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Pool landscape:该项目位于一个密集而多样化的农业地块中,重新诠释了具有强烈乡村特色的景观元素:小树林、成排的树木、运河沿线的亲水树带和林荫草地。

Pool landscape: The design scheme reinterprets the elements of the landscape with a strong rural vocation in an architectural key: groves, tree-lined rows, hygrophilous tree bands along the canals and tree-lined meadows, in a dense and diversified agricultural plot.


▽总平面图 Masterplan 

© Pool landscape


▽场地生态系统分析 Ecosystem analysis of the site

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The park is intended as a large equipped lawn, a green clearing bordered by strips of wood in which paths and activities are articulated, shaded areas for resting and vast spaces that open towards the countryside. The cycle – pedestrian path, that embraces and defines the park, connects to the main road network, assuring access from Via della Costituzione to the city centre, strengthening the network of slow connections already present in the area.


© Alessandra Bello
© Alessandra Bello


就像这片田地里一座不同的“岛屿”一样,公园在树林的隐蔽下承载着各种不同的功能:进行体育活动的锻炼区,在城市森林中野餐和娱乐的多功能区,儿童游戏区、泵道(pump track),以及草地上和沿路分布的休息区。

Like different “islands” in this marked plot of fields, the park hosts various functions, in the shade of groups of trees: a workout area for sports activities, a multifunctional area for picnics and recreation in the urban wood, an area with children’s games and a pump track, with rest areas distributed along the routes and within the meadows.


© Alessandra Bello
© Alessandra Bello
© Alessandra Bello
© Alessandra Bello
© Alessandra Bello
© Alessandra Bello
© Alessandra Bello
© Alessandra Bello



The central element of the park, which characterizes it from a functional point of view, is the open-air amphitheatre which, as in the historic “green theatres” of Italian gardens, is characterized by a scenographic vegetable backdrop: an orchard of cherry trees punctuated by regular planting.


© Alessandra Bello



The central entrance to the park is characterized by a tree-lined square, equipped with seats shaded by vegetation arranged in regular rows; from the square you can admire and cross an area characterized by the sowing of a flowery lawn in yellow and pink tones, which becomes a temporary natural installation to visualize the future intervention.


© Alessandra Bello



入口位于Via della Costituzione沿线,包括一个中央行人入口和环路上的两条车道。公园内的道路延续了周围的农业用地,并根据其大小区分为主要道路和次要道路。成排的本地树木为道路遮阳,使设计更加完整。

The entire park is illuminated along the circular ring and along the two main internal travel axes with a system of high poles, to ensure usability even in the evening or in conjunction with specific events.

The accesses are located along Via della Costituzione, and include a central pedestrian entrance and two driveways at the ring route, functional to maintenance vehicles. The paths inside the park ideally continue the agricultural plot of the context and are distinguished, on the basis of their size, between main and secondary ones. Rows of native species shade the paths, completing the design.


© Alessandra Bello



The furnishing elements have been selected for the durability of the materials, the low maintenance and a recognizable design: seats and tables in prefabricated concrete, suitably treated with stain-resistant, oil- resistant and anti-degradation resins; all furnishings guarantee durability, resistance to vandalism and low maintenance requirements.


© Alessandra Bello
© Alessandra Bello




项目名称:Parco della Costituzione
项目地点:意大利 帕多瓦 阿尔比尼亚塞戈
景观/建筑公司:Pool landscape
首席建筑师:Pool landscape(Arch. Caterina Gerolimetto, Landscape Arch. Ilaria Sangaletti, Agronomist Elisa Frappi)
参与设计的其他设计师:MIDE Architetti
客户:Municipality of Albignasego
图片来源:Alessandra Bello

Project Name: Parco della Costituzione
Completion Year: 2021
Scale: 25.000 sqm
Project Location: Albignasego, Padua, Italy

Landscape/Architecture Firm: Pool landscape
Website: www.pool-landscape.it
Contact e-mail: info@pool-landscape.it
Lead Architects: Pool landscape: Arch. Caterina Gerolimetto, Landscape Arch. Ilaria Sangaletti, Agronomist Elisa Frappi
Other designers involved in the design: MIDE Architetti
Clients: Municipality of Albignasego
Photo Credits: Alessandra Bello




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