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魏玛景观: 当光线随着时间的游走,沿着空间的肌理在垂直的建筑体与平行的地平线上流动,这片被解构的人居场景被赋予了丰盛而葆有自然灵性的生命力。在精心编排的空间与结构间窥见城市之光,触摸空间生命感。

Weimar Group:Aslight travels along the fabric of space over time, flowing in the vertical building mass and parallel to the horizon. This deconstructed habitat scene is endowed with abundant and naturalspiritual vitality. Between carefully arranged Spaces and structures , catch a glimpse of city lights, touch the sense of life in space.




Architect Louis Kahn once said: “Design is an act of choice according to local conditions, and the beauty of space is the true meaning of architecture.” Landscape space can be said to be the spiritual blank space filled with infinite consolation in a city, which makes the space design and the building itself more meaningful.We are committed to pursuing the seamless combination of pure design spirit and internal and external space between buildings, and exploring the reality and science and technology, culture and nature, floating and flow in the perception of space. Let the field become a symbiosis, science fiction , the inner light artistic conception space, solid and ethereal.



逐光×空间的感知 Spatial perception



Light gives drama to a space, and whatever the specific design language, a successful, important space is characterised by the recognition of the people with whom it interacts.

Space is the chronology of the great age, and when all actions and songs have ceased, space alone stands and speaks of the great age in its own words. Every one of us travels through unused time and space every day. Space fills us. Focusing on these Spaces, we will find the design ingenuity and field spirit in them, which also tells the philosophy of space.




Spaces are formed in different identities, inviting people to stay, punch in, share, or simply serve as transit zones. In addition to protecting the body, meeting the basic requirements of life and behavior, and providing comfort, space has always been the focus of the body’s perception of space, especially the perception of space atmosphere.




The form and design of a space determine its positive and negative effects, which requires, as a designer, to create a place and space spirit with identity. Then the perception of space will wake up memory, stimulate people’s thinking and imagination, and extend the meaning of space design from meeting basic functional needs to “touching life”.



向光×人与空间的关系 The relationship between man and space


How to look at the traces left by time and look for the order that is parallel to nature and in line with the current human activities? Space itself is the best interpretation, in the interaction between space and human, through the remodeling of design language, constantly rebuild the viewer’s perspective, from different angles to observe, listen to and perceive the space.




Humans exist in different Spaces that both bring people together and keep them apart. Space, therefore, is the essence of the most basic and universal form of human existence and communication. When we are in the space, when the large water mirror reflects the epitome of the future city, or when the lonely extension of the island in front of us, or the noisy urban life is all in front of us, at this time, the role of the wall to limit the space begins to “reduce”, and the environment becomes the “interface of the real perception of space.




As is known to all, put the things on your head and watch them from another Angle, can help us in the form of a novel explanation space, walk, feel the relationship between human and space, in the floating island city lights, both for simulations of nature, and exploration of science and technology, all potential experience gives the viewer out of material, clear and interesting.



溯光×空间的流动 Flow of space


Architecture and flow are a pair of contradictions between reality and ideals. Architecture will eventually be expressed in a certain form, but due to the intervention of people and time, architecture is endowed with a sense of life. In the creation of the city light, we went deep into Ito’s design concept of “Qushui Liusi”. In the landscape design, on the one hand, we maintain a close connection with nature, and on the other hand, we create a so-called place. With the situation at that time and place, the viewer changes the place as he pleases according to their own living conditions. This is the original intention of spatial fluidity.




In his analysis of the space of flow, Castel pointed out: “It is true that people still live here, but because our social function and space are organized in the space of flow, its logical structural domination fundamentally changes the meaning and state of place.” In fact, spatial fluidity is the different cognition and feeling brought by subtle differences in homogeneous space. Homogeneity makes the space coherent and smooth, while differences make the space have some hidden “field”, which forms the force to pull the space flow and induce the occurrence of behaviors.





摄影师: VIEW摄影

Project name: Shinsun City Lights
Year completed: 2021
Project area: 7981㎡
Project location: Zhuji City, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province
Design company: Shanghai Weimar Landscape Planning & Design Co., LTD.
Company website: www.weimargroup.com
Contact: shannel@weimargroup.com
Design team: WEEK8 STUDIO
Client: Zhuji Shinsun Hong Yue Real Estate Co., LTD
Construction unit: Zhuji Shinsun Landscaping Engineering Co., LTD
Photographer: VIEW


审稿编辑 任廷会 –  Ashley Jen

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