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U / U studio:提出在 Řeporyje 建造休闲活动公园的灵感直接来自于该城市地区的居民以及他们对多功能体育和休闲活动场所的需求。我们的目标是创建一个安全、有吸引力的公共空间,为不同年龄段人群和社会群体提供不同的使用方式。

U / U studio:The impulse for the proposal of the leisure activity park in Řeporyje came straight from the residents of the city district and their need for a multifunctional sports and leisure activity area. Our goal was to create a safe and attractive public space, that will bring variability of use for various ages and social groups.




The design contains a skatepark, parkour, pump track, picnic tables with grill, as well as a wooden stage for events and outdoor cinema. All merged into one space. Important parts of the proposal are statues from the most famous Czech sculptors – Čestmir Suška and Lukáš Rais.



该项目的重要组成部分是捷克最著名的雕塑家 Čestmir Suška 和 Lukáš Rais 为公园设计的雕塑。雕塑与体育设施的构图和元素直接对话,在运动和艺术之间建立了一种意想不到的联系。该项目还设有新的公共照明、乒乓球桌、充电桩和喷泉,为场地配备了所需的设施。该项目还包括作为独立设计对象的公共卫生间与小吃店。

Sculptures are in direct dialogue with the composition and elements of the sports facility, which creates an unexpected connection between movement and art. The project is also featuring new public lighting, a ping pong table, a charging point, and a water fountain, which should be included in a place like this. The project also includes public toilets and snack-bar as separate design objects.




The main paved surface is made of smoothened concrete for an unobstructed ride. A part of the concrete surface is pigmented with earth tones, that correspond to the sculptures and help the proposal to blend with its surroundings. The diagonal pedestrian path is made of concrete tiles to provide better orientation within the space.




Edges of the obstacles and pipe elements are made of painted steel, as well as the structure of the wooden podiums. Areas that are dedicated to relaxing are defined by yellow decomposed granite, which builds up the natural character of the proposal and helps reduce the overheating of the area. Rainwater is absorbed on the site via the underground drainage system.



设计拆除场地四周的围墙,让整个区域保持开放,以支持社会安全、不同社会阶层的融入以及各种体育活动。场地上的公共照明设计使障碍物全天可见,因此滑板公园可以一直使用到深夜。横穿该区域的对角线小路将 BUBEC 艺术中心与市中心直接连接起来,也将整个区域与附近的小路和人行道紧密相连。斜坡上的座椅台阶为整个区域和美丽的山谷提供了绝佳的观赏视野。

这块布拉格 Řeporyje 的棕地现在已变成一个新的休闲活动公园,将体育和文化联系在一起。由于其位置毗邻现有的 BUBEC 艺术中心,因而该公园也成为了布拉格地区潜在的新的文化中心。

Demolition of the fence will open the whole area for the support of social safety and inclusion of the different social layers and various sports activities. Public lights in the area keep the obstacles visible throughout the day, therefore allowing the use of the skatepark until late at night. The diagonal path across the area creates a direct connection between the art centre BUBEC and the town centre. The whole area is well interconnected with the paths and pavements nearby. Steps for seating in the sloped landscape are providing great views of the whole area and the beautiful valley in the background.

Brownfield in Prague Řeporyje has turned into a new leisure activity park that links sport and culture. Due to its position, adjacent to the existing art centre BUBEC, the park has the ambition to become a new cultural centre for its Prague district.



▽设计图纸 Design drawings




项目名称:Skatepark Řeporyje
项目地点:Tělovýchovná Street, Prague 13 – Řeporyje
项目年份:2020 年
竣工年份:2022 年
大型占地面积:2453 平方米
占地面积:4550 平方米
成本:60 万欧元

工作室:U / U studio
作者:Jiří Kotal、Martin Hrouda、Jan Maleček
工作室地址:Kamenická5,17000 Prague 7–Letná,捷克共和国

客户:City district Prague – Řeporyje
圆球雕塑作者:Čestmir Suška;www.suska.cz
Kickflip 雕塑作者:Lukáš Rais;www.lukasrais.com
滑板公园承包商:Mystic Constructions;www.mysticconstructions.cz
摄影师:Jiří Kotal;jiri@uustudio.cz;www.jirikotal.cz

Project name: Skatepark Řeporyje
Project location: Tělovýchovná Street, Prague 13 – Řeporyje
Project country: Czech Republic
Project year: 2020
Completion year: 2022
Gross Floor Area: 2453 m²
Plot size: 4550 m²
Cost: 600 000 €

Studio: U / U studio
Author: Jiří Kotal, Martin Hrouda, Jan Maleček
Contact E-mail: info@uustudio.cz
Website: www.uustudio.cz
Social media: www.facebook.com/UU.studio.prg
Studio address: Kamenická 5, 170 00 Prague 7 – Letná, Czech Republic

Client: City district Prague – Řeporyje
Client’s e-mail: podatelna@prahareporyje.cz
Client’s website: www.prahareporyje.cz
Author of Ball of Circles sculpture: Čestmir Suška, www.suska.cz
Author of Kickflip sculpture: Lukáš Rais, www.lukasrais.com
Wooden elements contractor: Gardenline, www.garden-line.eu
Skatepark contractor: Mystic Constructions, www.mysticconstructions.cz
Art subsidy: “Art for the City” Program, www.umenipromesto.eu
Photographer: Jiří Kotal, jiri@uustudio.cz, www.jirikotal.cz




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