Starr Whitehouse:  Starr Whitehouse在Battery的工作正在将纽约市一块未被利用的土地转变成一个活跃的城市公园,项目的协调和设计干预措施在过去20年里一直在不断发展——在一个越来越住宅化的社区中建立一个用户社区。从穿过海滨花园的单行道,到露天亭和就餐区,到促进儿童生态意识的最先进的游乐场,到连接曼哈顿东西两侧的新的周边自行车道,每个阶段都扩展了公园的功能、生态和区域。今天,重建后的Battery是一个受人喜爱的城市空间,每年吸引数百万游客,游客、都市白领和新居民能够体验丰富的自然,这使得哈德逊河河口的这座小岛成为通往国外的门户。

Starr Whitehouse:  Starr Whitehouse’s work at The Battery is transforming a non-descript lot at the foot of New York City into an active urban park whose coordinated program and design interventions have continued to evolve over twenty years—building a community of users in a neighborhood that is becoming more and more residential. From solitary paths through seaside gardens, to open-air kiosks and eating areas, to a state-of-the-art playground that promotes ecological awareness in children, to the new perimeter bikeway connecting the east and west sides of Manhattan, each phase has expanded the park’s functionality, ecology, and constituency. Today, the reconstructed Battery is a beloved urban space that draws millions of visitors annually, inviting tourists, office workers, and new residents to experience the natural abundance that made this small island at the mouth of the Hudson River the gateway to the country beyond.


Photo © CBRE


总平面图  Master Plan Photo © Starr Whitehouse Photo © Amy Barkow Photo © Amy Barkow Photo © Amy Barkow Photo © Amy Barkow Photo © Amy Barkow Photo © The Battery Conservancy Photo © Starr Whitehouse Photo © Starr Whitehouse Photo © Starr Whitehouse

Photo © Starr Whitehouse

地址: 美国纽约
年份: 2005年
摄影: CBRE, Starr Whitehouse, Amy Barkow, The Battery Conservancy

Address: Battery Park, 10004 New York, New York, USA
Year: 2005
Photography: CBRE, Starr Whitehouse, Amy Barkow, The Battery Conservancy


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