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Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects:哥本哈根斯泰诺糖尿病中心(SDCC)是北欧最大的糖尿病预防和治疗医院。医院的设计利用建筑与自然相结合的科学方式,不仅可以用于治疗疾病,还能起到预防和教育的作用,重新定义了我们看待疾病和健康的方式。


Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects:Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC) is Northern Europe’s largest hospital for prevention and treatment of diabetes. It redefines the way we perceive sickness and health, as it is draws on the science behind how architecture combined with nature can be used not only to treat, but also to prevent and educate.

Designed in cooperation with users, the hospital incorporates warm materials, strategic flows and daylight. It is organised around a large two-storey garden with six smaller lush courtyards, with a public rooftop garden. The anodised aluminium façade frame has large glass sections that break the boundary between indoor and outdoor.


© Rasmus Hjortshøj
© Rasmus Hjortshøj
© Rasmus Hjortshøj


研究表明,即使是健康的患者,传统的医院环境也会让他们感到不适,并削弱他们的身体和情感。因此,用户参与一直是 SDCC 设计的主线,重点是确保患者在到达、等候和就诊的各个阶段都能获得愉悦的体验。设计重新思考了公共区域的功能,将等候时间转化为活动时间,并支持围绕饮食、运动和新知识等主题开展自然流畅的活动。

基于亲生物设计理念,SDCC 的建筑与花园景观紧密交织,形成了内外共生的视觉效果。研究表明,大自然对身体与心理健康都有着积极的影响。因此,无处不在的大自然是 SDCC 的重要建筑特色,也是治疗和促进健康生活方式的重要组成部分。

Studies show that traditional hospital settings can make even healthy patients feel ill and weaken them physically and emotionally. Therefore, user involvement has been the common thread throughout the creation of SDCC with an emphasis on ensuring a pleasant experience in all stages of arrival, waiting and consultation. The design rethinks the function of common areas, converting waiting time to active time and supporting a natural flow of activities around the themes of diet, exercise, and new knowledge.

The building and the garden landscapes at SDCC are closely interwoven in a biophilic design, creating a symbiosis between inside and out. Research shows that nature has positive effects on both mental and physical well-being. Therefore, the omnipresence of nature is a key architectural grip at SDCC serving as an integrated part of the treatment and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.


© Rasmus Hjortshøj
© Rasmus Hjortshøj


常在绿地中活动的人更容易保持身体健康,因此,SDCC 的设计以自然为中心,景观在这里随处可见。温暖的木质地板和天花板是主要的室内装饰材料,该做法也是基于研究所表明的木质室内装饰可以减轻压力。绿地代表了一个生物多样性中心,各种植被为人们提供了一个宁静而富有教育意义的空间。

People who spend time in green spaces are more likely to report good health, thus SDCC is designed around nature with the landscape visible everywhere. Warm wooden floors and ceilings serve as primary interior material as studies show that wooden interior reduces stress. The green spaces represent a biodiversity-hub with a varied vegetation providing a calm and educational space.


© Rasmus Hjortshøj
© Rasmus Hjortshøj
© Rasmus Hjortshøj
© Rasmus Hjortshøj
© Rasmus Hjortshøj


SDCC 的设计基于民主的价值观,它是一个拥抱拥抱自然、多样性与平等的地方。医院的规模、材料和各个层面都体现了以人为本的观念。

The design of SDCC rests on the values of democracy as a place that embraces nature and the diversity and equality that life constitutes. It is a hospital that, by virtue of its scale, materiality and atmosphere at all levels, puts the human at the center.


© Rasmus Hjortshøj
© Rasmus Hjortshøj
© Rasmus Hjortshøj
© Sjavit Maestro


游客从主入口进入,映入眼帘的是一片郁郁葱葱、起伏有致的景观。在这里,混凝土现浇路面自然地延伸到大楼梯,邀请到访者登上公共屋顶花园。该花园是一个每周 7 天、每天 24 小时都面向所有人开放的生物多样性中心。

Upon arrival, a lush and undulating landscape greets visitors that enter through the main entrance. Here concrete in-situ cast pavements nudge naturally towards the grand staircase that invites visitors to ascend to the public rooftop garden. The garden is a biodiversity hub open for everyone to enjoy 24 hours, seven days a week.


© Sjavit Maestro
© Sjavit Maestro
© Sjavit Maestro
© Sjavit Maestro
© Sjavit Maestro

SDCC 的建筑结构融入到哥本哈根赫勒福医院的几何环境中,为游客提供了一个便捷的到达点。设计在医院主入口处设置了宽敞的停车场,同时还在 SDCC 大楼下的停车场设置了241个车位,以供自驾前来的到访者使用。

SDCC is embedded into the geometrical context of the Herlev Hospital grounds of the capital region, providing an easily accessible point of arrival. Visitors that arrive by car can use the SDCC building’s underground car park with 241 spaces or the spacious parking lot by the main entrance.


▽场地平面图 Site plan

© Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects + Mikkelsen Architects




项目地点:丹麦 哥本哈根 赫勒福医院
景观/建筑公司:Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects + Mikkelsen Architects + STED
首席建筑师:Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects – Thomas West Jensen、Mikkelsen Architects – Stig Mikkelsen、STED – Martin Hjerl
客户:Capital Region of Denmark and Novo Nordisk Foundation
合作者:COWI A/S
图片来源:Rasmus Hjortshøj、Sjavit Maestro

Project Name: Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen
Completion Year: 2021
Project Location: Herlev Hospital, Borgmester Ib Juuls Vej 83, DK-2730 Herlev
Landscape/Architecture Firm: Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects + Mikkelsen Architects + STED
Website: https://vilhelmlauritzen.com/
Contact e-mail: vla@vla.dk
Lead Architects: Thomas West Jensen, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects; Stig Mikkelsen, Mikkelsen Architects; Martin Hjerl, STED
Clients: Capital Region of Denmark and Novo Nordisk Foundation
Collaborators: COWI A/S
Photo Credits: Rasmus Hjortshøj, Sjavit Maestro
Photographer’s Website: https://www.rasmushjortshoj.com/



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