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诺风景观设计:天会HQ位于上海虹桥临空经济园区,原为凌空SOHO. 其流线型的建筑是扎哈·哈迪德的代表作之一。对于此项目基地的景观改造,我们做了一番深刻的研究。

TOA Landscape Architecture:SKYBRIDGE HQ, formerly knowns as SKY SOHO, is located in the Shanghai Hongqiao economic park. The parameterized building is one of Zaha Hadid’s representative works. At the very beginning of landscape renovation, we have done deep researches to echo the site.



设计前的思考 Vision before Design


Inheriting the flowing art beauty of architectural shapes; Mobility and flexibility of landscape facilities; Maximum retention and minimal destruction; Emphasizing the experiential and participatory nature of commercial space; Soft landscape runs through space needs and details





Before the transformation, most of the sunken square is covered with rigid hardscape, although the ground floor is rich in greening. Based on this, the outdoor space became uncomfortable for guests to rest and gather. However, the pavement is well-designed that fits the architectural shape perfectly with high quality construction. The purpose of the renovation is to keep the original design outline and minimize the change of pavement.


▼广场改造前 Before

▼南下沉广场改造平面图 Master Plan



The transformed landscape and greening should be well integrated with the original SOHO surrealist architecture and landscape design.


▼广场改造后 After


灵活可变的空间 Flexible and Variable Space

我们想创造一种可以随着时间和用途的变化而可以灵活改变的可移动性景观。新的景观连接室外环境、商业设施和客流。超现代流线感的建筑,用圆形能更好的协调整体空间 。

We strategically plan to create a moveable landscape that not only can be flexibly changed with time and usage, but also reconnects the outdoor space, commercial facilities and passenger flow.




The combination of mobile landscape facilities can be installed on existing sites to cut down the cost of promotion and moved freely according to the needs. Also, the circular element could match Ultra-modern streamlined architecture perfectly.



驻足停留的空间 Gathering Space


The original landscape is a linear narrow space with single function, lacking of variation and rest & gathering space. By adding different sizes of combined facilities and variable landscape modules, we could produce various commercial landscape spaces for people to rest, stay and communicate.



立体跃动的空间 3D and Vibrant Space


The three-dimensional, dynamic and pleasant landscape could animate the commercial space and made a positive contribution to the business. The combination of different direction seats providing guests semi-open or open space makes the linear narrow space full of changeable functions. Appropriate use of multi-functional waterscape and mist brings vitality to the whole site.



更适于商业环境的绿化 Commercial Space Preferred Soft Scape


The cherry trees planted in front of the shops are about 3.0-4.0M in height, with low branches and flourishing branches and leaves, which obstructs the sight and affects the store’s front signage.


▼改造前 Before

▼改造策略 Strategy



The problem of monotony and high density of arbors on site can be alleviated by the collocation of different-height trees and the removal of mid-level greening could ensure the continuity of sight. Cherry trees transplanted on both sides of the main pathway play a guiding role and become a seasonal focal point on the site. Path-side ground cover are designed in a clean and simple way. The human-oriented scale soft scape will provide interesting texture and spectacular color throughout all seasons. Furthermore, architectural elements will apply to the planting to create a harmonious and unified space.


▼改造后 After


Virtual Tree

下沉广场被大面积的灰色建筑立面与灰色系地面铺装占据,且由于没有足够的覆土,无法种植较大乔木,因此整体给人的感觉较为生硬灰暗,没有生机。为了解决这一问题,“Virtual Tree”的概念应运而生。配置攀援类植物,能达到自然乔木同样的视觉感受及生态效应。同时结合喷雾与灯光,能在夏天起到很好的降温效果,也能在夜晚营造较好的商业气氛。

The sunken square is overlain by grey pavement and surrounded by grey architectural facade, causing the overall feeling is rigid and dull rather than vivid. Moreover, the thickness of soil is not enough to grow arbors. In order to solve this problem, the concept of “Virtual Tree” came into being. The configuration of climbing plants can achieve the same visual perception and ecological effects as natural trees. Combined mist and pendant lighting can cool the temperature in summer and create a better business atmosphere at night.



多样水景的演绎 Diverse Water Scape


The usage rate of waterscapes before transformation is really low, and the waterfalls often bother the adjacent retails.


▼改造前 Before



During the upgrading, we consider it could satisfy various functions and become the focus on the sunken square. At the same time, it brings a vibrant atmosphere to the commercial square.


▼改造后 After



The application of the virtual tree mist system makes the tiny particles gather in the air, forming a peculiar white cloud shape, which is similar to the natural fog effect, just like “fog forest”. These water mists can quickly absorb the heat of the surrounding environment, thus play a significant role in the summer as a cooling device.






设计团队:大川善成 / 冯雪静 / 陈蓉/ 屈耸达 /马骏
业主团队:Alan Yau / Jacky Zhou / Tracy Shi / Johnson Tan / Jason Chen / Zefu Deng

Type: commercial; office
Client: Gaw Capital
Landscape Design: TOA Landscape Architecture
Design Team: Okawa Yoshinari / Xuejing Feng / Rong Chen / Songda Qu /Jun Ma
Client teamt: Alan Yau / Jacky Zhou / Tracy Shi / Johnson Tan / Jason Chen / Zefu Deng
Construction: Shanghai Baojin Construction Engineering co., LTD
Waterscape Design Consultant: CRAZY WATER
Photography: Adachi Makoto


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