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Ldesign landscape architectural company:舍甫琴科城市公园(Shevchenko City Park)位于切尔尼夫齐(Chernivtsi)市中心,是该市的文化和历史象征,也是当地居民和游客最喜爱的休闲场所之一。

Ldesign landscape architectural company:Shevchenko City Park in Chernivtsi is a cultural and historical symbol of the city and one of the favorite recreational spots for local residents and tourists, located in the city center.


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The main goal of the project presented to our team is the creation of a modern, comfortable, and environmentally friendly space for leisure and entertainment for local residents and city guests, the preservation and restoration of the natural and historical values of Shevchenko Park, and enhancing its role in the cultural and social life of the city.

The project for the improvement of Shevchenko City Park involves the creation of a modern, inclusive, and environmentally conscious natural environment for the local population and tourists. The park will combine natural beauty and recreational opportunities with infrastructure that ensures accessibility for all demographics. It will provide areas for active leisure, peaceful relaxation, cultural events, and environmental education, contributing to the conservation of natural resources and improving the quality of life in the city.


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Through an analysis of the current situation in the park, it was identified that there is a significant number of green plantations of various ages and conditions. The master plan features a regular layout with a central avenue running through the park, two parallel secondary paths, diagonal pedestrian connections, two main entrances, and five secondary entrances, as well as a summer theater, a fountain, and monuments and other sculptural elements.


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The project includes measures to thin out trees in poor condition, resulting in open spaces with lawns. Along the central avenue, active accent landscaping with flowering perennials is planned. Variational landscape paths will be added to the existing regular network of pathways to break the strict regularity and open up more natural recreation areas for visitors. The proposed area in front of the summer theater will serve as a meeting place, social space, and community gathering point, as well as a venue for fairs, cultural events, and picnics. Additionally, three more secondary entrances are included, which will distribute pedestrian traffic.


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Separate bicycle and jogging tracks around the perimeter of the recreation area are also proposed. The project includes a drainage system using “dry streams” along the central avenue and uniform placement of drinking fountains along all pedestrian pathways. The introduction of new functional zones with the reorganization of existing ones will breathe new life into the historical location. To meet modern community needs, various sports zones, a summer stage with a screen, food court areas, multifunctional playgrounds made from modern ecological materials, bike and skateboard rentals, as well as multifunctional areas with unique small architectural forms are being implemented. This will ensure flexibility and versatility in the use of the natural space.


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A reconstruction of a large area for amusements is also proposed, including the removal of outdated attractions, installation of new ones, and the organization of waiting areas with relaxation spaces.

Upon completion of the project, Shevchenko City Park will become a modern, multifunctional, and community-friendly space. It will contribute to improving the quality of life for the city’s residents, the development of cultural life, and the support of nature and ecology.


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面积:163 690 m2
项目地点:乌克兰 切尔尼夫齐
设计公司:Ldesign landscape architectural company

Project Name: Shevchenko City Park
Completion Year: 2023
Scale: 163 690 m2
Project Location: Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Landscape/Architecture Firm: Ldesign landscape architectural company
Website: www.Ldesign.company
Contact e-mail: alex@ldesign.company
Photo Credits: Ldesign



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