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LISM Landscape Design:The Kowloon Peninsula has the unique “Paoge” temperament of the mountain city, where the eucalyptus, traffic teahouse, graffiti street, sichuan fine arts institute and Tikan culture take root, grow and sublimate …“There is a river beach in the center of the Yangtze River, and there are 9 Stone on the river beach, like the head of a dragon”Rong ‘an Residence One is located in Jiulong Peninsula of Chongqing.


▼项目环境  Project environment

▼区位分析  Location analysis 



What are the important characteristics of the site that can be excavated? How to be rooted here and present different experiences?How to feel quality life?We hope to find the answer in this land with humanistic and artistic atmosphere.


▼ 新旧对比  The old and new contrast

▼ 视线分析 Analysis of the line of sight

▼ 场地动线  Site use a line


探历  Entrance



As a site that will be preserved in the future, the entrance of the project bears more social values. We hope it will be a casual leisure on the street and provide a summer rest space for the residents of the old city.

The brick walls of the facade show the scenes in the “window of life” by deconstructing the walls of traditional buildings and arranging them in an orderly manner, thus connecting the interior of the project with the streets. During the day, pedestrians can stop here to rest, peel off the disturbance of the unfavorable environment around them, and feel the rhythm of light and shadow and time between bricks and tiles; At night, the figure behind the brick wall stands out, and scenes of life are staged here.


▼ 入口分析图  Entrance analysis diagram

▼ 老城的斑驳光影,构筑起青砖里的生活场景  The mottled light and shadow of the old city build up the life scene in the blue brick

▼ 设计效果图  Design effect drawing

▼实景图 Real Scence



Continue the art gallery at the entrance, and introduce natural light through the landscape wall to create a light and shadow tunnel.Light outlines various light and shadow lines at different times. We hope that this place will not only be the passage of the past, but also make people willing to stop for a moment and observe the subtleties of life.



重见  Neiting


The atrium landscape is the deconstruction and abstraction of the old Chongqing business card. The “Book of Pictures” says: “The foot of Tu Shan has a eucalyptus tree and a ferry under it.” Old street people settled down under the Castanopsis fargesii tree, and the cattail fan under the tree swayed gently, bearing the beauty of childhood.We take the intertwined roots of Castanopsis fargesii as the design prototype, and integrate rivers, rocks, roots and trees together to reproduce the memory of the old city.


▼ 中庭分析图  Atrium analysis diagram

▼ 黄桷树根系的演绎,扎根石滩,用绿意反哺城市  Ficus Virens Roots Deduction, Rooted in Stone Beach, Feeding the City with Green Views

▼ 设计效果图  Design effect drawing

▼实景图 Real Scence



Overlooking the root system, under the background of light and shadow, “water-root-stone-tree” changes from three-dimensional to plane, and the reflection of Castanopsis fargesii is just scattered in the root system.Summer enjoys the cool on the stone bench, while childhood blooms slowly at this moment.




We set up a window along the street facing the Castanopsis fargesii tree, which brings a sense of breathing to the enclosed space.Through the window, the new and the old, the future and the past complete the dialogue in the same time and space, and turn into the present.



自得  Teahouse



Outdoor leisure area is a new world far away from the old city. We want to use “traffic teahouse” to interpret this space. Different from rubbing shoulders and heels in teahouses, the space here is quiet and restrained, and it is pleasant to be alone.

Design and use the inside of the old teahouse to reconstruct a new life scene. The blue bricks and green tiles are interpreted as inclined water walls; The projection of the Liangzi of doors and windows is depicted as a pool swaying by the wind; The long single stool and square table in the old teahouse have been transformed into simple sofas.Under this light and shadow, the gurgling sound surrounds the body, and the tea is fragrant. We hope that the experiencer can feel the peace and freedom of the soul here for a moment.


▼ 户外休闲区分析图  Analysis diagram of outdoor recreation area

▼ 解构交通茶馆内里,构建起一个人的惬意  Deconstruct the interior of the traffic teahouse to build a person’s comfort

▼ 设计效果图  Design effect drawing

▼实景图 Real Scence



The golden sloping roof opposite to the flowing water wall divides the scene interface.It is the concrete expression of the warm sun cast in the skylight of the old teahouse, which is interlaced with the shadow of the tree and symbolizes the blending of the future and the past.



重塑  Remolding


Rong ‘an Residence One is a rare new look of the old city.Back to the original question, the key to solving the problem still comes from the site itself. We will preserve, deconstruct and reshape the life memory of Chongqing people on this land, seek a peaceful pure land in the old city, talk about the past and move towards the future.


▼总平面图  General layout

▼施工过程  The construction process

▼材料使用  The material used







Project name: Rongan · Kowloon One
Year completed: 2020
Project area: 4000 square meters
Project location: Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

Design company name (Landscape/Architecture) : Chongqing Plough Ink Landscape
Website: www.lismdesign.com
Contact email: hr@lismdesign.com

Client/developer: Wing on Real Estate
Landscape construction: Chongqing Texu Construction Co., LTD., Zhejiang Dahua Curtain wall Decoration Co., LTD. Chongqing Branch
Architectural design: Hangzhou Beihe Architectural Design Co., LTD. (Scheme), Chongqing Design and Research Institute Co., LTD. (Construction Drawing)
Exterior Decoration: Moshe Architectural Design (Shanghai) Co., LTD
Photographer: Holi Landscape Photography


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