DAVID RUBIN Land Collective:埃斯基纳斯医院的公共场所是一个占地1.5英亩的广场,位于一个10多英亩的医院园区内。在高水平的设计背景下,该场所的参与性被提高,可吸引印第安纳波利斯地区的所有人。该项目设计内容包括注重水的声音和微气候;在农贸市场和本地餐馆吃营养丰富的慢食;一个以当地和国家艺术家而著称的场地;以及区域性的独特景观属性。场地中的屋顶花园作为空中农场,每年为医院病人种植超过2000磅的食物。David还与Eskenazi合作,为当前和未来的发展制定计划,包括创建一条连接印第安纳波利斯市中心的文化步道和白河绿道的健康小径。David与现场团队相协调设计了这个广场,这也是医院基金会筹款工作的重要组成部分。

DAVID RUBIN Land Collective:The Commonground at Eskenazi Hospital is a 1.5-acre plaza within a 10+acre hospital campus. The Commonground offers opportunities for engagement and program in the context of a high level of design—a draw for anyone in the Indianapolis area, whether seeking Eskenazi’s services or not. The project includes contemplative spaces focusing on the sounds and micro-climate of water; nutritionally-rich slow-food in a farmers’ market and local-fare café; a site informed by renowned local and national artists; and regionally identifiable landscape attributes. The Commonground embraces the concept of mens sana in corpore sano, with a Sky Farm productive rooftop garden, where each year more than 2,000 pounds of food is grown for patients of the hospital. David also worked with Eskenazi to establish campus guidelines for current and future growth, including the creation of a Wellness Trail that links downtown Indianapolis’ Cultural Trail with the White River Greenway.  David designed The Commonground, coordinated the site team, participated on the Art Selection Committee, and was an integral part of the Hospital Foundation’s fund-raising efforts.



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