CEBRA:Street Dome 的总体目标是为城市中无组织体育活动的城市场地设立新的标准。Street Dome是一个适合不同年龄、不同行为能力和不同文化的开放游乐场和社交场所。它是一个巨大而独特的城市活动和娱乐景观,包括了一个4500平方米的滑板公园、街道篮球、跑酷、巨石攀登、独木舟马球等运动场地。

CEBRA:Street Dome’s overall ambition is to set new standards for urban arenas for unorganised sports. StreetDome is an open playground and social meeting place for different ages, skill levels and cultures. StreetDome is a vast and unique urban landscape for activity and recreation including a 4.500 square metre skate park, facilities street basket, parkour, boulder climbing, canoe polo etc.


© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA



The StreetDome itself is based on CEBRA’s igloo hall concept. To reduce running costs, the hall is unheated and lit primarily through daylight while the building’s surface area has been minimized through its dome shape. The roof spans around 40 meters under which there is a large open floor. This space is free of load-bearing structures and can therefore be used for any kind of sporting arrangement, in this case skateboarding.


© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA
© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA



The Igloo is adapted to both the site and the specific function of skateboarding and street culture. On the outside, the dome is an actual part of the skate park, growing out of the concrete landscape like a mushroom. The structure is designed as a functional part of the park to skate on with banks, stairs and slopes along the rim. Inside, a series of pools are scooped out of the floor next to a street basket court and a central boulder structure containing a performance platform, seating and bathrooms. Wide gates open to the outside connecting the surrounding skate park with the inside floor, creating a seamless flow through the entire park. StreetDome forms one continuous and varied spatial course, which gives Scandinavia a modern street sport arena with unique features and possibilities.


© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA
© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA
© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA
© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA
© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA
© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA
© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA
© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA
© Mikkel Frost | CEBRA


In the planning phase CEBRA has implemented the results from the comprehensive dialogue with a wide range of the facility’s future user groups. This process has been an essential element right from project’s initial phases and has left a clear mark on the final design.




地点: 丹麦哈泽斯莱乌
客户: 哈泽斯莱乌直辖市
大小: 穹顶馆内1.500 m²,溜冰场 4.500 m2
年份: 2011 – 2014
状态: 完成
项目开发: Morten Hansen, SkateCity
建筑设计: CEBRA, Glifberg+Lykke
工程师: Rambøll
建设: Hoffmann, Grindline

Location: Haderslev, DK
Client: Haderslev Municipality
Size: 1.500 m² StreetDome, 4.500 m2 skate park
Year: 2011 – 2014
Status: Completed
Project development: Morten Hansen, SkateCity
Architect: CEBRA, Glifberg+Lykke
Engineer: Rambøll
Construction: Hoffmann, Grindline
Photo: CEBRA


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