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AECOM:氧气公园(Oxygen Park)项目旨在为卡塔尔多哈教育城打造“绿肺”。受自然沙漠环境中的流体地貌和风蚀岩石的启发,项目建筑设计负责人Erik Behrens与景观设计负责人James Haig Streeter设计出可最大限度利用盛行风对场地进行自然降温,并可容纳各类体育活动的独特公园地形。

AECOM: Oxygen Park was designed to provide a ‘green lung’ for the Education City Campus in Doha, Qatar. Inspired by the fluid land formations and wind-eroded rocks of the natural desert environment, Erik Behrens (Architecture Lead) and James Haig Streeter (Landscape Lead) formed the terrain to maximise passive cooling from the prevailing winds and to accommodate multiple sporting activities.




The dramatic landscape features a subterranean walkway with cooling tunnel segments and a series of dynamic, looping running tracks.Oxygen Park is now a vibrant destination for the local community – and a perfect antidote to the desert heat.


▽公园鸟瞰 The park have a bird’s eye view of

▽起伏的地形 Undulating topography


该公园绿色空间达13万平方米,内设总长为 7000 米的多条步道、一条遮阳人行道、一条1600米的跑道、一条马术跑道、多个运动场、4 座休憩建筑,以及栽种了 100 多种植物的花园,值得一提的是,其中大多数植物均为本土或适应沙漠环境的物种。

The park offers an impressive 130,000sqm of green space, 7,000m of pathways, a shady, covered walkway, a 1,600m running track, an equestrian track, sports pitches, four folly buildings, and gardens containing more than 100 plant species with a majority of indigenous and desert-adaptive planting.


▽公园步道 Walk in the park



It is accessed via the Tram System and the campus wide cycle and walking routes. The park’s dramatic, wind-sculpted landscape was created with the hot and dry climate of the country and its cooling breezes in mind. Honouring the local landscape is core to, and is evident across, every single aspect of the park’s design.


▽降温隧道 Cooling tunnel

▽瀑布水景可以更好的增加空气湿度 Waterfall water features can better increase air humidity



For example, the park’s topography was computer modeled to maximise passive cooling from the prevailing winds and create a shaded walkway with cooling tunnel segments. As with traditional Arabian Gulf wind towers, the available breeze is channeled through the wind passages carved in between the gardens to provide natural ventilation. The undulating topography with its hills and swales creates a strong spatial framework for various embedded programmatic activities in conjunction with dynamic looping running tracks.


▽C形混凝土肋拱 C-shaped concrete ribbed arch



The buff-colored hardscape materials were chosen to be sympathetic to the Qatari native landscape and to minimize glare and heat-island effects. The curving footpaths are constructed in seeded concrete to provide even, robust and continuous surfaces for sports activities.


▽夜晚下的降温隧道 A cooling tunnel at night



A covered walkway is formed from large C-shaped reinforced-concrete ribs that are placed along one side of the tracks. They are founded on a continuous raft foundation that bears on the limestone formation below the park. Inspired by wind-blown desert rock formations, the sofit and walls are clad with natural stone to create a monolithic-appearing structure.


▽整体空间呈现出浑然一体的视觉效果 The overall space presents an integrated visual effect


▽公园夜景氛围 Park night view atmosphere



The conditioned folly buildings provide cool resting places after intense workouts, and outdoor classrooms for teaching activities. They are formed from a reinforced concrete structure embedded into the slopes of the hills and are covered with a cantilevering green roof to maximize thermal mass and reduce solar heat gain.


▽休憩场所 Have a rest place



The project incorporates indigenous and desert-adaptive planting. Stormwater from seasonal rainfalls is stored on site through soakaways embedded in the softscape areas, which enhance the natural ability of the soil to drain the water. Grass surfaces for sports activities are equipped with smart irrigation systems with sensor technologies to control and reduce water consumption.


▽适应场地的本土化植被 Local vegetation adapted to the site


▽设计分析推演 Design analysis deduction

▽总平面图 Plan

▽设计图纸 Design drawings



项目面积:130000 m²
主创建筑师:Erik Behrens
主创景观设计师:James Haig Streeter
景观设计团队: Mark Blackwell、Warren Osborne、Kevin Underwood、Philip Dugdale、Alfredo Galindo、Eric Hallquist、Shafee Jones-Wilson、Wing Lai、James Manuel、John Neilson、Jonathon Reeves、Adam Rothwell、Jason Shinoda、Stephen Suen、Jack Wu
总承包商:MAN Enterprise
水景设计:Fountains Direct
摄影师:Markus Elblaus

Location: Doha, Qatar
Area:  130000 m²
Year:  2019
Consultant: AECOM
Lead Architect: Erik Behrens
Lead Landscape Architect: James Haig Streeter
Landscape Design Team: Mark Blackwell, Warren Osborne, Kevin Underwood, Philip Dugdale, Alfredo Galindo, Eric Hallquist, Shafee Jones-Wilson, Wing Lai, James Manuel, John Neilson, Jonathon Reeves, Adam Rothwell, Jason Shinoda, Stephen Suen, Jack Wu
Client: The Qatar Foundation
Engineering: AECOM, Arup
Lighting: MBLD
Project Management : ASTAD
Main Contractor: MAN Enterprise
Water Features: Fountains Direct
Photograph: Markus Elblaus




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