concrete like shining stars, and Organic renewal of the contiguous villages of Ding, Peng and Huang is a flaming pearl. Located in the north of the downtown of Dongkeng Town, the project occupies a total area of about 300 hectares, with a key design area of about 70 hectares that covers three villages, including Ding, Peng and Huang.


▽项目区位图 Project Location Map 




Flowing through the area like a jasper belt, the Hanxi River adds vitality and spirituality to the hills on both sides. The scenery with hills and waters constitutes a beautiful picture scroll. With well-spaced houses, orderly-arranged Fengshui ponds, distinct ancestral shrines, and other historical relics, the ancient villages in the area still retain their traditional appearance and culture. Old and renowned trees dotting inside illuminate the excellent and unique ecological environment. This is a treasure land where nature and humanity are integrated as one.


▽“山水村居”的良好空间格局 A good spatial pattern of “village residence surrounded by mountains and waters” 


▽风貌良好的建筑群落 Well-groomed architectural complexes 


▽500年的古围墙、百年古树 500-year ancient walls and 100-year old trees 


▽历史悠久的古建筑、丰富的古民俗(黄屋村廿会文化)Ancient buildings and splendid ancient folklore (Huang’s village twenty society culture)




Ancient villages and ancestral halls are the eyewitnesses of history, and time has left them with blocky marks and unique features. However, poor management has given rise to various prominent problems, including the deteriorating water environment, disconnected roads, shortage of public facilities, indifference to cultural heritage, inefficient agriculture, vacant and dilapidated buildings, etc.


▽项目现状问题 Project Status Questions 




Against such a backdrop, it is imperative to figure out a way to give a new look to old villages to grant them new functions and missions while retaining their cultural connotation.



山水新天地 A New World Surrounded by Mountains and Rivers


The design, themed “A New World Surrounded by Mountains and Rivers”, tries to create a functional space for life and recreation while respecting the original appearance of the villages based on the superior local conditions. With such five strategies as ecological restoration, environmental governance, transportation optimization, functional improvement, and characteristic highlighting, the purpose of the design is to create a model of mountain and water habitats with cultural charm.


▽总平面图 General floor plan


▽鸟瞰效果图 Aerial view rendering 


▽原汁原味的乡村风貌 Original rural landscape 


▽新与旧完美融合 A perfect fusion of the new and the old 



古树新生 A New Life of Ancient Trees


The ancient banyan trees at the entrance of the village are an eyewitness to the long history of the village. In Dongguan, banyan trees offer an important place for villagers to have casual gatherings. There are currently several century-old banyan trees in the village. They are the guard of the village, and also the carrier of villagers’ expectations for a good life.


▽挂满灯笼和许愿带的许愿树 Wishing trees hung with lanterns and votive belts 




After various upheavals and vicissitudes of a history of 400 years, the old mango trees still stand proudly on the land. Mango is one of the unique local fruits. Shaded with green leaves, the stout trees stand on the two sides of a winding path, attracting people to take a walk and relax here.


▽芒果树下的悠闲小径 A leisurely path under mango trees 



登高丘而望远 Climb the hill and Look into the Distance


Covered by luxuriant vegetation, the mountain has a sound ecological environment. The designer transforms it through restrained intervention to avoid damage to its natural beauty. Climb to its top and look into the distance, you will have an unobstructed view of the shimmering lake and the tranquil and ancient village, with cities lying afar, partly hidden and partly visible.


▽马腰岭山顶是场地绝佳的观景点 The peak of Mayaoling Mountain offering the best scenic lookout 


▽山顶平台 The platform on the peak of the mountain 



滨水生活的回归 Return to Waterfront Life


Settling along the waterfront and living a life accompanied by water, People in Dongguan have an indissoluble bond with water. Water nurtured the unique regional culture and homeland affection of Dongguan. At the entrance of each village, there is a Fengshui pond, which is not only the source of domestic water but also an important precondition for agricultural production and livestock breeding. However, as modernization and urbanization progress, Fengshui ponds are being polluted and damaged, symbolling the disconnection between humans and water. In this light, we should take effective measures to improve the water environment and water quality and add waterfront terraces in suitable places to provide more space for villagers to get close to water.


▽顺应现状高差设置曲线台阶 Curved steps set up based on the current height difference 


▽水边增设台阶和滨水平台,提供亲水的可能性 Steps and waterfront terraces set up beside the water to bring water within reach


▽村民于水边静坐、闲聊 Villagers sitting and chatting beside the water 




On the 20th day of the first month of the lunar year, villagers in Huangwu village would pray to the gnome with the wish of good weather and harvest in the new year, which represents the “Nianhui” culture which has been passed down from generation to generation. The small park designed to inherit the “Nianhui” culture is an inviting place to relax.


▽市民在水边的休闲亭小憩 Villagers taking a break in the leisure pavilion by the water 


▽人气超旺的小公园 The widely-visited small park 




On the other side of the pond straggled overlapping layers of buildings. The large trees, villages, and aquatic plants form a delightful contrast, constituting a picture where nature and humanities are perfectly blended.


▽生动的滨水建筑界面 Vivid waterfront building interface 



夜光步道 The Luminous Trail


A walkway is built on the water to form a circular walking system. With a length of 455m, the walkway offers a perfect view of the water, ancient village, and urban scenes. Themed “walking in starlight” and “ripples of clean water”, the walkway is designed with luminous patterns paved with fluorescent stones, creating a romantic and dreamlike atmosphere.


▽蜿蜒的水上栈道 The winding walkway above the water 


▽对面的大树,像不像《龙猫》里的那颗 Does the big tree on the opposite side look like the tree in “My Neighbor Totoro” 


▽沿途可观不同景色 Different sceneries along the way 


▽夜幕降临,夜光步道呈现出独特的荧光蓝 The luminous trail glowing in a unique fluorescent blue in the dusk 



“月”雕塑 The Sculpture of “Moon”


The moon in one’s hometown is always the brightest. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a special day that every Chinese people longs for, for on that day, we could enjoy the moon with our beloved. Here, we create a bright moon with artificial constructions, showing the unique charm of hometown culture. The “moon” sculpture, matching the theme of the idyllic scenery of Yueming Lake, has become a special landmark at the entrance of the village. Made of PEFE mesh film from Germany, the sculpture is light and translucent and conveys an artistic atmosphere.


▽极具雕塑感的“月”雕塑 The sculptural “Moon” 


▽夜色下,在水面形成生动的倒影 A vivid reflection on the surface of the water in the dim light of night 



“禾”雕塑 The Sculpture of “Standing Grain”


The sculpture is inspired by “standing grain”, a typical element of farming. The sculpture forms a strong contrast between the past and the present, awakens people’s memory about rural life, sweet or tough, and fully demonstrates the prosperity, beauty, and “harmony” (a homophone of “standing grain” in Chinese) of Dongkeng village in the new era.


▽“禾”雕塑 “He” sculpture



悠悠文脉 The Root of Culture


Yuliao Square, previously known as Yuliao Wharf, was the departing place and destination of merchants and wanderers in ancient times. During the Dragon Boat Festival each year, people in Pengwu village would row dragon boats here to celebrate the harvest and reunion. At present, the wharf has been restored to its old appearance, bringing people back to the hilarity and joy of the old days. The North Building, also called the North Gate Building, is known as a place for people to climb high and pray for good luck. The restored North Building is not only a witness of the history but also a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful scenery.


▽鱼寮广场和北楼 Yuliao Square and the North Building 




Theatrical performances were a tradition of the village in ancient times. Now, traditional Lingnan-style stages have been set up in Yuliao Square to provide cultural and artistic performances (e.g., Cantonese opera and wooden fish songs) to enrich the historical and cultural experience. Up to now, several Cantonese opera art appreciation activities have been held consecutive times.


▽恢复的戏台 Restored stage 




Built during the Zhengde reign of the Ming Dynasty, the ancient wall was over 1,200 meters long, 5 meters high, and 4 meters wide at the beginning, serving as the first line of defense against the invasion of scoundrels and roving bandits. After experiencing the vicissitudes of a history of 500 years, the wall is now only 200 meters long. Covered by moss and tangled with tree roots, the wall maintained a quaint and solemn look. To protect the ancient wall, we upgraded the pavement of lanes and added several recreation paths on both sides of the wall for visitors.


▽阳光洒在古围墙上,留下斑驳光影 The ancient wall under the sunlight casts spotty lights and shades 


▽空间梳理后,原来的杂草丛生之地也变得可游可赏 After the space was tidied up, the formerly weedy land has become a beautiful scenic spot 



浪漫花海 Romantic Flower Sea


Since the land is prime farmland, we planted crops here to create a romantic landscape of the flower sea. In summer, sunflowers blossom into brilliant smiles toward the sun. In winter, rape flowers make the site a golden dreamlike land. During the blooming season, the flower field of 70 acres unveils like a golden scroll, throwing visitors into ecstasies.


▽春天盛开的油菜花 Rape flowers blooming in spring


▽秋天盛放的向日葵 Sunflowers blooming in autumn 



未来的乡村,将成为人人向往的桃花源 Villages to Become the Peach Garden that Everyone Yearns for


With the perfect completion of the project, the villages embraced a brand new look, presenting a “New World Surrounded by Mountains and Rivers”. With a picturesque environment, comfortable space, and rich culture, the place has attracted a steady stream of tourists since its opening, becoming a “must-go place on the Internet”. As the night grows blacker, the 100-meter night fair is filled with hustle and bustle, serving as a platform for farmers to gain wealth and injecting new vitality into the villages. To celebrate the arrival of the year 2023, fireworks were lit up beside Yueming Lake, offering a New Year feast for villagers. Many activities were also held here, including “February 2”, the national non-heritage project of Dongkeng Town. The beautiful environment not only attracts tourists, but also promotes business development. At present, Pengwu’s first specialty drink shop has opened. In the future, to realize rural revitalization by making villages livable places that are attractive to tourists with high employment rates, we will introduce a variety of industries into the area including cultural and creative products, homestay, and catering, hold various themed cultural activities to increase the vitality of the area, and make it a place surrounded by mountains and rivers where people live, work and travel in contentment.


▽鸟瞰夜景 A bird’s-eye view of the night scene 


▽月明湖畔烟花汇演 Fireworks display by Yueming Lake © Dongkeng release ©东坑发布

▽2023年东坑二月二“卖身节”活动盛况 2023 Dongkeng February 2 “Selling One’s Body Festival” event 


▽丁屋戏台粤剧演出 Cantonese opera performance on Dingwu Stage ©东大设计





Project name: Organic renewal of the contiguous villages of Ding, Peng and Huang (Also called Dongkeng Town Beautiful and Happy Village Residential Characteristic Contiguous Pilot Construction Project)
Project Address: Central City, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan
Project scale: 300 hectares
Design team: Zhou Yongzhong, Deng Xin, Bai Yuan, Jiang Qionghua, Mai Xinsui, Zhang Shuixian, He Guanghong, Mo Lanqun, Li Xiaoyan, Liang Shufeng, Chen Longxia, Liang Xianyang, Wu Qinghui, Wen Lixia, Liu Siyu, Yang Wenfeng, Fu Jing, Lin Yu, Xiang Ying, Shi Guonuan
Copywriting planning: Jiang Qionghua
Owner: Dongkeng Town Public Utilities Service Center, Dongguan City
Design/Completion: 2019/2022
Photography: TAL/Xie Yuhui




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