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WEi STUDIO: WEi, together with its partners HOPE and HDS, outlines the blueprint for a new era of smart innovation at the Great Wisdom Park.


▽项目视频 Video ©WEi



Located in the Dayun Center of Longgang District, Shenzhen, the Great Wisdom Park embraces the beauty of natural landscapes and integrates smart ecological concepts. The project aims to enhance the park’s accessibility, comfort, ecology, and cultural vitality, creating a distinctive park brand for the Longgang District.


▽场地轴测手绘图 Field axonometric drawing



联动周边资源的共享互联的栖息地 A Habitat for Interconnected Resource Sharing and Collaboration


The surrounding area boasts a rich diversity of resources, attracting numerous innovative talents to gather here, making it a valuable treasure trove of talent for the venue. As a result, our initial vision for the site not only focuses on the site itself but also sees it as a catalyst, amplifier, and incubator, much like an open-source laboratory, awakening surrounding resources and creating even greater value.


▽场地分析 Site analysis




Whether it’s the ancient oracle bone script representation of “wisdom” or the modern Chinese character for “wisdom,” both convey to us that wisdom is nurtured in the gentle streams of knowledge exchange. The act of communication has been recognized as a significant and enriching source of wisdom. The idea of the Great Wisdom Lab is based on this belief – it’s a place where people can come together to share their ideas and learn from each other.


▽项目概念来源 Project concept source




By integrating and utilizing the surrounding knowledge resources, connecting ecological green corridors across various districts, reshaping diverse habitats, and constructing three major laboratories, we aim to make them bridges for communication between people and nature, people and people, as well as within people themselves, creating a diverse, interconnected wisdom experiment network where individuality intertwines and connects.


▽项目题眼起源 Origin of project problem



基于场地的整体性规划布局 Holistic Planning and Layout Based on The Site



Focusing on the overall planning of the site, we propose an overall ecological strategy, ecological sensitivity zoning, plant transformation design, and biological habitat planning based on the site’s flora and fauna ecological survey. After more than three months of on-site investigation, we discovered the traces of rare and protected species’ lives and adjusted the layout and intensity of activity spaces accordingly, creating a diverse habitat where people and all living things coexist and share.

With a structure consisting of one axis, three belts, and multiple connections, the site links surrounding resources and water systems, establishes a richly layered ecological area, connects numerous viewing platforms and characteristic nodes, and lays out a comprehensive wisdom network.


▽场地结构 Site structure


▽总平面图 General plan



三大智慧实验室 Three Wisdom Labs


▽三大实验室 Three major laboratories



山水实验室:自然生活的放大镜 Landscape Laboratory: A Magnifying Glass for Natural Life


Wisdom originates from nature and is generated through closeness and understanding of nature. We create the Landscape Lab as a magnifying glass for natural living, bridging the gap between people and nature, and emphasizing the importance of natural living. By constructing various natural living scenes, we establish a landscape corridor featuring natural leisure experiences, natural science education, and natural forest viewing.


▽东侧主入口 East main entrance


▽校际智慧广场 Interschool Wisdom Square


▽U型湖生态科普区 U-shaped lake ecological science popularization area


▽山林溪谷 Forest, stream and valley



智慧之眼:山顶观景平台 Eye of Wisdom: Mountain-top Viewing Platform




We restore the ecological green heart of the mountain-top by removing the existing structures and hard-paved squares, and blend them into the natural mountains and surrounding environment with a gentle touch.

A grass slope theater is set up at the mountain-top to increase interaction between people and nature.

The cantilevered urban grandstand provides an ultimate viewing experience, showcasing Longgang’s open, inclusive, and friendly city image in a panoramic manner.


▽智慧之眼半鸟瞰 A half-bird ‘s-eye view of wisdom


▽智慧之眼人视 The eyes of wisdom are seen by men


▽智慧之眼风动表皮 The eye of wisdom moves the skin with wind


▽智慧之眼鸟瞰 Aerial view



城市实验室:社群交往的催化剂 City Lab: A Catalyst for Community Interaction


Wisdom comes from dialogue and collisions of thoughts from different backgrounds and disciplines. We create the City Lab as a catalyst for community interaction, focusing on communication between people, promoting interpersonal relationships, and stimulating community vitality. Through organized multi-party co-creation and operation, we fully mobilize diverse individuals in the surrounding area and establish resonance in communication between different communities.


▽林间展廊 The forest gallery


▽半山书院 Mid-levels College


▽儿童活动空间 Children’s activity space


▽桥下空间 Space under bridge



能量实验室:灵感思维的培养皿 Energy Lab: Incubator for Inspired Thinking


Wisdom comes from introspection and enlightens growth through self-discovery. We create the Energy Lab as an incubator for inspired thinking, advocating for self-listening and engaging in spiritual exchanges between people and their inner selves. By creating a natural and comfortable multi-point quiet space, we generate textured solitary spaces, activating the collision between free spirits and open natural life.


▽半山慢跑环道 Mid-mountain jogging loop


▽手作步道 Walk by hand


▽雨水花园 Rain garden


▽人型桥鸟瞰 Aerial view


▽人型桥 Man-shaped bridge





In the Great Wisdom Lab, we intertwine nature and life, let inspiration and thought dance together, and merge soul and wisdom.

Join hands with Dayun to explore the power of wisdom and head towards a bright future together.


▽鸟瞰图 Aerial view




WEi Studio:陈巍,常骥亚,刘邓,张韵奇,尹懿,庞国航,孙成
Hood Design Studio:Michael DeGregorio, Katie Barsanti, 卢子轶

Project name:Shenzhen Great Wisdom Park
Project type:Landscaping
Design:WEi Studio
Contact e-mail:wei@weistudio.net
Design year:2023
Completion Year:2023
Leader designer & Team:
WEi Studio:Chen Wei, Chang Jiya, Liu Deng, Zhang Yunqi, Yin Yi, Pang Guohang, Sun Cheng
Shenzhen Hope Design Co.,Ltd.:Qin Cao, Chen Youru, Lu Xinyi, Hou Yanjun, Liu Shuhua, Mo Huahai, Jin Zhuxiu, Pan Zhiding
Hood Design Studio:Michael DeGregorio, Katie Barsanti, Lu Ziyi
Project location:Longgang, Shenzhen
Gross built area: 101ha
Photo credit: WEi Studio
Ecological planning consultant: Huang Qin
Architectural Design Consultant: LANDMRX, Shi Qi




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